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    T-Pull Door Closer

    The T-Pull Door Closer is a handle that allows you to pull the door closed behind you. If you are in a wheelchair, on crutches or use a walker you often find that you are in the way of closing the door. Or you have to manoeuvre bit by bit to close a door. This door closer takes the hassle out of the process by giving you a handle that you fit anywhere on the door.
    Product #: 23147AH

    You can install this on both interior and exterior doors. Durable and high-quality materials. High-density plastics that withstand overuse and a variety of environments and temperatures.

    Handle tucks away when not in use.

    The T-pull door closer is easy to install – just peel off the backing from the 3M sticky pad and adhere it to the door. Screws are included for permanent installation but the sticky pad works well in most situations.

    The door closer is made in Canada and has been tested in Canadian weather (-40C to- +40C)! The handle and sticky pad both survive temperature extremes! The manufacturer has had a door closer installed with a sticky pad, outside since 2015!

    No more trying to close the door by holding on with your finger-tips or inching out bit by bit.