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Pelvifine Pelvic Floor Stimulator

The Pelvifine Pelvic Floor Stimulator is a very simple, yet very powerful and easy to use electronic pelvic floor stimulator (PFS). It will tighten your pelvic floor muscles by performing pelvic floor exercises automatically and effortlessly for you, in the comfort of your home, by contracting and relaxing your pelvic floor muscles using mild electrical pulses for optimum strength.

ApexM Pelvic Exerciser

Apex®M treats the cause of your female urinary incontinence by strengthening weak pelvic floor muscles and calming an over-active detrusor muscle. The secret is getting as close to the pelvic floor as possible and stimulating the right muscles while providing physical resistance for the exercise to build muscle. This device does just that.

Aware PFS - Pelvic Floor Stimulator

Clinical-grade device with pre-set controls for patient home training  Built-in safety features ensure patient protection  Protocols for urge, stress and mixed incontinence Can be used with most EMG sensors (internal electrode assemblies)

K-KT Kegel Toner

Regain bladder control, faster postpartum recovery, Improved sexual performance Take back control of your bladder. Notable results within 1 month Easy to use, the Kegel Toner is cheaper than 1 Month of adult nappies The safe, drug-free and non-surgical solution to the massive problem of urine leaks.

iEase Pneumatic Pelvic Floor Exerciser

The iEase Pelvic Floor Exerciser uses revolutionary pneumatic biofeedback technology to locate and measure the strength of your pelvic floor muscle to create an effective exercise programme specifically designed to suit your needs.

Vibrating Pelvic Wand

The Vibrating pelvic wand is covered in silky smooth, medical-grade silicone and uniquely designed to reach all muscles of the pelvic floor. It was created by a pelvic physical therapist to use soothing vibration and ergonomic curves to relieve trigger points in the pelvic floor muscles, including the most deep and hard to reach obturator internus and puborectalis muscles. Vibration helps to improve circulation and relax the pelvic floor muscles for maximum healing and pain relief.

Kegel Exercise Weights- Set of 6

Kegel Exercises help you build stronger and tighter vaginal muscles for improved bladder control, easier labor, faster child-birth recovery, and sexual satisfaction like you've never had before!

Pelvic Wand, Medical Grade, BPA-free Silicone

This uniquely designed pelvic wand is covered in silky smooth, medical-grade silicone. It was created by a pelvic physical therapist to relieve trigger points in the pelvic floor muscles, including the most deep and hard to reach Obturator Internus and puborectalis muscles Silky smooth medical-grade silicone for comfortable insertion and removal. Uniquely sized ends are perfect for vaginal or rectal use. Shaped to reach both superficial and deep pelvic floor muscles for relief of pelvic pain.

Kegel Fit, K-Kegel

The kegel fit is a powered muscle stimulator Used for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. It provides relief from urinary stress Incontinence and/or fecal incontinence. Kegel Toner can also be used to rehabilitate The pelvic floor muscles after childbirth. Most Women need to rehabilitate their pelvic floor Muscles after childbirth, and/or suffer from Mild bladder leakage EMS easy to use Single Channel Unit Gentle Stimulation Large LCD display Power Supply: Rechargeable Li-Ion 3.7V

Gellhorn Pessary 4, 2-1/2 Inch with Drains

2-1/2 Inch with Drains Gellhorn Pessary is used to treat second and third degree prolapse or procidentia. Used for more advanced pelvic organ prolapse, the Gellhorn Pessaries are easy to insert and remove. Drainage holes in the base of the pessary allow the passage of fluids. Available in nine sizes, the Gellhorn Pessary accommodates the needs of individual women. The knob or horn of the Gellhorn Pessary easily folds for insertion. The knob of Gellhorn Pessaries rest on the posterior vaginal wall when placed into position. Highly flexible and soft silicone construction. Treats vaginal prolapse, cystocele, and rectocele.

Anal Probe: PR13

A smaller diameter anal electrode which can also be used intra-vaginally when a smaller probe is required.

Liberty Loop Vaginal Electrode

Use Liberty Loop with a Tenscare Pelvic Floor Exerciser to treat stress, mixed or urge incontinence. Lightweight Smooth, comfortable, shape Hollow shape helps probe to stay in place. Biofeedback pointer to aid correct voluntary pelvic floor exercises Easy to clean

Liberty Mini: Small Anal or Vaginal Probe

The Liberty mini probe is specifically designed to suit your body.

Liberty Plus Vaginalsonde: (Medium)

The Liberty Plus intra-vaginal electrode is a larger probe which can be used in conjunction with most muscle stimulators and EMG biofeedback equipment and has been designed for use with our range of pelvic floor exercisers.

K-FLEUR : Fleur Toning Balls

Fleur is a set of toning balls that rest on the pelvic floor muscles, stimulating them to spontaneously contract, giving you an inner workout and creating biofeedback that increases your awareness of where your pelvic floor muscles are, and how to contract them. The vibration of the ball-within-a-ball increases this effect.

iTouch Sure - Pelvic Floor Exerciser

Easiest solution to those annoying leaks treat yourself in the comfort of your own home. Relieve stress, embarrassment and social anxiety caused by leaks. Safest & most effective treatment for urinary incontinence. Non-surgical & drug-free solution to urinary incontinence fecal Incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

Elise Pelvic Floor Exerciser

The Elise Pelvic Floor Exerciser is an easy-to-use, rechargeable pelvic floor exerciser with a range of clinically tested programs - providing relief from stress, urged and mixed incontinence as well as improving sexual wellbeing.

Perfect PFE Pelvic Floor Exerciser

The perfect PFE, pelvic floor exerciser, is a powered muscle stimulator used for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.

Ova Plus Period Pain TENS

The Ova Plus Period Pain Reliever is specifically designed and clinically proven to treat menstrual cramps commonly known as period pain.

Hip Brace

FEATURES: Hip Stabilizer S.I. Belt Trochanter Belt Post-surgical incision compression

**Ring with Knob Pessary

Pessary Ring with Knob is manufactured by Integra Miltex is designed to help with Women's Health including the treatment of prolapse and stress urinary incontinence. The Pessary Ring with Knob is primarily used for mild first-degree uterine prolapsed or cystocele. It may also be used to relieve stress urinary incontinence. Pessary Rings with Knob are manufactured with soft, pliable silicone that is latex free. Miltex Pessaries are designed to easily fold for comfortable insertion and removal.

Pessary Fitting Kit

Miltex Pessary Fitting Set manufactured by Integra contains six different pressary ring sizes used to determine the proper size and fit of pessaries for prolapse patients. This Pessary Fitting Kit comes with an emossed cross reference chart to allow physicians to match the fitting pessary ring to other types of pessaries, including the Ring Pessary, Ring with Knob Pessary, Shaatz Pessary, Hodge Pessary, Gehrung Pessary, Cup Pessary, Cube Pessary, Donut Pessary, Mar-Land Pessary, Dish Pessary, Gellhorn Pessary, Gelhorn Short Stem Pessary and others. The six pessary rings are stored in a handy storage container. By determining the correct pessary fit, doctors can prescribe the best fitting pessary for prolapse, stress incontinence, retro displacement, cystocele, rectocele, or incompetent cervix.

Gellhorn  Pessary #6, 3 Inch with Drains

Gellhorn  Pessary #6, 3 Inch with Drains

Pelvicore Pro Incontinence Program

Do you use the toilet more than four to six times a day? Do you get up more than one time in the night to use the toilet? Do you leak urine with coughing, sneezing or any type of exertion? Do you have an overwhelming urge to urinate as soon as you feel bladder sensations? 25 Million Americans suffer from urinary incontinence! One in every three women, of all ages, suffer from urinary incontinence! 36% of women who suffer from incontinence are over the age of 45. 65% of women complain of incontinence during pregnancy. 60% of nursing home residents suffer from incontinence. Incontinence is curable/preventable! No amount of urinary leakage or urgency is normal at any age! Weak pelvic floor muscles can lead to incontinence & decreased sexual response! Together we can functionally & naturally treat incontinence with Pelvicore Pro ! This exercise tool/method was designed by a Physical Therapist / Childbirth Educator to treat urinary incontinence by strengthening the core muscles of the pelvic girdle and trunk. Pelvicore Pro is a clinically effective product that can yield positive freedom from urinary incontinence.

kGoal Pelvic Floor Exerciser

kGoal™ is the world’s smartest Kegel exerciser. It's an interactive training system (device + free app) for women that offers a unique combination of guidance, tracking, biofeedback, and personalized workouts. Whether you're just discovering your pelvic floor or are a seasoned Kegel workout warrior, kGoal™ will help you get the most out of your exercise.

Dilator Handle

Dilator Handle includes an ergonomic, easy to hold handle with base and bands to secure dilators to the handle. Our dilator handle is uniquely designed to provide an extension of reach for improved comfort during dilator training. It is perfect for those who struggle with dexterity, arthritis, or for those who would like some extra distance from their body while initiating dilator training. It is compatible with most other dilator brands and is the only handle on the market designed specifically for silicone dilators. The handle is 8 inches long, 0.75 inches wide, and the base of the holder where the dilator is held is 3 inches wide.

Ring Pessary #2, 2-1/4 Inch

The Ring Pessary is used for treating first and second degree prolapse. Pessary Rings with support can also be used to treat cystocele. Made with flexible silicone, the Pessary Ring can be folded for insertion. Pessary Rings are also used as a diagnostic device during urodynamic testing. The Ring Pessary can help to show what type of surgery may be most beneficial for the patient.

U-Control sEMG

Single channel, battery operated, portable, shirt pocket size sEMG monitor. Offers both visual and audio feedback as well as an easy to set threshold. The U-Control is the perfect portable sEMG monitor for training muscle activity including pelvic floor. (No cables or leads included - must be purchased separately))

Elvie Trainer Kegel Exerciser

Elvie Trainer Kegel Exerciser

Rectal Sensor - Single User

The Thought Technology Rectal sensor is for single patient use; compatible with most sEMG style monitor cables (may require adaptor). Part # T6051 The T6051 is a uniquely designed rectal sensor is remarkably comfortable, durable and reusable. The self-seating T-bar design and longitudinal sensor plates insure better placement and superior long term results. For use with Myotrac Infiniti or any other Thought Technology EMG lead The cable leading to the sensor itself is approximately 47 in (119 cm) in length with an external ground lead of approximately 8 in (20 cm) extending from the cable.

Uni-Gel Electrodes -Self Adhesive - 100 pack

The T3425 are pre-gelled single use disposable sEMG/ECG electrodes. Ideal for sensitive placements on dry skin. Easy to apply and remove. Sensors come 100 to a package.

Vaginal Sensor - Single User

The Vaginal sensor (T6050) are uniquely designed vaginal sensors that are remarkably comfortable, durable and reusable. The self-seating T-bar design and longitudinal sensor plates insure better placement and superior long term results. Single patient use. The single user vaginal sensor has an insertion depth of approximately 2 in (5cm). The cable leading to the sensor itself is approximately 47 in (119 cm) in length with an external ground lead of approximately 8 in (20 cm) extending from the cable. The ground lead requires disposable sEMG sensors. Compatible with most sEMG style monitor cables. Adapters may be required for some brands of sEMG cables.