Cuff Weights

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Rehab Weights- Individual Cuff Weight

Extra long Velcro® D-ring strap fits most arms or legs and holds weights securely. Each section is reinforced with exterior stitching.

Thera-Band Ankle and Wrist Weight Sets, PAIR

Thera-Band Ankle and Wrist Weight Sets Soft, comfortable weights are contoured for a secure fit, have an adjustable strap, terry cloth interior, and a reflective trim. In addition to traditional upper and lower body strengthening exercises, the Weight Sets can be used to enhance balance training or stabilization exercises.

The Deluxe Cuff Weight, 3 lb., Gold **FSS CONTRACT V797D-30191**

FSS CONTRACT V797D-30191 Contours to snugly fit the ankle, wrist and thigh. Its Velcro® closure strap assures a secure and comfortable fit… even during the most strenuous exercise program. Features heavy-duty materials and double stitching throughout. Color-coded, marked with pounds and kilograms and grommeted for

The Cuff Original Ankle and Wrist Weight

The Cuff rehabilitation wrist and ankle weight has been proven effective in hospitals for over 30 years. It contours to snuggly fit the ankle, wrist, and even thigh. Its long closure strap assures a secure and comfortable fit even during the most strenuous exercise program. It features heavy-duty materials and double-stitching throughout. The Cuff exercise weights are color-coded, marked with both pounds and kilograms and have grommets for hanging on any peg-board weight rack. Available from .025 to 25 pounds (0.125 to 12.5 kilograms) sold individually or in sets.

The Cuff Weights Original

The Cuff Weights Original

CanDo Adjustable Cuff Weights

These cuff weights are versatile tools for rehabilitation and exercise uses. They secure to the wrist or ankle with straps. The weights are perfect for arm and leg strengthening exercises.