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    Adult Ultra Soft Demand cannula, pack of 5

    Straight nares made of ultra-soft material for optimum patient comfort. All systems feature 3-channel tubing which prevents kinking.

    Tracheostomy Masks

    For use in tracheostomy aerosol therapy. Both adult size; have swivel adapter and accept 22 mm corrugated tubing.

    PASSY MUIR Speaking Valve and Accessories

    PASSY MUIR Speaking Valve, Purple - 15 mm ID / 23mm OD PASSY MUIR Speaking Valve, Aqua - 15 mm ID / 22mm OD Extra Secure-It® Connectors (Compatible with Purple and Clear PMVs only, not compatible with Aqua)

    HUDSON RCI- Adult Tracheostomy Mask with 360° Swivel- Each

    Adult Tracheostomy Mask is a comfortable, easy-to-use mask ideal for tracheostomy and laryngectomy aerosol therapy. This adult tracheostomy mask with a 360-degree swivel accepts 22mm I.D. and corrugated tubing.

    AirLife Tracheostomy Tube Holder – Adult box of 10

    The AirLife Tracheostomy Tube Holder is used after a tracheostomy tube has been placed in the patient. The trach tube holder is placed upon the patient by a nurse or caretaker, someone that knows to take precautions when following procedures for handling the tracheostomy tube as well as when cleaning it.

    Medmart Stoma Guard ShowerShield StomaShield with 30 Tape Discs

    Stoma Guard ShowerShield, manufactured by Medmart, is a trusted name in stoma convenience products. Simple to apply, the Stoma Guard ShowerShield is designed to prevent water from entering the stoma during a shower allowing you to breathe freely. Each ShowerShield comes with thirty tape discs that fully seals out water or cleansers. Shower worry free with a stoma shield you can depend on. The clear tubing makes maintenance and cleaning uncomplicated. We also carry sanitized wipes to make your stoma care even more simple

    Shower Shield Cover Tracheotomy Laryngectomy Cover

    Trach Trachea Shower Cover is a throat stoma cover designated for use while in the shower. Simultaneously comfortable and easy to put on and take off, this tracheal stoma cover features a unique Velcro fastener that offers the perfect fit without tie backs.

    Cover-Up Shower Collar, For Trach, 9" x 7½" (1 Each

    Protective plastic bib-style cover lets you shower in comfort and confidence.

    MARPAC Tracheostomy Collar with Velcro Adjustment FITS UP TO 19" NECK : Box 10

    Marpac Inc Universal Fit Adult Tracheostomy Collars fits to 19" Neck Size

    Shiley Tracheostomy Tube Cuffless with Disposable Inner Cannula 6mm

    Shiley Tracheostomy Tube Cuffless with Disposable Inner Cannula 6mm


    Cover your stoma in seconds with a Velcro-fastening cover and band. 12 bands per package.

    Semi-Rigid Shower Collar, For Trach Neck Size 11"-18" (1 Each)

    Allows you to put the Buchanan DeltaNex Protector on the Neckband instead of the Cravat.

    Shiley Disposable Inner Cannula, size 6, case of 100

    Shiley Disposable Inner Cannula provides a convenient hassle-free option for the inner cannula. When you switch the Shiley Inner Cannula, there is no need to clean it, just dispose of it and insert a new one. The inner cannula works with a tracheostomy tube to restore a patient's airway. It also uses a 15mm snap-lock connector. This makes connecting to the tracheostomy tube quick and easy without the need for tape. The cannula uses individual sterilized packaging too. This ensures that your new one is always clean and ready for use at a moment's notice. This inner cannula is not fenestrated, therefore developing a granuloma is eliminated. Also, if aspiration is a concern, a non-fenestrated cannula may be recommended to maintain cuff inflation and protect the airway from saliva and secretions.

    Open-Suction Sleeved Suction Catheter with Cup, Whistle Tip

    Open-Suction Sleeved Suction Catheter with Cup, Whistle Tip

    Tracheostomy Supplies