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    Reversible Bibs for Adults

    Our Adult bibs are both fashionable as well as functional. Our senior bibs are designed with a reversible side, giving you a second bib when needed in an emergency. Each bib has an accessible pocket (It was hard for us to find that in a bib but our clients said that is what they needed when caring for those with dementia).These stylish adult bibs are the perfect clothing protector, designed for the challenged diner as well as used by all. Adult bibs are ideally used during cooking, activities, crafting, and car meals. Because they are so attractive senior bibs can be worn all day. They are light weight, water and stain proof plus stylish and reversible. This dignified dining wear completely covers the chest and lap making the entire front of the body a no stain area and they won't shrink, fade or ravel. Wipe off or machine wash and dry, our bibs get softer with each wash! The reverse side is a matching solid color and there are handy pockets on each side of garment. Adult bibs are available in Blues and Camouflage. Each bib comes with a tote bag. They are great for gift giving and a definite morale booster for the wearer.

    Slip-Grip Non-Slip Matting

    Effective, inexpensive, multi-purpose slip control matting in blue.

    Sterile Enteral Feeding Syringes

    Individually wrapped sterile syringe 3 year shelf life

    Adult Bib Mealtime Clothing Protectors-Fancy Navy

    Put this waterproof mealtime protector on before meals and shield your clothing from food or drink spills and stains. It’s long enough to cover both your chest and lap.

    Terry Cloth/Vinyl Bib

    Soft Terrycloth bibs large, allowing for neater, more comfortable mealtimes.

    Waterproof Mealtime Protectors Full Length Bib- 18 x 36"

    Attractive, dignified clothing protection. 100% brushed cotton front with full size impermeable backing protects from spills. Velcro® closure in back. Washable.

    Perfect Slice Food Cutter

    Simply press down to slice. The Perfect Slice creates the same size pieces every time so there's no more arguing over who gets the larger piece! It saves time, avoids a mess, and is so easy to use. Includes 2 easy-grip handles, spatula knife, 2 slicers (square and round), and a base to hold slicers in place. Made of durable hard plastic that's dishwasher safe.


    Provides a durable and steady surface for activities.

    Gunstock Walnut Standard Over Bed Table

    Am Fab's low cost 1000H meets your needs for an economy priced overbed table. Made completely in the USA, it features a 15" x 30" walnut, vinyl top with height adjustments between 28" and 45". The 1000H requires more assembly than our standard overbed tables and is available only in Gunstock Walnut.

    ARGYLE Connecting Tubes/Sure Grip Molded Connector Size: I.D. (3/16)", Length 6' Case of 50

    Wide range of sizes. Female molded connectors. Clear PVC formulation with striated walls. Minimal coil memory. Steri-Guard package with sterile inner pouch. Packaged with straight male connector (except 20' length). Non-conductive and conductive types available. Conductive type meets N.F.P.A. specifications for use with flammable agents.

    Glossectomy Spoon

    Transports the bolus of food to the oropharnyx. Especially useful for people who have had surgery of the tongue.

    12 pack Terry Adult bib with VELCRO brand Neck Closure-18” X 30”- LIGHT BLUE

    You’ll love the way these bibs avoids spills and stains on your clothing. Terry cloth made of 86% cotton, 14% polyester. Velcro closure for ease of use and comfort. Machine washable.

    ADA Food Tray

    With a lightly textured bottom and curved lip, this 11" x 14" (28cm x 36cm) sturdy tray will keep drinks and plates from sliding off. Also great for containing any small objects that may roll or slide on a flat surface.

    CouchCane Assist-A-Tray

    CouchCane Assist-A-Tray All of the same features, plus a swivel TV tray with cup holder and utensil compartment. Tray can hold a variety of items up to 30 lbs. in weight, pivots 360 degrees, and can be pushed away when not in use. Height adjustments are 26" to 32" for the tray and 34" to 40" handle, is 6" x 6" with 1.25 diameter; tray 16" x 18"; base feet 4" x 7". Base adjusts 20"L to 36"L.

    Choking Rescue Device Home Kit

    DON’T BECOME A STATISTIC. Choking is the leading cause of death in children and leading cause of accidental deaths in persons over the age of 65. One child dies every 5 days from a choking incident. 5,000 deaths yearly in the US alone and leads to 100,000 visits to the ER yearly. Over 100 million Americans have no defense against aspiration emergencies due to pregnancy, disability, obesity, or being alone. More people die from aspirating than die in fires, drowning or accidental shootings.

    Dining Accessories

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