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    Gyro Ball- Wrist Exerciser

    Therapeutic for hands, wrists, arms, biceps & triceps with its high performance design. Provides a relaxing and extremely effective way to strengthen your grip, wrist, forearm and biceps, as well as improving coordination without strenuous exercise. Choose from Auto-start Gyro Ball or Powerball Sports Pro Gyro Ball. Each sold separately.
    Product #: 28450040SH

    Auto-Start Gyro Ball

    • Automatic start design, need to push the core in the direction of the arrow, start by the internal spring, very easy and convenient. 
    • When it rotates, the cool colored lights inside will light up. It can kill time and add fun while restoring muscle soreness. 
    • Without any strange vibrations, it can rotate for a long time without worrying about it stopping when moving.
    • The spinner will run at a speed of 1500 to 3000 rpm
    • Sold as each


    • Wrist ball is good for warming up your hands, wrists, shoulders, forearms, biceps and upper limbs
    • If you use the computer or play the piano for a long time, you can play this ball for a few minutes every day, which will make your hands feel less painful
    • Wrist ball hand grip enhancer, hand grip exerciser, relieve stress, suitable for the elderly, nursing, treatment, and rehabilitation personnel: in fact, the gyro ball will not bear too much burden
    • Can improve blood circulation on the fingers and prevent nerve damage

    How to use the wrist ball
    Step 1: Take the gyro ball in your hand, rotate the core upwards, and use two thumbs
    Rotate the rotor again and again until it reaches the corresponding elastic core position in the direction of the arrow.

    Step 2: Hold the wrist ball tightly, then immediately release your finger from the spinner, the spinner will Run at a speed of 1500 to 3000 rpm. At the same time, slowly lower your palm while rotating your wrist Get the power to maintain the existing gyro ball or higher than the starting speed.

    Step 3: As you gradually increase your core speed, you will feel the same synchronously increasing reaction force rotating gyroscope on your wrist and arm.
    Note: Do not place it vertically when starting, otherwise it will cause invalid push.

    DFX Powerball Sports Pro Gyro Ball

    • Precision instrument capable of speeds over 13,500 RPM
    • Within five minutes of using the Sports Pro Gyro Exerciser, you will begin to feel it work hard on your arms and wrist, strengthening them with every spin
    • The harder you make the Gyro spin, the heavier it gets
    • Up to 35lbs of torque
    • Sold as each


    • Increase grip strength and range of motion
    • Repetitive stress injuries
    • Conditions of the arm, elbow and should muscles, Carpal Tunnel, arthritis, tendonitis, tennis elbow
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