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    Ostomy Pouch - Beige, 2X-Large

    Product Description Ostomy patients often have apprehension and embarrassments that keep them from enjoying exercising, socializing, and intimacy.

    Elastic Ostomy Belts-Fits Waist Sizes 42" with Velcro

    Supports the weight of a drainage within the appliance and to lessen the stress on the adhesive seal.

    Brava Ostomy Support Belt

    The Brava Ostomy Support Belt helps relieve the heavy feeling of hernias, bulges and outward abdominal curves. This Coloplast ostomy belt may also help prevent hernias post-operatively in combination with exercise. Whether you have a bulge, hernia or outward curve, or seek better midsection support after an operation, the Brava Ostomy Support Belt is designed to fit your needs.

    Convatec Ostomy Belt

    Convatec Adjustable Ostomy Appliance Belt with Plastic Buckle.

    Neoprene Ostomy Bag Cover Vertical Style

    Built for water sports enthusiasts, the Neoprene Extreme Belt is designed to withstand the impact of any kind.

    StomaCloak Ostomy Bag and Pouch Cover Two-piece, Beige, 2"-2 1/4", 9"-10"

    StomaCloak is scientifically developed to provide more benefits than the typical ostomy pouch cover. Combining a sleek design with lifestyle changing technology, StomaCloak gives you reassurance that your ostomy pouch will look, feel and smell good everyday.

    Unisex Ostomy Classic Wrap

    Designed for both men and women whose stoma is higher than the waistline, the Classic Wrap is a good solution for everyday wear. The wrap's inner pocket conceals the ostomy bag by holding it close to your torso. The wicking fabric makes it perfect to wear during exercise, wherever your stoma may be. The Classic Wrap can also be worn at night or during intimate moments. Ostomysecrets wraps are the perfect addition to your wardrobe.


    Abdominal ostomy belt for post-operative care after colostomy or ileostomy surgery.

    Nu Form Ostomy Support Belt 7" Right side XL 3 3/4 belt ring

    Nu-Hope Nu-Form 6 Inches (15.2cm) Wide Cool Comfort Elastic Support Belt is a comfortable binder which allows the elastic to form around bulges and other body shapes more naturally. It is made of a blend of polyester and elastic and feature an opening reinforced with a durable plastic ring for 360-degree wafer and pouch support. The belt ring is sturdy and will not lose its shape. Each belt secures with a sturdy Velcro type closure that is adjustable to get the perfect fit.

    StomaSafe Plus Ostomy Support Belt, BLACK XL

    Soft and stretchy garment with inner pocket for safe retention of all types of ostomy pouches and drainage bags.

    Nu-Hope - BELT COOL COMFORT 5" 2 3/4

    Nu-Hope - BELT COOL COMFORT 5" 2 3/4

    Stoma Shield, Large, 1.00" stoma clearance, 1 3/4", right hand side, standard belt, size 39

    Stoma shield by Stomaplex. Our stoma shield is the Pure-Comfort ATX stoma guard. We think of this as our comfort ostomy belt. The inner surface of the belt is soft with fuzzy microfiber material, After surgery, finding a comfortable, stoma shield for protection is very important. Stomaplex offers an ostomy belt with a stoma shield made to support with comfort. The Stomaplex belt has a two strap design for greater adjustability. Choose for over 100 sizes.

    Nu-hope cool comfort belt for ostomy and hernia support white, medium ring plate 2-3/8"

    Choose Cool Comfort for a lightweight, breathable mesh-like elastic or Regular for a very soft, plush on the inside, smooth on the outside fabric.

    Nu-Hope Ostomy Belt, Nu-Form Cool Comfort, 6", Right side, 2 3/8" opening, XL, White

    Nu-Hope Ostomy Belt, Nu-Form Cool Comfort, 6", Right side, 2 3/8" opening, XL, White Nu-Hope Ostomy Belt, Nu-Form Cool Comfort, 6", Left side, 2 7/8" opening, XL, with Prolapse-White

    Stealthbelt slip-on belt, left, 2 1/4", 46

    The Slip-On Belt was created for maximum comfort and light support during life's leisure moments. Our unique step-in, Slip-On design reduces the body's profile underneath tight fit clothing, making it perfect for casual daily wear, sleeping, and intimacy. Features include: Step-in & slip-on system, Easy-access zipper, Expandable pouch compartment, No adjustability, Moisture-wicking fabric

    NUHOPE Standard Adult Pouch, Box of 10

    with Belt Tabs, Oval Drainable Pouch with velcro closure

    Nu-Comfort Belt for Ostomy and Hernia Support,4" wide XXL Ring Plate Size: 2-3/8

    Fabric: Regular Color: Beige Size: XXL Ring Plate Size: 2-3/8" 4”wide

    Nu-Form Support Belt, 6 in., White Regular Elastic, 2XL (119 - 132cm) 3-1/4 in.

    the Nu-form Support Belt Is A Comfortable Binder Which Allows The Elastic To form Around Bulges And Other Body Shapes More Naturally. the Most Recommended Support Belt For Peristomal Hernias!

    Nu-Hope 6" Ostomy Belt- Standard- White- Right Side 2 3/8" Opening- XL

    Nu-Hope 6" Ostomy Belt- Standard- White- Right Side 2 3/8" Opening- XL

    Nu-form support belt, 7", 2XL, 2 3/4 right side

    Nu-form support belt, 7", 2XL, 2 3/4 right side

    6" Cool Comfort Original Flat Panel Hernia Belt- Left/XL 2-3/4

    Nu-Hope belts are made of a blend if polyester and elastic. These belts feature an opening reinforced with a durable plastic ring for 360 degrees of wafer and pouch support. Each belt secures with a sturdy hook-and-loop fastener(s) type closure that is adjustable to get the perfect fit.

    NU-Support Belt Cool Comfort Elastic - 6" Width, Right 3" Opening, 32" - 35" Long

    Nu-Hope Belts, made of a blend of polyester and elastic, are latex-free and feature an opening reinforced with a durable plastic ring for 360° wafer and pouch support. Each belt secures with a sturdy hook and loop closure that's adjustable to get the perfect fit.

    Nu-Form Support Belt Opening X-Large, 3" , 6" , 41" - 46

    Nu-Form Support Belt 3" , 6" W, 41" - 46" Waist, X-Large, Cool Comfort Elastic

    Nu-Hope Nu-Form WHITE Support Belt With Prolapse Strap

    Nu-Hope Laboratories Belt, Peristomal Hernia 5" Opening 2 3/4" D/S Medium- 32" to 35" and X-Large 58"

    Drainable Mini Pouch, Size (I), Flange 1(3/4) inch, Beige Opaque Box of 10

    Drainable Mini Pouch, Beige is a drainable ostomy pouch designed with ComfortWear panels to provide a soft, cloth-like covering between the pouch and the skin. This ostomy pouch from Hollister Medical provides maximum protection and is designed with an odor-barrier material.

    Freedom Guard ATX with Ostomy Belt

    The Freedom-Guard ATX is the most durable of the three stoma guards offered by Stomaplex. This product will not absorb water. You can use this for all types of sports. With this ostomy belt for sports you will feel confident at the fitness center and not worry. The outside surface is covered in FDA approved rubber with the same rubber for a pad on the inside. This combination creates a tough and durable product which is why we recommend this ostomy belt for sports. The Freedom-Guard ATX cleans and dries in seconds. This guard comes included with either ostomy belt: 2-Strap Comfort Design or 1-Strap Hernia Belt.

    Nu-Comfort Belt for Ostomy and Hernia Support Belt

    The Nu-Comfort belt replaces traditional elastic ostomy belts to support the pouch and small hernias. The wide soft elastic belt won’t pinch like the traditional 1-inch belt and is gentle on skin. The Ring Plate provides 360-degree support to the wafer, the part of the pouch that attaches to the skin.

    Stealth Belt Pro

    Stealth Belt Pro, Flange, Horizontal, Black

    SUR-FIT Natura Stomahesive Skin Barrier with Flange

    ConvaTec SUR-FIT Natura Two Piece Pre-Cut Stomahesive Skin Barrier with Tape Collar. Ideal for people whose stoma output is semi-formed to formed. The plastic coupling ring allows the pouch and skin barrier to snap together for audible security. This reliable skin barrier provides a unique formula that enables the skin barrier to adhere to both dry and moist skin. It is gentle on the skin yet holds firmly.

    SUR-FIT Natura Standard Wear Ileostomy Bag

    SUR-FIT Natura Standard Wear Ileostomy Bag - Flange Size: 1 3/4" - Color: Transparent - Box of 10. The two-piece system with one-sided comfort panel provides versatility and can be removed or interchanged with other pouch types without removal of the skin barrier/wafer. SUR-FIT Natura drainable pouches are composed of a lightweight plastic material that is odor-proof and quiet under clothing. Includes 2 tail closures and is a 12" pouch.

    StomaShield Stoma Guard (small, medium and large included)

    Here are just a few of the benefits of EVERYDAY stoma protection: Car seat belts Clothing Work Hobbies/Sports Sleeping/Intimacy Reduce chances of parastomal hernias Keeps clothing/belt from pinching off ostomy bag Provides crucial support when ostomy bag gets heavy Channels stoma output underneath clothing Wear normal clothes with an ostomy again!

    Halo Stoma Guard Kit

    Halo Stoma Guard works like having armor over your stoma and works exceptionally well inside of any Stealth Belt system. It’s unobtrusive, sleek and highly functional to give you peace of mind during your active life.

    Ostomy Supplies