Self Inspection Mirrors

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Telescoping Self Exam Mirror

Telescoping Self Exam Mirror

Square Inspection Mirror

Easy to use personal inspection mirrors are easy to use and versatile

Clamp-On Therapy Mirror

Clamp-On Adjustable Mirror A multi-use mirror that clamps onto bedrail, wheelchair, tabletop, and other surfaces. Offers immediate visual feedback for viewing the oral cavity during oral-motor and motor-speech exercises. Holds child’s attention while focusing on oral or speech activities. Allows a child to move the mirror to a comfortable height for practicing oral movements and speech sounds during therapy or in individual practice. Shatterproof mirror is mounted on a flexible 12" metal “gooseneck” attached to a strong plastic spring clamp. Clamp grips surfaces up to 1" thick.

Double Vision Vanity and Suction Cup Mirror

The Double Vision Vanity and Suction Cup Mirror is two mirrors with suction cup rings around the edges. One mirror provides twice the magnification for closer inspection while the other is for more general use. Both mirrors have suction cup edges to hold them in place. The goose neck is flexible to position the mirror at the perfect angle.

Flexible Inspection Mirror

Flexible acrylic mirror stays in position when bent. Adjustable plastic cuff accommodates full palmar grip or finger grasp. 6"x 4" mirror is 22" long.

Ladies Intermittent Self Catheterization Knee Mirror

Knee Mirror for Ladies attaches to the leg just above the knee or on the thigh to aid in visualizing the urethra for self catheterization. The teardrop shape of the MiWay™ shatterproof mirror and it’s ability to rotate on its strap assures that the cathing hand will not interrupt the view of self catheterization whether you are sitting, standing, reclined or semi reclined.

Telescopic Mirror with LED Lights

Stainless steel handles telescope from 6-1/2" to 29-1/2" for fast, accurate inspection. The cushioned handle will not slip in wet or oily hands. Available in Round or Rectangular.

Lighted Power Zoom Motorized Adjustable

Push-button power zoom adjusts magnification between 1x to 5x. Six-inch mirror is optical quality, unbreakable and fog free. Six-position, easy tilt control; wall mountable.