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Finger Contracture Cushion, Regular

Help provide anti-contracture hand therapy and prevent skin breakdown without restricting finger movement. Act as a diversionary device for individuals prone to pulling at IV or feeding tubes.

Comfy™ Hand/Wrist/Finger Orthosis

Our popular Comfy™ Hand Orthosis provides support and positioning for the weak or deformed Wrist, Hand or Fingers. This is the ideal positioning splint or use for gradual extension of non-fixed wrist/ hand. Ambidextrous.

Primo Wrist Brace with Thumb Spica

Recommended for immobilization of MP and CMC joints, deQuervain’s syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis. Contouring allows for full finger/ hand function and palmar spread.

Pucci® Inflatable Hand Orthosis

The Pucci Air Inflatable Hand Orthosis is a unique wrist, hand, finger orthosis utilizing a dynamic inflatable air bladder to the long opponens that applies low stretch therapy to the affected fingers and wrist. Available for pediatric and adult patients, left or right.


Therapeutic night splint isolates the wrist joint and hand in a comfortable position while sleeping or resting. Soft, cushioned foam fabric covers a semi-rigid sleeve; ergoBead pad between palm and thumb secures the splint in place and supports the arch of the hand.

Thermo-Form Thumb Splint, 8" Long Length, Right

Contains a thermoplastic insert which can be molded directly in the pocket using hot water for a custom fit and proper thumb positioning.

IMPACTO® BG750 Anti-Vibration Air Glove®

Full finger all leather. Reduces vibration energy transmission to the palm, fingers and thumb. Non-permeable polymer Air Bubble™ bladder with multiple individual air cells provides effectiveness that won’t degenerate. Even if one cell breaks down, the others ensure glove effectiveness.

Mueller Adjustable Wrist Brace

Unique contour design over wrist joint with supportive steel springs helps keep wrist in natural straight position. Adjustable wraparound strap and lightweight materials provide fit and comfort. Fits either hand Fits wrists up to 10" (25cm) in circumference.

Mueller® Wrist Brace with Splint

Ideal for carpal tunnel syndrome and weak or injured wrists. Removable splint immobilizes wrist in natural position. Adjustable wrist tabs and wraparound strap gives perfect fit and direct compression around the wrist. Breathable materials provide comfort. Fits either hand. Black. Fits wrists up to 9" (22cm) in circumference.

Bi-Lateral Universal Thumb Spica Splint

A versatile solution to help ease the pain associated with mild deQuervain’s, arthritis, tendinitis and thumb injuries. The simple, lightweight design provides superior support for the thumb and helps stabilize the carpometacarpal joint to promote healing. Bilateral design for right and left hand use. One size fits all.

Soft Pencil Grips, Pkg of 12

Design promotes correct gripping and prevents finger cramping and user discomfort. Fits any standard pencil or pen. For right- or left-handed use.

Canvas Wrist Brace

Canvas Wrist Brace Recommended when wrist immobilization and full hand function are desired. Contouring provides full finger function and palmar spread. Removable and adjustable palmar stay offers maximum support. Generous thumb opening provides freedom of movement. Durable canvas for maximum wear and comfort. Adjusts easily with loop & lock closure. Length 8". Latex free

SoftPro WHFO

SoftPro WHFO Feature soft Kool-Wick™ washable covers that wick away moisture for a cooler, drier splint. The fabric is treated with Bacti-Ban™, which controls the growth of microorganisms. Each splint can be bent and shaped for a custom fit without heat or tools. An extra liner is included. Latex free.

Benik W-203 Wrist Wrap

Benik W-203 Wrist Wrap Neoprene wrist wrap provides support and compression to the wrist, forearm and a portion of the palm.

Economical Palm Protector - Pack of 3

Protect palms and allow finger movement.


SaeboStretch We are pleased to announce that Saebo has made exciting improvements to one of our most popular products. The original SaeboStretch allows the fingers to move into flexion caused by increased tone. It then utilizes one of three interchangeable hand pieces, each offering different grades of resistance, to safely reposition the fingers back into extension.

Smart Glove w/ Thumb

The patented SmartGlove with Thumb Support helps prevent and relieve wrist pain associated with CTS, arthritis and tendonitis by encouraging proper, ergonomic hand and wrist position, with added stability and support for your thumb.

Comfy™ Air Hand Roll Orthosis w/o Finger Separators

Inflatable roll can easily slide through contracted hands by pulling attached string. Inflate bladder to desired size to promote extension. The Air Hand Roll Orthosis reduces finger flexion contractures, plantar maceration and positions thumb in opposition.

Low Profile Wrist Support 7"

Indications The Breg Low Profile Wrist Brace is indicated for wrist sprains & strains, Scaphoid injuries and Carpal tunnel syndrome.

Hand Cone

Rolyan Hand Cones come complete with a soft VELCRO® Brand VELFOAM® strap. They are available in clear acrylic to make viewing the hand easier, or in low temperature thermoplastic for easy modification. The washable terry cloth cover is sold separately.

Bauerfeind ManuTrain® Wrist Support

Lightweight, anatomical knit support ideal for pain and instabilities of the wrist. Stabilizes wrist through controlled compression. Two silicone inserts leave radius and ulna pressure free and provide intermittent compression to the soft tissues of the joint, leading to increased circulation, thus aiding in the resorption of swelling and edema.

Benik W-200 Wrist Wrap

This support wraps around the wrist and a portion of the palm to support and warm without the constraining fingers. Terry-lined and ventilated for comfort. One size fits most. Fits left or right hand. Latex free.

Core® Reflex Wrist Support

This popular wrist brace helps provide comfortable relief from repetitive motion discomforts and helps treat post-surgery and post-cast situations.

M-Brace Wrist Wrap

Used for light traumas and minor injuries of the wrist, or for post-trauma rehab and prevention during sports, this wrist support has swiftly-adjustable compression. Hypoallergenic, breathable, 100% cotton on the skin. Neoprene and latex free.

Wrist Widget

A revolutionary way to treat ulnar-sided wrist pain and TFCC tears.

Classic Wrist Brace

Allows full dexterity of the finger and thumb, yet limits wrist flexion Cotton/polyester fabric blend for additional patient comfort  Removable palmar stay holds the wrist in desired position

Classic Wrist Brace, Long

Allows full dexterity of the fingers and thumb, yet limits wrist flexion Longer length for greater wrist control and increased immobilization  Cotton/polyester fabric blend for additional patient comfort

OrthoSleeve WS6 Wrist Sleeve, Black

The WS6 Compression Wrist Sleeve uses medical-grade Compression Technology to relieve wrist pain resulting from carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist arthritis, wrist tendonitis, and more.

Smart Glove PM

Don’t let carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) pain keep you up at night. Use SmartGlove PM for effective nighttime relief. Rest and night splinting remain the #1 doctor-recommended conservative treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. SmartGlove PM provides exceptional comfort and maximum pain relief, so you can sleep through the night pain-free.

Comfy Resting Hand

The Comfy Resting Hand supports the weak or deformed hand with ultra-comfort making this an ideal resting splint.

IMAK WrisTimer

**FSS CONTRACT V797D-30191* The WrisTimer helps prevent and relieve wrist pain associated with CTS, arthritis and tendonitis by encouraging proper hand and wrist position.

PM IMAK WRISTIMER PM, Universal size, For repetive stress injury

**FSS CONTRACT V797D-30191* WrisTimer PM wrist support provides therapeutic treatment at night.

AW Style 701 Lymphedema Gauntlet - 15-20mmHg

*FSS CONTRACT V797D-30191** Choose a size.

AW Style 705 Gauntlet - 20-30 mmHg

*FSS CONTRACT V797D-30191** Choose a size.

Air Soft Resting Hand Splint

Hand splint supports the fingers, thumb and wrist in a resting position and allows for simple adjustment of the wrist and thumb. Aluminum frame allows for progressive splinting. Is adjustable with no tools or heat. Lined with self-wicking material. Hand washable and latex free.

Comfy ® Finger Extender Hand Orthosis With Graduated Rolls, Adult

This popular orthosis supports the wrist and uses firm rolls as a buffer between fingers and palm in a tightly contracted hand. T-shaped frame can easily slide between palm and contracted fingers. Adult comes with Two (2) graduated hard finger rolls Pediatric comes with One (1) graduated soft finger roll Patented malleable frame can be bent-to-fit Traditional Terrycloth material cover is treated with antimicrobial FreshGuard® and DriRelease for skin breakdown prevention Cover is removable and machine washable- free laundering bag included Ambidextrous

Impacto BG408 Anti-Vibration Mechanic's Air Glove

IMPACTO Anti-Vibration full finger gloves. Utilizes patented Air Glove® technology in the palm, fingers and thumb. Synthetic ultra suede leather provides excellent wear and flexibility. Silicone dots on the palm and fingertips ensure outstanding grip and flexibility. Mesh back allows ventilation and comfort. Neoprene cuff with hook and loop closure.

Swede-O Thermal Arthritic Gloves, (pair)

The Swede-O® Thermal Arthritis Gloves are designed to help relieve aches, pains, and stiffness associated with arthritis of the hands. The thermal lining captures and retains your natural body heat to help increase circulation and aid in long lasting pain relief. These form fitting gloves provide mild compression to help control or decrease swelling and pain of the joints. The non-slip, textured palm and open fingertips are convenient for everyday activities.

Edema Full Finger Gloves

Economically priced gloves are available in two wrist lengths and two finger styles. Provides warmth and compression for soothing soft tissue edema and arthritic joint pain.

Prolite Airflow 8" Wrist Splint

Prolite Airflow 8" Wrist Splint

Fabrifoam CarpalGard Wrist Support

The Breathable Fabrifoam NuStimWrap material of the Rolyan Fabrifoam CarpalGard Wrist Support, helps to wick away moisture and resist migration during activity. It delivers mild to semi-rigid support in a slim, lightweight brace. The Wrist Support anchors around the thumb to ensure proper positioning and offers support and comfort while allowing for adjustable compression. The Rolyan Fabrifoam CarpalGard Wrist Support is recommended for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, wrist pain, wrist strain and arthritis.

Neoprene Wrist Wrap, Black

Wrist Wrap provides compression, support and warmth for the wrist during periods of increased activity. Promotion of increased blood flow may facilitate enhanced recovery. One Size Fits Most.

Push Med Wrist Brace

Push Med Wrist Brace

DynaPro Finger Flex

DynaPro Finger Flex

SoftPro Grip

SoftPro Grip

Full Finger Full Edema Glove

Soft, comfortable compression gloves to help reduce swelling Color: Champagne

Thermoskin Cross-X CMC Thumb Splint

The CMC Thumb Support by Thermoskin provides protection for a range of hand injuries. The support provides support for: arthritic pain in the hand, carpometacarpal joint injuries, collateral ligament injuries and lateral ulnar ligament injuries. The support can assist in relieving muscle spasticity for stroke patients.

Wrist Support with Universal Cuff

Position a drop-wrist into the desired degree of extension with this durable dorsal wrist support.

SaeboGlove Wrist Support & Glove Liner

The cutting edge SaeboGlove helps clients suffering from neurological and orthopedic injuries incorporate their hand functionally in therapy and at home. The proprietary tension system extends the client’s fingers and thumb following grasping. The lightweight, low-profile functional design is just one of the many innovative features that are offered with the SaeboGlove.

Prism Splint

Moderate resistance to stretch for easy circumferential splinting. Gently pull and wrap the material around the affected part.

Thermoskin Carpal Tunnel Brace with Thumb Spica

This product protects the wrist from movements that can lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and has a Thumb Spica built in. The built in adjustable Thumb Spica provides protection and support to the ulnar collateral ligament. The Thermoskin Wrist Brace with Thumb Spica offers the added benefit of heat therapy.

Wrist Cushion for Mouse

Designed by an Orthopedic Surgeon – Ergonomic Wrist Support.

Wrist Cushion for Keyboard

Wrist Cushion for Keyboard

LePetit Mouse Cushion

Le Petit Cushion – with massaging ergoBeads

Computer Glove

Non-invasive relief for repetitive strain injuries • • Keeps wrist in ergonomic position • ergoBeads® technology cushions and massages

Smart Glove

*Helps prevent and relieve carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist pain *ergoBeads® cushion and protect the underside of the wrist including the pisiform bone *Provides all day comfort & reverses to fit either hand

IMAK Compression Arthritis Thumb

IMAK COMPRESSION arthritis thumb

LEEDer PRO Resting Hand Splint

PRO REST Hand Splint Orthosis For easy application, the straps are numbered for correct order. The brace provides “neuro-training” with resistance tension to counteract contracture, tone, and spasticity. With the training, the brace will rude spasticity and tonal response over time. The WHFO is appropriate for mild to moderate contractures. The frame allows unlimited adjustment. The antimicrobial treated fabric will not wash out. Finger separator is optional.

The Steadi-One

Steadi-One is a medication-free, non-invasive, zero side-effect assistive device designed to reduce essential tremors and other shaky hands, as a result of Parkinson's Disease on-demand.

3PP Wrist P.O.P. Splint

The 3pp® Wrist P.O.P.™ (Point of Pressure) Splint applies adjustable compression over the distal ulna and a counterpoint of pressure under the distal radius for stability and effective treatment of TFCC injuries, ulnar-sided wrist pain, DRUJ (distal radioulnar joint) instability and arthritis.

8" Universal Wrist Support

Universal Wrist - Available in Right or Left

Caresia Glove

The Caresia Glove eliminates the need for traditional multi-layer bandaging. Just slide on the glove and wrap with short stretch bandages for desired compression (bandages not included). This gives you more time for manual lymphatic drainage and other activities.

Comfy Deviation Resting Hand Orthosis

The Deviation Rest Hand Orthosis is appropriate for neuromuscular deformities of flaccid, weak or spastic hand conditions. Soft, five strap closures to hand, wrist, fingers and thumb maintains the hand in a resting position. The Orthosis features a unique patented spine that allows for easy adjustment and readjustment of the wrist, fingers and forearm in flexion and extension. The swivel pivot at the wrist allows for accommodation of ulnar or radial deviation. The headliner cover is super soft, antimicrobial, removable, and helps prevent skin breakdown.

Fabrifoam Ultra CarpalGard

Techform Premium is made up of a fiberglass and polypropylene blend that is engineered to produce an extremely strong, durable finished cast. It incorporates a patented rub-responsive formula and unique fabric to produce a premium finished cast. It glides off the roll easily. Excellent lamination ensures high cast strength and durability. Techform Premium's smoother finish is non-abrasive and snag-free. Ends of the roll lie down and stay down for increased patient satisfaction.

Thermoskin Arthritic Gloves, Full Finger

The new full finger version of Thermoskin Arthritis Gloves provide heat therapy and pain relief to the entire finger. Thermoskin Arthritis Gloves are anatomically shaped and have been specifically designed to relieve arthritic pain in the fingers and hand. Thermoskin is clinically proven to increase blood flow and skin temperature. The Arthritis Gloves provide light compression and support. This exclusive combination of clinically proven heat therapy and gentle support work together to bring natural relief from arthritic pain. The Thermoskin Glove reduces the chances of swelling hands and eases the pain of sore joints. The gloves are also useful when doing household chores and gardening as they reduce soreness and swelling of the hands and fingers. This glove is not only helpful to arthritis sufferers, they are also helpful to anyone requiring gentle heat therapy to the joints of the hand. The palm area of the gloves are textured with Griptex to provide additional grip during your daily routine. The outer layer is smooth nylon for a more refined appearance. The smooth outer layer is also ideal when worn overnight to prevent ‘catching’ on sheets while sleeping. There is a Velcro wrist closure for easy application and better fit. Item number 8*191.

Thermoskin Arthritic Gloves - Black, Open Tip

The Thermoskin Arthritic Gloves contain thermal properties to heat the hand and provide effective temporary relief from arthritis of the hand. The gloves are anatomically shaped and have an adjustable strap around the wrist. Thermoskin is clinically proven to increase blood flow and skin temperature. The Arthritis gloves provide light compression and support. This exclusive combination of clinically proven heat therapy and gentle support work together to bring natural relief from arthritic pain. Thermoskin Gloves reduce the chance of swelling hands and ease the pain of sore joints. The gloves are also useful when doing household chores and gardening as they reduce soreness and swelling of the hands. The complete outer layer of the gloves are textured with GripTex to provide additional grip. There is a right-hand and left-hand glove in every pack.

Metforce Wrist Brace-Universal

The patent-pending ARYSE METFORCE WRIST features a hinged, malleable frame to provide relief.

Glider With Mouse Cushion

Glider With Mouse Cushion

Hg80 Premium Wrist Brace

Improved fit and adjustability. The Mueller® Hg80® Wrist Brace features steel springs to help stabilize your wrist. Ideal for wrestling, volleyball and squash. Fits either wrist. LIGHTWEIGHT & NEOPRENE-FREE


The Freedom finger contracture orthosis is used to assist in increasing extension of the MP,PIP, and DIP joints of the fingers where flexion contracture exists. The orthosis can be applied in different ways, depending on the severity of the contracture. It has a tapered and conical shape that provides gentle, progressive and measurable treatment of severely contracted fingers.

Bunnell Reverse Finger Knuckle Bender, XS

Dynamically extends the PIP joint.

Buddy Straps, pkg of 10

Durable hook and loop straps are ideal for long-term use.

Wrist Lacer Beige

Great choice for wrist sprain/strains, carpal tunnel and post-cast support.

Comfort Cool Ulnar Nerve Elbow Orthosis, Large

Comfort Cool Ulnar Nerve Elbow Orthosis, Large

Impacto Full Finger, 403-30

Nylon Lycra® and pearl leather glove. VEP padding in palm. Elastic wrist with hook & loop closure. Typical uses include material handling, driving, sports and wheelchair. Sold in pairs. Latex free.

IMPACTO Carpal Tunnel Gloves, Pair

Impacto Carpal Tunnel Gloves are designed to keep pressure off of the median nerve and to alleviate pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. The precision-cut viscoelastic polymer palm padding helps prevent bunching and provides wearing comfort. These gloves are available in durable black leather or washable synthetic fabric.

Swede-O Adjustable Wrist Brace

Adjustable Wrist Brace provides comfortable support and compression to help relieve pain and discomfort for weak, aching, or injured wrists. Use for mild to moderate wrist sprains, or post-cast support.

Mueller Hg80® Wrist Brace

Two sets of flexible steel springs over the top and bottom of the wrist provide double protection and firm support. Neoprene-free, moisture-wicking fabric stays cool and dry

M-Brace Air Wrist Splint

INDICATIONS: • Traumatic pathologies: distortions, carpal/metacarpal fractures, tendonitis. • Degenerative pathologies: root arthrosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthrosis. • Rehab phase: offers a good post-trauma and post-op support. • Available in left or right, Regular or Extra.

Comfort Cool Ulnar Booster

Creates a counterforce effect to help relieve ulnar wrist pain.

Comfort Cool Firm D-Ring Wrist Orthosis

Cool, firm, yet lightweight support for the wrist.

ProCare Frog Splint

The Frog Splint by Rolyan is designed to easily contour to ensure that your finger joints maintain the same position while in use. This foam-lined aluminum splint is excellent to be used to help treat minor to moderate finger injuries. Excellent for personal and professional care and available in three sizes. The Small size has a length of 2-1/4", Medium 3" and Large 3-1/4".

Carpal Gel Wrist Support, Left, Universal

Universal Wrist Wrap with Gel Pad is designed to stabilize, support, and protect wrist without limiting thumb movement.

Carpal Gel Wrist Support, Universal

Designed to stabilize, restrict, and protect the wrist without limiting thumb rotation

Comfort Cool Thumb CMC Restriction Splint

Comfort Cool Thumb CMC Restriction Splint

Comfy Hand/Thumb Orthosis

The Comfy Hand/Thumb Orthosis includes all the standard features of the Wrist/Hand/Finger Orthosis plus the added feature of thumb support. This splint positioins the thumb into the abduction without stretching the thenar eminence as do the traditional "C" Bar opposition hand splints.

Compression Glove

Norco™ Compression Gloves offer a comfortable light to moderate compression option.

Compressor (TM) Wrist Support, Right, Small

The compressor strap on this wrist support makes it an excellent choice for providing compression along the carpal region. In addition, it works in conjunction with the plastic stays to create a functional wrist support that limits the range of flexion and extension of the wrist. The patented barb on the end of the compressor strap allows for ease of applicaton. BodyPart Measured: Wrist Circumference

Plastalume DIGIwrap Too, Multi-pack -All, 6/Pkg

**FSS CONTRACT V797D-30191* Special 1/16” neoprene provides comfortable uniform compression to injured proximal interphalangeal or PIP joint while permitting the early range of motion critical for joint healing.

Benik W-711 Forearm Radial Nerve Splint

Forearm based radial nerve splint provides digit and thumb MP extension and forearm and wrist support associated with digit, hand and wrist weakness/paralysis secondary to radial nerve palsy.

Palm Protector, Pack of 3

Used as a barrier between the fingers and palmar skin to prevent injury to the palm from severe finger flexion; decreases the risk of skin irritation from involuntary motions

ShearStop Push Gloves with LiquiCell Palm Protection, Half Finger

Terry cloth thumb wipes away perspiration. Strategically placed grip pads provide extra control. Lycra backs allow an exceptional fit.

Freedom Wrist/Thumb Splint

Supports wrist and CMC/MP joints. Relieves CTS pain with thumb support.

Traction Exercise Glove

Choose between regular and deluxe options. Promote grasp by providing dynamic traction to the MP, PIPand DIP joints.

Juzo Seamless Compression Glove, 20-30mmHg

New seamless design provides improved length in the fingers and overall length, plus a more comfortable fit. This glove provides 20-30mmHg and is designed to work with either the Juzo Soft 2001 or Dynamic (Varin) 3511 armsleeves. Made in the USA.

3pp Buddy Loops

The 3pp Buddy Loop is designed for treating swelling, sprains, and jams. After a finger injury, stabilizing the finger is important for a safe recovery. The Buddy Loop secures an injured finger by anchoring it to another finger.