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    Post-Surgery Recovery Aids

    Our mastectomy products are designed with comfort and compassion for post-surgery patients, such as those recovering from a mastectomy, c-section, hysterectomy, and many more. From the silky-smooth micro-fleece material to the cooling gel packs, these products aid patients in the recovery process.

    Post-Surgery Seat Belt Pillow

    • Post-Surgery Seat Belt Pillow – Intimate Rose’s seat belt pillow provides a comfortable barrier to protect sensitive areas from the pressure of a seat belt. Adjustable velcro straps to adjust for your size and comfort.
    • Travel In Comfort – You’ll feel the difference in the breathable micro-fleece fabric. Ensure your surgical site is protected with plush, comforting materials. The seat belt pillow supports chest and abdominal wound care after procedures such as a mastectomy, c-section, hysterectomy, and more.  
    • Removable, Washable & Hygienic – Cleanliness is #1 during the healing process. Unlike other post-surgery pillows that can’t be washed, we designed our seat belt pillow with wound care in mind. Stay safe and sanitary with our machine-washable pillow cover.
    • Manage Swelling & Discomfort– Studies show that temperature therapy after surgery can help manage discomfort and decrease swelling. We’ve added a pocket for a gel pack to promote healing through hot or cold therapy.
    • Support Loved Ones– Post-surgery seat belt pillows make great care packages and gifts for anyone preparing for breast, chest, shoulder or abdominal surgery. Give the gift of comfort by ensuring a smooth ride home from the hospital.

    Post-Surgery Recovery Pillow

    • The Highest Quality Mastectomy Pillow You Will Find - Intimate Rose’s after-surgery pillow helps relieve discomfort following an operation. We’re the only brand to include a cold therapy gel pack with your new pillow. Our fabrics are cozy and lightweight with superior stretch. 
    • Our After Surgery Pillow Is a Caring & Supportive Friend - Removable breast pillows for sleeping, resting, or driving keeps your arms, seat belts, and more away from your ribcage. The Intimate Rose Mastectomy Pillow provides a calming, protective hug during your healing journey.
    • Adjustable Sizing with Convenient Shoulder Straps - Intimate Rose adds shoulder straps to keep the weight on your shoulders, not your chest or back. 
    • Removable & Washable with Cold Therapy Pockets - Our after-surgery pillow is actually three removable pillows inside of a stretchy, washable case. Featuring two pockets right where you need them for cold packs, a smartphone, or anything else you need nearby.
    • Buy as a Gift - Intimate Rose makes breast cancer or heart surgery care packages and gifts for loved ones or yourself. You’ll receive our highest quality pillows with a soft, zippered case, adjustable back and shoulder straps, plus a gel pack for one of the handy cold therapy pockets. A compassionate gift that can improve daily quality of life.
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