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    TheraBite Jaw Motion Rehabilitation System 4.6CM

    The TheraBite® Jaw Motion Rehabilitation System™ is a clinically proven, anatomically correct and portable system designed to restore mobility after trismus and mandibular hypomobility.easy.

    Jamar Plus+ Digital Hand Dynamometer

    We've replaced the hydraulic system found in other dynamometers with a circuit board and electronic load sensors. This technological advancement gives you a more accurate tool to measure hand strength in clients with hand trauma and dysfunction. We also increased the durability of the dynamometer by eliminating all internal moving parts and encasing the electronics in a sturdy aluminum body with a scratch-resistant UV coating

    HMD Halo Goniometer with US Adapter

    The Digital Goniometer uses advanced technology to quickly and accurately capture joint angles using a compact, pocket-sized device.

    Flexible Tape Measure

    Compact, economical tape measure.

    Exacta Goniometer

    Economical, easy-to-read goniometer.

    Economy Stopwatch

    Features a time/calendar display, alarm, and 24-hour stopwatch that counts in intervals of 1/100 of a second for the first 30 minutes and 1 second for up to 24 hours. Battery included.

    Chatillon 500-lb. DMG Dynamometer

    Chatillon 500-lb. DMG Dynamometer Designed for use in physical medicine, occupational medicine, sports medicine or general applications where the use of spring gauges are preferred. The DMG Series measures the instantaneous push or pull force of the patient and retains the maximum exertion force for the test. An easy to read, calibrated dial shows the measured value.

    Baseline® Bubble Inclinometer - 2 Pack

    Gives readings for flexion, extension, abduction and adduction, as well as rotation in the neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle and spine. Gives 1° increments of measurement. Pocket size. Latex free. Package of 2.

    Baseline Retractable Monofilaments

    Damage resistant, portable monofilaments detect changes in neurological status. Ideal for screening for peripheral nerve impairment. Monofilament retracts into protective case when not in use.

    Baseline Plastic Goniometer - 6-piece Set

    Baseline 6-Piece clear plastic goniometer kit includes 1 each 12", 8" and 6" 360° goniometers; 1 each pocket 180° goniometer, 360° rulongmeter and finger flexion/hyper-extension goniometer. Transparent plastic goniometer permits observation of joint's axis of motion, and its range of motion.

    Baseline Hand Evaluation - 3-piece Set LITE

    Baseline Hand Evaluation - 3-piece Set - Features LiTE® hand evaluation set.

    Baseline Finger Goniometer - Metal - Small - 3.5 inch

    A finger goniometer measures range-of-motion (ROM) of finger joints (metacarpophalangeal and interphalangeal) and other small joints including toes.

    Grooved Pegboard Test

    This manipulative dexterity test contains twenty-five holes with randomly positioned slots and pegs which have a key along one side. Pegs must be rotated to match the hole before they can be inserted.

    Welch Allyn Disposable Stethoscopes

    Uniscope Disposable Stethoscope with Plastic Single-Head Chestpiece, Single-Lumen Tubing, Adult Diaphragm, Yellow

    Prodigy Voice-Kit

    It's so hard to get quality products that work well for those who need them most. That's why the Prodigy Voice Glucose Meter was developed. It will give you a clear reading of your glucose levels- out loud and on the screen.

    Drive Check and Go Oxygen O2 Analyzer & Sensor

    **FSS Contract V797D-30191**

    Single-Patient Stethoscopes by 3M

    Disposable Single-Patient Stethoscopes by 3M

    Baseline Hi-Res Measuring Set (1 ea: 8", 12" 360 goniometer, 6" pocket goniometer, 60" tape)

    The Baseline Hi-Res Measuring Set is the ideal set to have for physical and occupational therapy students and professionals. Use this set to measure the range of motion of joints found in the human body. Constructed of durable plastic, these goniometers offer a unique design. By adding a white line behind the measurement gradations to make the readings even easier to read. These transparent plastic goniometers permit observation of a joint's axis of motion and its range of motion.

    Sensory Stimulation Activities Kit

    Comprehensive kit provides a sensory stimulation and basic cognitive rehabilitation program. • A sensory and cognitive therapy tool for the caregiver • Age-appropriate functional materials

    Jamar E-Z Read Measuring Set

    Jamar 3-piece hand evaluation set includes a Jamar 200 pound hand dynamometer, Jamar 50 pound pinch gauge, and 6" finger goniometer. Ships in a protective carrying case.

    B-STRONG, Pro Package, 8 Blood Flow Restriction Bands, Sizes 1 - 4 (2 Each)

    B-STRONG is the leader in Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training - the groundbreaking exercise technique that manipulates the body's circulatory system. When combined with light to moderate exercise, BFR Training improves strength and fitness in a very short amount of time. BFR bands are placed and inflated around the upper portion of the arms and/or legs to safely slow the flow of blood in the limb.

    Baseline Fold-Up Monofilament, Evaluator Set with Case (Set of 20: 1.65 through 6.65)

    The Baseline Fold-Up Monofilament evaluator is used to measure cutaneous sensory perception threshold. The monofilament test provides a non-invasive evaluation with objective and repeatable results.

    B&L Engineering Hand Dynamometer

    B&L Engineering Precision Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer measures grip strength from 0-200 lbs/0-90.91 kgms at five handle positions. Calibration certificate included with correlation coefficient of .9994 or higher and mean deviation less than 1.5 lbs based on 12 different weights at all five handle positions. Method of Dynamometer Calibration defined by Elaine Ewing Fess, MS, OTR, CHT, FAOTA. Officially CE Marked. Includes double-walled foam-fitted rigid plastic dynamometer case.

    Hydraulic Pinch Gauge

    Hydraulic Pinch Gauge measures tip, key and palmar pinch strength up to 50 or 95 lbs. Can be used as feedback modality. Hydraulic action sensitive enough to evaluate weak and damaged hands. Maximum reading retained until reset. Calibrated in pounds and kilograms. Carrying case included.

    Volumeter Sets-Hand Set 3(W) x 5(L) x9(H)

    For quick, precise measurement of edema, just fill the appropriate volumeter with water, fully immerse the affected extremity, and measure the overflow in the graduated cylinder. Each Volumeter set comes with a graduated cylinder. Volumeters are made of extra-strong lucite and have leak-proof joints. Easy-to-read overflow cylinders accurately measure displaced water to simply document any changes in hand, arm forearm or leg swelling.

    Digit Goniometer

    180° Digit Goniometer requires only one hand to operate. Measures up to 110° flexion and 40° hyperextension in 5° increments. Arm has 10 cm/4" linear scale.

    Lafayette Hand-Held Dynamometer

    The newest Lafayette Hand-Held Dynamometer combines all of the features of the previous model with the addition of an algometer attachment, advanced menus to store testing setups, increased storage, and improved battery life.