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    Small Item Gripping Aid

    The Small Item gripping aid allows you to hold small diameter items such as make-up, bathroom, art and office products. Unlike other products on the market, this gripping aid is unique in that it allows you to hold items at any angle you want. Want to paint on an easel? Apply mascara? Play the drums? Position the palm pad at the perfect angle to do any of these things and many more. A two-part system, consisting of a neoprene glove and a velcro-on palm pad, allows you to swap between palm pads quickly. (The Small Item gripping aid comes with one glove component and one palm pad

    Strong Arm 2 Fishing Aid

    The Strong Arm 2 is a versatile, hands-free fishing rod holder that gives you total rod control, without the need for grip. The cuff fits securely around your arm, providing support. Simply slide the fishing rod into the cuff and you are ready to fish, knowing that the cuff has a secure hold of the rod. The Strong Arm 2 adaptive tool enables a user with limited or no finger strength to hold a fishing rod in a good position and to cast off without the need to grip the rod at all.

    T-Pull Door Closer

    The T-Pull Door Closer is a handle that allows you to pull the door closed behind you. If you are in a wheelchair, on crutches or use a walker you often find that you are in the way of closing the door. Or you have to manoeuvre bit by bit to close a door. This door closer takes the hassle out of the process by giving you a handle that you fit anywhere on the door.

    Cat Tongue Grip Tape

    With reduced hand function it is easy to loose grip on an item and send it flying or plummeting to the floor. The Cat Tongue grip tape and grip kit can help prevent these accidents. You can add grip to any item – try it on drinks bottles, coffee mugs, wheelchair foot plates, cameras and tools. It’s also great for stopping storage boxes moving around the boot of your car.

    GRIP-PAR GOLF GLOVE, Right, Large

    A quality made golf glove with our unique patented strapping approved and recommended by PGA professionals and coaches. With noticeable improved control on the back swing and follow through the Grip-Par ® golf glove is a brilliant addition to our glove range.

    Gripeeze DIY Support Gloves, Large

    The Gripeeze DIY & Garden Glove with Strap Right Hand is designed to relieve pressure from the hand when doing household activities and chores while increasing grip for holding objects. The right hand glove with strapping system provides support for an arthritic hand and makes gripping easier.

    Uline Anti-Vibration Gloves

    Gel-padded palm absorbs the kick from nail guns and chainsaws.

    Impacto Gloves with Wrist Support

    Fingerless nylon Lycra and grain leather glove with VEP padding in the palm and thumb web area. Detachable grain leather wrist support.

    Impacto BG413 Anti-Vibration Air Glove, Full Finger, Pair

    Soft leather palm, full finger and thumb gussets with nylon back and hook/loop wrist closure. Offers great dexterity and tactile feedback.

    Key Turner Aid 3 Pack

    Makes keys so much easier for weak or arthritic hands.

    5" Gel Cane Holder with Velcro Closure

    Softens the grip with cane use.

    Colored Foam Tubing

    Easily grasp smaller tools and utensils, great for low vision.

    Universal Cuffs

    Soft elastic band fits perfectly everytime. Available in small, medium, and large.

    10" X 14" Dycem Non-Slip Rectangle Pads

    The Dycem 1/8" thick anti-slip mats and pads provide a secure surface that anchors items, such as a cup, plate, tool, note pad and telephone on the table or tray. Dycem placemats improve the stability of a variety of objects during therapy and around the home. Material is reusable and easy to clean. Latex free.

    Dycem Non-Slip Pre-cut Rectangles

    Precut pads keep objects from sliding or rolling.

    Fall Prevention Mat

    Dycem Non Slip Safety Floor Mat is ideal for hospitals, clinics and home use. This Non Slip Safety Floor Mat provides a convenient, cost effective method for reducing slips and falls in clinics and homes. Perfect for dry areas of bathrooms and kitchens, Dycem Non Slip Mats are crafted from high quality materials for durability and protection. Dycem Mats are intended to stabilize feet while moving over dry surfaces. Offered in Gray only.

    iMouse E1 Illuminated Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

    iMouse E1 Illuminated Vertical Ergonomic Mouse supports the hand in relaxed handshake position to help minimize wrist pain. Switchable DPI provides two levels of control (1000 and 1600). Optical sensor technology works on most glass, wood, marble, and leather surfaces without a mouse pad. Includes six buttons: Left and Right Click, Back and Forward, DPI Switch, and Scroll Wheel. Ice Blue illumination contrasts against glossy black case for a sharp look.

    Phone Loops

    Silicone Stretch Elastic Phone Strap in a small, light, discreet design.

    4 Pack of Red Foam Tubing

    Foam Tubing Helps individuals with arthritis, Parkinson's, nerve damage, or anyone with poor grip strength. It provides a comfortable, non-slip grip for your everyday items and can be easily cut with scissors to fit multiple items.

    Purrfect Opener

    A handy, cat-shaped, opening device that is safe, quick and easy to use. The product will grip medicine caps, open aligned-arrow caps using the head, grab the cotton form inside the bottle with the tail, pierce individually wrapped pills with the ears, push individually wrapped pills into convenient pockets, split pills effortlessly with the wedge on the back, lift lids out of newly opened cans, open envelopes and has a magnet for convenient storage.

    Easy Grip Jar and Bottle Opener

    Easy Grip Jar and Bottle Opener Easily opens jars and bottles, and comes with a magnet for storing on the fridge. The cone-shaped head is designed for opening water, soda and beer (twist-offs), and the flexible rubber body works well for opening caps and lids of all sizes. Additionally, a packaging cutter between the ears can be used to rip through the paper and plastic seals on bottles.

    Active Hands General Purpose Aid

    General Purpose gripping aids are essential for a wide range of tasks – at home, in the gym or out and about.

    Great Grips Door Knob, Pack of 2

    Great-Grips Door Knob Gripper is an inconspicuous addition that makes any standard round doorknob easy to turn with a closed fist, elbow, or even a single finger.

    Dynatomy Bracelet Assist

    Easy to use jewelry helper allows users with arthritis to fasten bracelets or watches without assistance.

    One-Handed Can Opener

    One-Handed Can Opener for users with hand weakness, arthritis, or other hand-related disabilities.

    Hook, Looped, and D-Ring Aids

    The aids are designed to enable you to grip and release equipment mostly in the gym or as part of exercise activity. This pair of Hook aids have been designed to be used on bars, machines with bar type handles, and some types of handlebars on bikes or hand bikes. They are great for situations where our Looped aids cannot be used, for example closed ended bars.

    Hand Keyper

    Helpful tool for opening bottles, cans, bags. The Hand Key-Per Multi-Purpose Household Opener increases leverage to make daily opening tasks easier. This tool is helpful for hands weakened by arthritis, carpal tunnel, for opening medicine bottles, both press-and-turn and aspirin bottles.

    Eazyhold Silicone Adaptive Aid

    Pair of soft silicone universal cuffs for 10 years to adult.

    Holding Mitts

    Holding Mitts secure the affected hand to the hand grip of an exercise pulley system during passive ROM exercise. Soft vinyl fabric. Hook-and-loop closure. Much more comfortable to wear and use.

    Dycem, Non-Slip Safety Floor Mat, 14" x 20", Black

    Dycem Floor Mats provide a surer footing for those who experience weight transference and balance problems, either when pushing up from a seated position or when lowering themselves down onto a seat.

    Key Turner III

    Curved handle fits comfortably in the hand and allows for easy turning.

    Virtually Hands Free Mousing System, Right-Handed

    Ergonomically Designed Mouse Aids Mobility Issues

    Grip Assists