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    VagiKool Reusable Feminine Cold Pack & 10 Komfort -Fit Sleeves

    Vagi-Kool is a reusable feminine cold pack specifically contoured and designed for the most sensitive area of a woman’s body to help relieve pain and discomfort. Cold therapy is one of the safest, fastest and most effective natural way to relieve pain.
    Product #: 29903693VK

    he Vagi-Kool Cold Pack is made from a soft, super strong medical grade latex-free polyvinyl that actually molds itself to your body so that you can enjoy cool soothing relief where and when you need it most.  Applying cold therapy to your vaginal area helps reduce; swelling; tissue damage; inflammation; itching; and pain. All Vagi-Kool products are made in USA and are 100% latex-free.

     Use Vagi-Kool to treat pain or itching from:

    • Vaginal injuries
    • Yeast infections
    • Post-operative soreness
    • During and after pregnancy
    • Side effects of medications

     The Vagi-Kool Cold Pack needs to be chilled in the freezer for 2 to 4 hours prior to use.

    Each Vagi-Kool Cold Pack comes with 10 replaceable Komfort-Fit sleeves. Sleeves may be rinsed and reused, although they should be discarded if they become soiled, or if there is a possibility of cross-contamination or re-infection.

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