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    TheraPutty Exercise Putty

    Theraputty® hand exercise material is used by therapists to develop and maintain grip strength since the 1980s. Many of you who have received therapy after a hand injury have probably used Theraputty® material.

    Therapeutic Hand Cones

    Help rehabilitate the hands, fingers and wrists with therapeutic hand cones. Designed for those who may have arthritis, nerve damage, carpal tunnel syndrome, fractures and muscle/tendon tears.

    Thera-Band Hand Xtrainer

    Thera-Band Hand Xtrainer The ultimate hand therapy tool available in progressive densities. Their intuitive design with built-in recovery allows for optimal form—making it the perfect tool for home exercise. For in-clinic use, the Hand Xtrainers are easy to clean between patients. And the latex-free material results in an ideal option for users with latex sensitivities.

    Hand Finger Contracture Cushion, Large

    Pillow support for contracted fingers. Large 4.75" (12cm) 6.5" (16.5cm) 9" (22cm)

    Cycli Attachment - Hand Splint

    Includes 1 Hand Splint. Universal size for left or right hand.

    CanDo Rubber-band hand exerciser, with 25 bands

    Ideal for hand and finger flexion exercises. Vary resistances by increasing or decreasing number of rubber bands attached to the exerciser, or by changing to a different color-coded set of bands.

    CanDo Digi-Squeeze Hand Exerciser

    Helps develop isolated finger strength, flexibility and coordination. The ergonomic ball shape positions fingers and hand for ideal pressure distribution. Comes with exercise pamphlet.

    CanDo Digi-Extend 'n Squeeze

    Combines best features of Digi-Extend® and Digi-Squeeze®. It helps to develop isolated finger strength, flexibility and coordination. Provides complete reciprocal exercise program (flexion and extension). Ergonomic ball-shape positions fingers and hand for ideal pressure distribution.

    Cando Digi-Extend Finger Exerciser

    Cando® Digi-Extend® Finger Exerciser This unique therapy device can isolate the extension of all five fingers and each of the individual finger joints. The product strengthens the intrinsic and extrinsic muscle groups to maximize extensor tendon gliding, joint motion, coordination and muscle function in the hand and forearm.

    Flex Grip

    The Power Web Flex Grip is a unique exerciser that fits in your palm and provides the ability to work dexterity, extension and strengthening in your hands, fingers, and thumbs.

    Digi-Flex Hand & Finger Exercise System

    The CanDo® Digi-Flex® develops isolated finger strength, flexibility and coordination as it builds hand and forearm strength. Use each button independently to exercise fingers or compress the entire unit for complete hand and forearm strengthening. Comes with illustrated manual. Develops isolated finger strength, flexibility, and coordination. Stronger fingers cannot compensate for weaker ones. Progressive color-coded resistance gives patient positive feedback. Also builds hand and forearm strength.


    SaeboStretch We are pleased to announce that Saebo has made exciting improvements to one of our most popular products. The original SaeboStretch allows the fingers to move into flexion caused by increased tone. It then utilizes one of three interchangeable hand pieces, each offering different grades of resistance, to safely reposition the fingers back into extension.

    IMAK Ergo Stress Ball

    Squeeze away stress with the IMAK StressBall and Hand Strengthener. Our StressBall is ideal for isometric hand strengthening and hand rehabilitation – and perfect for stress relief! The ergoBeads filling provides a gentle massage, while comfortably allowing your fingers to stretch and strengthen. The IMAK StressBall is also great for managing and healing scar tissue in your hands.

    Spring Grips

    Large plastic handles are spaced 2-1/2" (6.4cm) apart and feature non-slip rubber grips for a comfortable hold.

    Xtensor Hand Exerciser, Blue

    Xtensor Hand Exerciser, Blue

    CanDo Gel-Hand Exercise Ball, Medium, Green

    CanDo® Gel Squeeze Ball hand exerciser for grip strength, dexterity, mobility, and fine and gross motor skills. Heat or chill for use in hot or cold therapy. Balls can withstand temperatures ranging from -76 degrees Fahrenheit to 167 degrees Fahrenheit

    Finger Fitness Spheres

    Finger Fitness Spheres

    CanDo Twist-n-Bend

    CanDo Twist-n-Bend

    Power Web Original

    The rubber webbing of each exerciser offers varying degrees of resistance and elasticity to improve strength and ROM. For everything from one finger to both hands. Includes exercise manual.

    CanDo Digi-Flex, Set of 5 (includes rack)

    The CanDo Digi-Flex develops isolated finger strength, flexibility and coordination as it builds hand and forearm strength. Use each button independently to exercise fingers or compress the entire unit for complete hand and forearm strengthening. Comes with illustrated manual. Develops isolated finger strength, flexibility, and coordination. Stronger fingers cannot compensate for weaker ones. Progressive color-coded resistance gives patient positive feedback. Also builds hand and forearm strength.


    Open your hand more easily and strengthen your grip with the AlonGlove for stroke recovery. The Glove helps you extend your fingers and provides support for your affected hand.

    CanDo Ergonomic Hand Grip, Pair

    CanDo® ErgoGrip Hand Exerciser is sold in pairs. Weight equals the amount of force needed to fully compress the fixed ErgoGrip handles. The new CanDo® resistance sequence on these ergonomic grips covers any needs from the earliest stages of rehabilitation after stroke (yellow) to advanced athletic training (black). The force equivalent doubles with each level so you can work your way up.

    CanDo SoftGrip Hand Weight : 5lb Gold

    Use the comfortable CanDo SoftGrip hand weights instead of dumbbells. The product was developed by a patient during a physical therapy session. She was having difficulty grasping the 2 pound dumbbell prescribed to her as her hand was too big. She wanted something that would conform to her grasp, be comfortable, and unintimidating. SoftGrip hand weights are also great for light workouts and for the arthritic patient. The SoftGrip is soft but not floppy, color-coded to indicate weight, and has a grommet hole for storage on hooks. Available individual or in pairs

    CanDo Theraputty Exercise Material - 2 oz - 6-piece set

    CanDo TheraPutty Exercise Putty is the standard in resistive hand exercise material. TheraPutty is the name trusted by more doctors, therapists, hospitals and clinics than any other to strengthen hand muscles and grip, improve fine motor skills and decrease stress. With each squeeze, pinch, stretch, grip and/or twist, TheraPutty puts you on the path to healthier hands and fingers, improves fine motor skills and decreases stress.

    Delux Hand Helper White

    The Deluxe Hand Helper Exerciser is a hand and finger exerciser designed to improve finger and grip strength for people with upper extremity disabilities. The device consists of a rigid plastic frame with rubber bands for resistance; squeezing the padded handgrip pulls against the rubber bands to provide strengthening. The amount of resistance can be varied by increasing or decreasing the number of rubber bands (included) used. The Deluxe model has two thumb screws for adjusting range of movement.

    CanDo Pronation/Supination Wheel

    The CanDo Pronation/Supination Wrist Exercise Wheel is a therapy aid that allows for pronation and supination exercises.

    G-Force Boxer's Fracture Orthosis with MP Flexion

    PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Positions metacarpal joint in 75° of flexion during immobilization Rigid shell lined with cushioning foam TAA Compliance: Made in USA

    Empty Putty Containers

    Soft, plastic containers will not dent or break. One convenient size holds 2 oz. (57g) to 6 oz. (170g) of putty. Pkg of 10.

    Graded Pinch Exercisers & Pins

    Shop here for Graded Pinch Exercisers and replacement pins. The CanDo Graded Pinch Finger Exerciser is designed to build hand and finger strength.

    CanDo Digi-Flex Hand Exercisers, Set of 5

    The CanDo Digi-Flex develops isolated finger strength, flexibility and coordination as it builds hand and forearm strength. Use each button independently to exercise fingers or compress the entire unit for complete hand and forearm strengthening. Comes with illustrated manual. Develops isolated finger strength, flexibility, and coordination. Stronger fingers cannot compensate for weaker ones. Progressive color-coded resistance gives patient positive feedback. Also builds hand and forearm strength.

    Weighted Handwriting Glove

    The HandWeight is ideal for providing proprioceptive input to the hand for individuals who experience diminished sensory feedback. It can help increase kinesthetic awareness during fine motor or self help activities, and can also be used for strengthening exercises.

    Manipulation Activity Board

    Rehabilitation Advantage Manipulation Activity Board was created to improve a user’s dexterity. The variety of activities on this busy board allows the user to fine tune their motor skills while improving their finger strength. It makes the perfect addition to any home or therapy clinic, and can be used for a variety of applications. Keep your little one entertained while introducing them to general life skills; or provide a workspace for elderly patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s. This board can be set up in seconds using the provided 3-piece stand.

    Ergonomic Hand Exerciser

    It’s easy to build hand strength with this economical hand exerciser.

    MusicGlove, Single- Glove Only

    Clinically proven to improve hand function in 2 weeks. FDA listed neurorehab that helps improve mobility for hands and fingers

    Fitness Putty, 3 oz., Dark Blue - Medium

    Our premium, best selling putty.

    Gyro Ball- Wrist Exerciser

    Therapeutic for hands, wrists, arms, biceps & triceps with its high performance design. Provides a relaxing and extremely effective way to strengthen your grip, wrist, forearm and biceps, as well as improving coordination without strenuous exercise. Choose from Auto-start Gyro Ball or Powerball Sports Pro Gyro Ball. Each sold separately.

    Rainbow Hand Exercisers

    Easy-to-grip hand exerciser in color-coded resistances.


    Provide a stress-loading program to treat reflex sympathetic dystrophy as described in the Journal of Hand Surgery*.

    Digi-Flex Multi, 32 Additional Finger Buttons with Box (4 Each: Tan through Gold)

    The Digi-Flex Multi hand exerciser develops isolated finger strength, flexibility and coordination.

    Therapy Putty Combo Pack (4 Pack, 3-oz Each) for Hand Exercise Rehab

    Therapy Putty Combo Pack for Hand Exercise Rehab. Fidgeting, and Stress Relief 4 Pack, 3-oz Each

    Eggsercizer Hand Exerciser

    The Eggsercizer is an egg-cellent hand therapy exerciser that works on increasing grip strength.

    Original Carrot Hand Contracture Orthosis Kits

    Hand Contracture Orthosis Kit painlessly positions the fingers away from the palm to protect the skin from excessive moisture, pressure, and the risk of nail puncture injuries while helping to prevent bacteria build up and unpleasant odors. The soft cotton covering is permanently infused with silver ion that inhibits the growth and replication of bacteria, mold, yeast, and other fungi that cause odor, staining, and discoloration. Filled with highly conforming and resilient tiny plastic microspheres that won’t increase spasticity—effective even for significantly distorted hands. Graduated markings on the cover accurately measure and document patient’s progress. Hand-wash in cold water and let air-dry.

    Manipulation and Dexterity Test - Purdue Pegboard

    The Purdue Pegboard Test was originally developed in the 1940s as a test of manipulative dexterity. Now it is the industry standard in measuring the gross movements of hands (hand dexterity), fingers (unimanual and bimanual) and arms as well as finger-tip dexterity.

    Neoprene Weighted Gloves

    Pair of neoprene weighted gloves for Cardio & Heavy Hands.

    CanDo Memory Foam Ball Exerciser, Set of 3

    CanDo Memory Foam Squeeze Ball - 3-piece set (yellow, red, green):

    Rehabilitation Robotic Glove

    Rehabilitation Robot Gloves Flexion & Finger Exerciser Gloves Hand Strengthener Physical Therapy Equipment for Stroke Hemiplegia Hand Dysfunction Patient 9 Intensity Gears 3 Training Modes

    Slo-Foam Hand Exerciser Blocks

    Made of open-cell Slo-Foam™ with slow recovery and 100% memory. Useful for low-resistance squeezing exercises. Ideal for finger flexion exercises in contrast baths. Progressive resistances offer for a graded exercise program. Not made with natural rubber latex.

    Baseline 9 Hole Pegboard

    Improve fine motor coordination and observe quality of movement and speed. 14 pegs stored in two compartments with board. Square board 4-7/8" pegs are 1 - 1/2" L x1/4" dia.

    Thera-Band Hand Exerciser

    Graded resistance training for hands, fingers and forearms.

    Spring Resistance Exerciser

    Power Hand Grip - Deluxe - 3-spring variable tension (10 - 100 lb): Adjustable grippers of 25 setting from 10-100 lb Dimensions: 8" x 1" x 4" Weight: 1.0 lbs

    HandMaster Plus Hand Exercisers- 3-piece set (purple, red and orange)

    The HandMaster Plus™ hand exerciser helps strengthen hand muscles. The HandMaster Plus™ can be used to treat carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, RSI's (repetitive stress injuries), tendonitis, DeQuervains' syndrome, Dupuytren's contracture, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, stroke, neuropathy, post-surgical rehabilitation, sprain/dislocation/fracture rehabilitation, subluxation and adhesion, and circulatory concerns.

    E-Z Exer-Board

    E-Z Exer-Board

    SPIRAL Gel Pad 20"L x 22"D

    This gel pad allows the user to guide the plastic disk around the swirl providing tactile and visual stimulation.

    Swanson Hand Cone

    AliMed Swanson Hand Cone is shaped to fit the anatomy of a partially closed fist. The hook-and-loop strap keeps the cone in place - each finger has its own contoured resting place. No injury-causing hard edges. Firm rubber construction has a pleasant tactile feel and does not stimulate finger flexion or spasticity. Developed by Alfred Swanson, M.D., FACS. Fits left or right hand. Black. Firm rubber.

    Puttycise Theraputty tool - 5-tool set (Knob, Peg, Key and Cap turn, L-bar), no bag

    There's a new twist in hand therapy. Puttycise is great for use with Theraputty to increase function and versatility. The L-bar is meant to simulate opening a door, tightening a jar, pushing a lid onto a container, tightening a valve, holding a glass of water, and opening makeup containers. Made of durable plastic. See other Puttycise tools for additional exercises

    Swanson Grip-X

    An isometric exerciser that is ideal for strengthening grip and forearm musculature

    Hand Grips, Medium Tension, Red, 25 lb. resistance, Pair

    Fixed Resistance Grip Exerciser For general hand strengthening and exercise. Sold in pairs. Red (Medium) requires 25 lbs. to close.

    Jux-A-Cisor Arm Exerciser

    Jux-A-Cisor Arm Exerciser ideal for improving wrist ROM, tracking, sequencing, and coordination. Exercise can be timed, forearm weights added and other variations for maximum benefit.

    Elasto-Gel Hand Exercisers, Large (3" x 41/2")

    Elasto-Gel Hand Exercisers, Large (3" x 41/2")

    Locks & Latches Activity Board

    Free standing, large board with a wide variety of common, day-to-day, activities that require fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

    HAND WEIGHT: Weighted Pouch

    The Hand Weight is a weighted pouch that rests on the back of the hand that is recommended for use during fine motor or self help activities. It can also be beneficial for rehab purposes, reducing tremoring and strengthening activities.

    Hand Exercisers