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    AIREX Balance Pad Elite

    The Airex Elite Balance Pad is a foam stability exercise trainer that's terrific for balance, stretching, physical therapy, mobility, rehabilitation and core strength training. Lightweight, comfortable and non-slip thanks to the waffle texture on top and bottom, these mats are a must have for any workout. Perfect for use between trainer / coach and athlete as well as for individual use in Yoga or Pilates. Made from easy-to-clean, closed-cell foam with an "integrally molded skin" for extra toughness. These Boards are soft, supple, and cushiony. They gently absorb shock to prevent injuries and the textured surface areas prevent slipping and sliding.

    AIREX® Balance Pad

    This slip-resistant pad is constructed of a soft specialty foam that will not absorb water. Airex Balance Pad, Solid

    Angular Therapy Wedge 45 degrees-10 x10 x 24

    Polyurethane foam covered in heavy gauge vinyl cleans easily with damp cloth. Heat sealed to prevent contamination. Angular Bolster and 45° Therapy Wedge are useful in therapy for trunk positioning. Latex free.


    Sit or stand for challenging balance exercises.

    Cando Balance Disc

    This Balance Disc by CanDo promotes upright posture, improves balance and is ideal support for the squat position. Designed for sitting or standing use, this product measures 35 cm. Excellent for personal use. The Cando Balance Disc 60cm is the ideal balancing disc for improving your balance or improving your posture while sitting. This Balance Disc can be used as a balance board in the rehabilitation and fitness setting to improve total body balance or it can used to help correct posture by sitting on the disc. These different activities depend on how much the disc is inflated. The tactile side of the disc allows for individual feedback and stimulation.

    Clinic Model BAPS Board, Complete System w/ Wall Rack

    Clinic Model BAPS Board This system produces controlled, calibrated, predictable stress on lower leg, ankle, and foot. It is ideal for closed kinetic chain exercise and simultaneous strength, ROM, and neuromuscular rehabilitation at multiple joints. Levels of ROM and strengthening are adjustable. Two-year limited warranty. Very helpful for early ACL and Achilles tendon rehab programs.

    TheraBand Stability Trainer, X-soft, Black

    TheraBand Stability trainer is used to improve balance, postural stability, proprioception, and coordination. The unsteady surface challenges the body to maintain postural stability and balance.

    Agility Cones

    Agility Cones are available heights of 6, 9, and 12 inches. These hard plastic cones are lightweight and durable, and stack easily to get them out of the way. Add a range of options to cone drills and speed training drills and train for explosive acceleration and deceleration. Sold individually.

    CanDo Core Dome (21") with Resistance Cords

    CanDo Core-Training Vestibular Dome functions similar to both a vestibular board and ball. Ball can be inflated or deflated to adjust difficulty level. Dome and base are one continuous unit and measures 21 inches in diameter. Dome comes with pump and resistance tubing.

    Balance Test Kit

    The Balance Test Kit is a thoroughly researched, yet easy way to test a person’s risk for injury as well as demonstrate functional symmetry. This new device and protocol is highly accurate and can be used for measuring pre and post rehabilitation performance, improvement after performance enhancement programs, dynamic balance for fitness programs, and return to sport readiness.

    Balance Platform

    Dynamic Platform - Develops necessary proprioception in the elderly to the stabilizers in the elite athlete. Simulates a slip through motion in all horizontal planes. Provides secure footing and supports up to 500 pounds. Adjustable Suspension Chains - Adjustable Balance Platform height, degree of stability and tilt sensitivity. Perturbates in both standing and seated positions for therapeutic and sport-specific treatments. Safely Train Balance - Convenient bars provide security and increased confidence during all phases of training. Can be used with your favorite balance accessory ie: Foam pad, DynaDisc®, & BOSU® Ball.

    Lateral Balance Rocker Board 0-120 angles

    Lateral Balance Rocker Board in eucalyptus wood and painted with Anti-humidity sealer.

    Rectangular Rocker Board 0-350 angles

    The Rectangular Rocker Balance Board is an unstable and sensory-stimulating platform to enhance balance, coordination and postural reactions.

    Balance Pads