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    Adult Ultra Soft Demand cannula, pack of 5

    Straight nares made of ultra-soft material for optimum patient comfort. All systems feature 3-channel tubing which prevents kinking.

    Blue Line Ultra® Suctionaid® Tracheostomy Tube Kit

    Thermosensitive PVC — provides sufficient rigidity for initial insertion, and then softens at body temperature to accommodate individual patient anatomy. 105° angle for comfort in-situ. Tube is suitably radiopaque to enable confirmation of tube position. Soft Seal cuff — velvet soft; low pressure, high volume cuff, with larger cuff resting diameter. model 100/875/070

    Portex® Decannulation Caps - Box/10

    Fits Standard 15 mm ISO Termination

    Portex® Tracheostomy Tube Inner Cannula for 6.0 mm Flex D.I.C.® Trach Tubes

    The Portex® flexible disposable inner cannula tracheostomy tubes are constructed of siliconized polyvinyl chloride, providing a softer and more pliable tube to reduce risk of tracheal trauma. Box of 60.

    Portex® Tracheostomy Tube Straps - Adult Length, Case of 100

    Made with soft foam pad for padding the tracheostomy tube. Adult length fits a maximum 20" neck size. Has an adjustable hook and loop fastener.


    Replacement Boxes of 20 Sizes: 6.0MM, 7.0MM, 8.0MM, 9.0MM

    Shiley Cuffless Tracheostomy Tube with an Inner Cannula

    Helps provide patients with the right fit and maintain airway patency, helping ensure patient safety and comfort. Shiley tracheostomy tubes are a trusted solution from a proven partner.

    Shiley™ Tracheostomy Disposable XLT Inner Cannula, 10/bx

    Economical, off-the-shelf alternative to custom tracheostomy tubes for patients with anatomical challenges.

    Ultra Soft Plus Single Lumen Cannula 5pack

    Responsive Respiratory - Comfort Plus Adult Cannula is 7' standard clear latex-free safety tubing. This respiratory therapy product is ideal for use with all regulators and single-lumen conservers (single stem style). Responsive Respiratory has quality respiratory care products at a economical price. Color: Clear

    Marpac Tracheostomy Collar - Universal, Box of 10

    Marpac Tracheostomy Trach Collar with Velcro Adjustment. Fits adults up to neck size 19". Box of 10 collars. The Tracheostomy Collar is used to secure the Tracheostomy tube in place. It comes in sizes to fit or in a one-size-fits all model. It is composed of a soft foam laminated strap with Velcro adjustments

    Tracheostomy Masks- Case of 50

    For use in tracheostomy aerosol therapy. Both adult and pediatric sizes have swivel adapter and accept 22 mm corrugated tubing.

    Tri-Anim Sterile Jackson Trach - Each

    Tri-Anim Sterile Jackson Trach - Each

    PASSY MUIR Speaking Valve

    PASSY MUIR Speaking Valve, Purple - 15 mm ID / 23mm OD PASSY MUIR Speaking Valve, Aqua - 15 mm ID / 22mm OD

    Inner Cannula for Blue Line Ultra® Tracheostomy Tubes 50/Case

    Inner Cannula for 7.0 mm Tube Inner Cannula I.D. 6.0 mm

    Tracheostomy Supplies

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