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    Arthritic Compression

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    Intellinetix Vibrating Gloves

    Patent-pending Vibrating Gloves may provide soothing relief for those with arthritis or other chronic conditions that result in pain in your fingers or hands. Sold in pairs. NEW UPDATES! Vibrating module with LED light indicators to communicate Mode and Battery life and three vibrating modes, LOW/HIGH/PULSE Size: Small- up to 3 1/8" Medium- up to 3 1/2" Large- up to 4"

    Thermoskin Arthritic Knee Wrap- XL

    The Thermoskin Arthritic Knee Wrap provides temporary pain relief from a range of conditions including arthritic knee pain, fluid in the knee joint or swollen, aching knees. The design features an adjustable closure above the knee for comfort and variation of compression. Exclusive Trioxon Advantage thermal material works to promote blood flow to the region to reduce pain felt in the knee.

    Bio Arterial Plus Compression System

    The Bio Arterial Plus System is designed to help increase arterial blood flow for those who suffer from lymphedema, peripheral arterial disease, and similar conditions. This high-quality therapy unit delivers adjustable pressure in a range of time cycles to accommodate a wide variety of patient needs and preferences, helping to relieve pain and discomfort caused by excessive swelling in the foot and calf. The system uses inflation to help blood flow to limbs and comes complete with a pair of garments for quick and easy use.

    Plus Size Compression Knee Sleeve

    Plus-Size Knee Sleeve for Compression and Support This knee compression sleeve is a simple solution for pain in the knee joint stemming from arthritis, knee strains/sprains, and other knee injuries. The plus-size knee compression sleeve is available in sizes up to 6XL with a couple of wide calf options, fitting thigh circumferences (measured 6 inches above the kneecap) up to 35 inches.

    Spark Kinetic Sleeves

    Use for running, cycling, general exercise, hiking, sports and activities or muscle and joint pain.

    Compression Leg Sleeve , Black

    Compression Leg Sleeves help provide runners and all athletes with calf support, shin splint relief, and decreased leg fatigue. * Leg sleeves sold as a pair.

    GenuMedi Silver, Standard, Size III

    Tried and tested compression support for maximum stability

    Uni-Patch Compression Wrap

    The Uni-Patch Compression Wrap is a bandage that is constructed of durable latex free stretchable white fabric. The bandage is used often for securing ice packs or heating pads onto the body. Uses hook and loop closures to eliminate the need for hooks or pins.

    Arthritic Compression

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