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    Cat Tongue Grip Tape- Black

    With reduced hand function it is easy to loose grip on an item and send it flying or plummeting to the floor. The Cat Tongue grip tape and grip kit can help prevent these accidents. You can add grip to any item – try it on drinks bottles, coffee mugs, wheelchair foot plates, cameras and tools. It’s also great for stopping storage boxes moving around the boot of your car.
    Product #: 2364477AH

    This new design of tape is based on a cat’s tongue. It provides grip for a range of items without being sticky. It is high-grip without picking up lint or debris. The tape is also water proof – it can be used out in the rain and is strong enough to survive the dishwasher. It is still grippy when wet so can be used as grip in the bath tub or in other wet environments.

    The tape and grip kit stickers are self-adhesive – to apply make sure your surface is clean, dry and free of lint, peel off the backing and stick down. If you want a different shape for smaller items then the tape can be cut with scissors.

    The tape and grip kit are made of HDPE, which is latex free.  CatTongue Grips won’t irritate your skin or your hands when you touch it. Unlike latex (which you’ll find in every rubber grip), it is 100% allergy-free. Both the black and clear tapes and grip kits are anti-microbial.

    The tape allows you to cut strips or shapes to fit your items.