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    17" Thigh/Knee/Ankle Separator w/ Fluid Resistant Cover

    Our Thigh/Knee/Ankle separator provides abduction for the thigh/knee/ankles while in a sitting or lying position.

    Lounge Doctor Leg Rest with Cooling Gel

    If you have leg swelling, vein problems, lymphedema, leg injuries, restless legs, are having surgery, are pregnant, stand or sit at work daily, travel, or just want healthy relaxation, then you need a Lounge Doctor Leg Rest™ today!**FSS CONTRACT 36F79723D0004** Primary color is heather gray, but color may vary from light blue or Navy due to stock.

    Contour BackMax Wedge System

    Our 3 piece bed wedge body support system - arrange in multiple combinations to elevate individual body areas or for total body support. Ultimate in total body comfort after surgeries, accidents and injuries to aid digestion (raises esophagus above stomach) to reduce stress on the body (zero gravity position) to find a comfortable position Includes remoable, washable cover 70L x 28W x 14H inches

    Bolster Naugahyde Knee Wedge

    Designed specifically to elevate the knees and flatten the lower back. Made with high density urethane foam covered in Naugahyde fabric.

    Skil-Care Foam Elevators- Foam Leg Elevator

    These multifunctional elevators can be placed between the thighs, knees or ankles. They align the legs while relaxing the spine and improving circulation. Can also be used to raise the lower legs or to off-load the heels for prevention of pressure sores. Covered with a soft, lauderable micro fiber fabric, nonslip bottom. Dimensions: 18"L x 8"D x 5”H.

    Skil-Care Half Round Knee Support

    Decreases leg and lower back pain. Elevates the legs to relax the spine. Covered in durable, wipe-clean vinyl. Helps improve circulation and reduce back pain. Foam padded for comfort.

    Skil-Care Heels-Off Leg Elevators

    Prevents formation of pressure sores, aids in healing existing ulcer and relaxes the spine. Also decreases leg and lower back pain, and improves lower-extremity circulation, which is important for pressure ulcer prevention and healing.

    Knee/Ankle Separator

    This product provides two benefits for your residents/patients. The Knee/Ankle Separator protects bony prominences from pressure, helping to aid in less breakdown. The density of the foam is durable enough to provide you with a product that will also help elongate contractures.

    Varilite Wedge

    VARILITE Wedge reduces the seat-to-back angle, which increases weight-bearing load on the back of the thighs and decreases the load on the buttocks. The 2 inch (5 cm) tapered closed-cell foam wedge trims easily for custom fitting to meet individual needs.

    Venous Relief Elevation Device (VRED)

    **FSS CONTRACT 36F79723D0004** The Venous Relief Elevation Device (VRED) is a patented solution for medically-prescribed leg elevation that a patient can use in a clinical setting or at home. The contoured design anatomically fits the shape of the leg to help prevent pressure points. The VRED can help improve patients' outcomes and reduce healing times for venous ulcers, help alleviate symptoms of lower limb lymphedema and assist medical and home care professionals with donning compression garments on their patients.**FSS CONTRACT 36F79723D0004**

    Adjustable Memory Foam Leg Support Wedge Cushion

    Uniquely designed wedge cushion improves circulation and relieves lower back and leg pain. Contoured memory foam layer cushions your legs so you can sleep comfortably on your back. Removable inserts allows you to customize the support angle to maximize your level of comfort. Comes with white removable, washable polyester/cotton blend cover. Measures 9.5 x 17 x 24 inches.

    Lounge Doctor Leg Elevator

    **FSS CONTRACT 36F79723D0004** The Lounge Doctor Leg Rest is the only patented leg rest on the market designed to effectively improve your venous health by reducing swelling and improving blood flow. The Lounge Doctor's patented shape is constructed of high-resiliency open cell foam and includes a top-of-the-line innovative performance fabric cover designed to repel stains and moisture, keeping your leg rest clean and comfortable. The full zipper closure keeps the cover secure and in place while protecting the foam leg rest. With a full anti-slip grip dot bottom, this leg pillow won't shift while you relax! Primary Color will be Heathered Gray, but due to stock availability color may vary to heather Blue or Navy

    HeelZup Cloud Heel Suspension Cushion

    Used for both the supine and 30-degree, side-lying position, the cushions support the entire leg while giving the user maximum comfort.

    Conforming Comfort Arterial Heel Positioning Device

    The Conforming Comfort Arterial Heel Device is designed to offload pressure from the heels. It is one of the very few products that provide true pressure relief as well as pressure redistribution.

    Contour Legacy Leg & Knee Pillow

    The Contour Legacy Leg Pillow is perfect for those looking for relief from back pain, hip pain, leg pain or even knee pain. While we did create the 1st Leg pillow loved by so many - we made design improvements to make sure you stay comfortable and properly aligned all night long. By positioning you in your natural alignment, the leg pillow is designed to help alleviate pressure points that often cause discomfort & pain.

    LRU Pillow- High Density Foam

    High Density Foam holds leg in correct position and prevents movement to help knee heel straight. Works to correct position, control swelling, and keep range of motion.

    Slotted Wedges

    Tumble Forms® Slotted Wedges offer a variety of positioning options for children and adults. Used in conjunction with supine mat, or bed positioning, the wedges help alignment of the hip, preventing rotation and providing adduction of lower extremities.

    Leg Elevating Splint

    Contoured for comfort and stability. High-density foam. Non-vinyl.

    Professional Wedge

    Facilitate lower extremity exercises or just elevate your legs, feet and ankles with the Professional Wedge.

    U-Turn Bolster

    Patient Turning Device Bed Medical Turning Device assists in turning resident in bed.

    Angular Bolster

    The Angular Therapy Bolster offers safe and comfortable support for optimal trunk positioning during physical therapy. The positioning tools can also be used at home for continued therapy and sitting or sleeping comfort.

    Lower Extremity Wedge

    AliMed Lower Extremity Wedge places lower back in neutral position.

    Elevating Leg Rest Cushion Pillow

    Elevating Leg Rest Cushion Pillow to off load legs in bed.

    20 Degree Positioning Wedges

    Helps with support, alignment, and pressure relief. Made Firm high-density urethane foam with vinyl sewn covering.

    Ortho Bed Wedge

    8" Ortho Bed Wedge raises legs or feet at the proper angle to take pressure off lower back.

    KoolGel Cushion

    Choose Product; Lumbar KoolGel Cushion & Legacy KoolGel Leg Pillow.

    Knee Abduction Pillows

    Knee Abduction pillows and wedges offer comfortable, effective lower extremity abduction positioning while seated or in bed.

    ObusForme Memory Foam Leg Spacer

    Ideal for side sleepers, this thermo-sensistive memory foam pillow is designed to provide comfort between the legs while sleeping.

    Original Heelzup Cushion

    The HeelZup Heel Elevator is the only heel suspension cushion available that can be used in conjunction with a conventional pillow, giving you unparalleled versatility for leg elevation and comfort.

    Econo Leg Spacer With Cover

    The Econo Leg Spacer is designed to help relieve pressure and strain on the lower back, hips, knees and ankles. Our spacer fits comfortably between your legs and keeps them in alignment with your spine. Helps to relieve pressure on joints and improve circulation to lower extremities. The special contoured design stays in place and moves with you without the need for straps. Made of precision cut, high quality foam. Included cover is removable and hand-washable. Standard 10 x 8 x 6 inches.

    Small Foam Abduction Pillow

    Stabilizes the legs and helps maintain proper leg positioning while recovering after surgery.

    DonJoy Hip Abduction Pillow Large Hook and Loop Strap Closure Left or Right Hip

    The ProCare Hip Abduction Pillow is designed for use following hip surgery when immobilisation or post-operative positioning is required.

    Prism Medical Band/Limb Quilted Sling, Medium

    Prism medical band/limb quilted sling is designed to assist caregiver support and position limbs for a variety of tasks including wound care, leg/venous wrapping, and foot care.

    Positioning Pillow Cube with 40 degree edge 32x10x12

    Firm high-density urethane foam with vinyl sewn covering. Color for the positioning pillows is Medium Blue.

    ProCare Leg Elevation Foam Support Pillow

    Ideal for patients with leg casts, or those requiring stable elevation and internal/external rotation

    Elevating Knee Wedge

    Improves circulation and helps to maintain pelvic position.

    Uncovered Foam Bed Wedge

    AliMed Uncovered Foam Body Wedge Economical choice for single-patient use. Disposable, low-cost foam wedges can be discarded if soiled. Bed Wedge supports and elevates legs without the hassle of wrestling with pillows.

    Pro-Tec Night Splint

    Helps alleviate symptoms of plantar fasciitis while sleeping.

    Freedom Dorsal PF Night Splint

    Patients prefer less bulky, cooler, lower profile dorsal models. The Dorsal PF Night Splint features a wide neoprene calf and toe straps along with gel padding on the top of the foot help to reduce pressure points. A larger forefoot accommodates wider feet. The flexible shell and plastic-free bottom offers safer nighttime ambulation without compromising the ability to hold the foot at 90 degrees during rest.

    OrthoPro Passive Night Splint

    A new flexible and economical method to control plantar flexion contractures, address hip rotation and to protect the heel. This version has a permanent walking pad.

    Elevated Half Roll

    Half roll support, combining the stability of a wedge with the positioning versatility of a roll.

    Conforming Comfort Venous Stasis Positing Device, Waterproof with reusable/washable cover

    This device addresses venous drainage and it also offers off-loading support while maintaining the Conforming Comfort® pressure reduction/relief design that evenly distributes tissue load and is able to maintain elevation for good venous drainage that prevents and treats stasis ulcers secondary to post phlebitic syndrome.

    Lower Extremity Positioning

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