Amputee Cushions & Legrests

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Solid-Insert Amputee Cushion

Solid-Insert Amputee Cushion

AliMed® Amputee Wheelchair Surface and Universal Seat, Standard, Polyfoam, 18" x 16"

Just right for post-op BK amputees Standard version has a sturdy 1/2" plywood base, is padded with 1" of resilient polyfoam and is covered with black Naugahyde®

Amputee Cushion

A padded cushion with a plywood base and black leatherette zippered cover. From edge of wheelchair seat to end of cushion is 9". No attaching fasteners. Latex free.

Swing-Away Amputee

Newly designed hardware gives you a lighter, more aesthetically pleasing piece of equipment, and it’s completely adjustable. Designed to install easily, in minutes, on all popular wheelchairs and coincides with any wheelchair cushion. Its ability to swing out of the way allows the user to transfer in and out of the chair quickly and easily.

Extended Leg Board – Leg Cushion

Extended Leg Board – Leg Cushion

Adjustable Swing Away Amputee Support

Adjustable Amputee Supports attach to swing away leg rest posts. The cushioned pad is manufactured with 2 inches of high resiliency (HR) foam and 1 inch of Visco to absorb impact, redistribute pressure and conform to amputated limb. The pad measures 3” x 8” x 10”.