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    Men are assailed by the diseases that can affect anyone—heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, depression… But they also have unique issues such as prostate cancer and benign prostate enlargement. 

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    Cunningham Clamp

    The Cunningham Incontinence Clamp is for men who suffer from stress incontinence or urinary dribbling.

    Spinal Cord Intimacy Seat Set: High back glider chair, mate positioner chair and wedge system, positioner strap

    Designed by a C6-C7 Quadriplegic with limited arm movement, no trunk or leg control to regain independence by providing intimacy positioners. Easy transfer chair that provide movement with little effort. Use positioner strap to assist with movement.

    Athletic Scrotal Supporters

    We have removed the latex and tags from our Athletic Supporter. Soft, open knitted pouch, 2 3/4" knitted polyester waistband and polyester, 7/8" leg straps.

    QNS Scrotal Support System

    QNS Scrotal Support System

    Encore Vacuum Erection Device System

    Choose between battery operated and manually operated vacuum erection devices!

    Elite VED Vacuum Therapy System Manual

    Easy to use Negative Pressure Device. Please select Manual or Battery Six Comfortable Tension Systems. Tension System Loading Applicator. SomaTherapy-ED. Negative Pressure Chamber. Two Sizing Adapters. Instructional Video Tape. Comprehensive Patient Instruction Manual. Discreet Carrying Case. Registration Card.

    Rapport Classic Vacuum Erection Device VED

    Owen Mumford provides a range of drug free, gentle self-treatment solutions for men’s and women’s health. Rapport vacuum therapy devices for the effective treatment of erectile dysfunction.

    VenoSeal Venous Leak Constriction Loop

    VenoSeal is a constriction band used by men to maintain an erection. Men suffering from venous leak may be helped by using the VenoSeal

    Manhood absorbent pouch by Colopast 1box

    Manhood absorbent pouch by Colopast 1box (30 ea / box)


    Provides exceptional abdominal support and offers relief from reducible, inguinal hernias by providing focused compression on the hernia. The brief features flexible, removable foam compression pads to treat either single or double hernias. Pad pockets are sewn into the brief and eliminate the need to wear both an undergarment and a truss. Adjustable compression straps may be easily adjusted for a comfortable, customized fit.

    Jobst For Men Thigh High Stocking, 20-30 mmHg

    Jobst for Men 20-30 mmHg Thigh High Compression Stockings with Silicone Border; fashionable ribbed design delivers gradient compression therapy, yet looks like a men's dress sock

    Close Fit Male Urinal

    The Close Fit Male was designed for men with contracted anatomy. The urinal provides a better seal and fit with protection from infection with the non-absorbent, germ resistant comfort ring. This system needs to be held tight to the body to create a seal. The optimal position for use is sitting up with feet on the floor. Not designed for incontinence. Nothing attaches to the body. The urinal provides a better seal and fit with protection from infection with the non-absorbent, germ resistant comfort ring.

    Collecting Funnel with Filter

    Can be used with or without filter paper for collecting kidney stones, straining urine or retaining undissolved crystals.

    Afex Active Core Incontinence Kit High Style for Active Daytime Use

    The Afex® Active Core Incontinence Kit features everything you will need for daytime incontinence protection. It is designed specifically for the active male who experiences moderate to heavy overactive urine flow due to a prostatectomy or prostate removal.

    Inner Rods

    These silicone rods are about 4.25″ in Length and come in four (4) girth sizes : 3.5″, 4.0″, 4.5″ and 5″.

    Varicocele Underwear (STUD) (2PACK BOXERS, BLACK- XL)

    ​STUD is men's fertility friendly underwear. It was designed by fertility experts Dr. Spence Pentland and Daniel Johnson to optimize a couple's chances of conception. Ideal for the couple that is ready to start their family, or struggling to do so. Stud also provides the cooling and support needed for varicocele healing.

    Uro Matrix Pos-T-Vac Ultimate II Round Ring #4 Size, Low Tension

    Uro Matrix Pos-T-Vac Ultimate II Round Ring #4 Size, Low Tension

    Wiesner Incontinence Clamp

    Wiesner Enuresis Clamp design is for the treatment of male incontinence. This male incontinence device is an external medical device used to control urine leaks. It is a compression clamp that works by placing pressure on the urethra to prevent the unintended flow of urine. Constructed with an ABS plastic frame and two medical-grade silicone rubber cushions, this urinary device is durable and comfortable. This penile clamp allows men to live an active lifestyle to enjoy golf, swimming, hiking, and many other outdoor activities.

    DILATAN PLUS-Cryoteric anal dilators set of 2 sizes

    These are cryo-thermal anal dilators made in different sizes. The packages available are (18/20 mm, 23/27 mm).

    The DILATAN®PLUS are made of an inert plastic material with a large disc at the base to facilitate gripping.

    DILATAN®PLUS is a CE marked medical device.

    NOTE: All sales are final and that we cannot accept returns.

    Afex Collection Bags 500 ml Vented

    The vented Afex collection bag is double sealed for increased protection and durability. A specialized membrane integrated into the vented collection bag allows air to vent out while liquid stays in. Our proprietary backflow valve ensures liquid stays in the bag during movement and activity. The secure drain clamp allows users to easily empty the bag at their convenience. Standard security tabs enable users to easily secure the collection bag to the Afex brief.

    RX Sleeve for Erectile Dysfunction

    Each has a unique Shape and External size. (Their approximate external size is listed.) The sleeve is intended to slip over your penis. An internal hole is made to insert your penis. NOTE: The inner Girth hole, in Soft Material, can stretch 1/2" wider in girth.


    Safe, physiological, noninvasive, and powerful tool now available to men around the world to improve and restore their erectile health and sexual response. The physiological alternative to drugs, injections, vacuum, and surgery for men with ED Cost effective: Maintenance free, rechargeable batteries, built to last for years with daily use. No extra cost. Painless, gentle, pleasant experience. Adjustable frequency and modes for comfort and efficacy. Powerful settings to provoke ejaculation in men with spinal cord injury Can be used on-demand before sexual activity, or daily as part of therapy as recommended by your physician.

    Stud Briefs-Jet Black- Large/2pack

    ​THE FIT Stud Briefs are designed to be a little more tight and snug. This helps them provide really great scrotal support. ​When in doubt, size up! They will feel a little snug the first few wears and will adjust to your body's size and shape!

    Anal Dilators

    Silicone rectal / anal dilators were designed by pelvic floor specialist, Dr. Amanda Olson. Our dilators are made from smooth, medical-grade, 100% BPA-free silicone and shaped for maximum safety and comfort. The anal dilators are for both recreational and medical use for men and women. These may be purchased as a full set of 8 gradually progressing sizes, in four packs of small, medium, and large, or individually. All anal dilators ship in discreet packaging to maintain privacy.