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    SMART-Mirror Neuro re-education panel

    SMART-Mirror™Neuro re-education panel

    Cycli Attachment - Hand Splint

    Includes 1 Hand Splint. Universal size for left or right hand.

    FitMi CLINIC Suite

    The FitMi is a body stroke rehabilitation system that is designed to improve mobility and strength in the hands, arms, core, and legs. *FSS CONTRACT 36F79723D0004*

    UE Ranger Orthopedic

    UE Ranger: includes (1) original hand piece, telescoping tube, and one base along with your choice of optional Door or Wall mount

    Choose a Grip/Hand Option and/or any additional accessory mount

    UE Ranger Neuro

    UE Ranger Neuro: Includes Telescopic Tube, 2 Bases, and *HAND ATTACHMENT OF YOUR CHOICE* and Neuro Applications Manual

    **Choose a Grip/Hand Option and/or any additional accessory mount**

    RockBlades Mohawks

    Unlock radically new treatments with 3 tools in one. A revolution in IASTM. Again. Welcome to the second IASTM revolution. RockBlades® Mohawk ushers in a new era of IASTM capabilities, never before seen in the industry. A revolutionary system featuring 3 tools in one, Mohawk enables you to treat a wide range of mobility and neurological issues with one precision-crafted stainless steel tool and two unique, patent-pending attachments.

    Activity Pillow

    Activity Pillow helps calm those with Alzheimer's or dementia, keeping hands occupied. Activities include zipping, buttoning, fastening, and buckling. Textures offer tactile stimulation. Bird chirps when pressed. Straps secure to bed or tray. Items are permanently attached to help prevent swallowing or loss. Machine washable. 22"W x 15-1/2"L x 1"H For more information on the Activity Pillow, click here.

    Activity Apron

    Activity Apron Provides visual and tactile stimulation for clients with diminished cognitive function. Bright colors and texture variation. Threading and buttoning activities help improve fine motor skills. Center plastic pocket holds photo. Secures like an apron around the patient's waist. Machine washable. Suitable for Alzheimer's patients.

    Rehabilitation Robotic Glove

    Rehabilitation Robot Gloves Flexion & Finger Exerciser Gloves Hand Strengthener Physical Therapy Equipment for Stroke Hemiplegia Hand Dysfunction Patient 9 Intensity Gears 3 Training Modes

    Drop Head Support

    Head Drop Syndrome has many different causes. It describes a lack of head control, where the head drops forward and is associated with numerous conditions. It can have a significant impact on affected individuals regarding quality of life as it can result in considerably restricted activities of daily life, including socializing and performing daily activities.

    Dermadry Total for Hyperhidrosis

    Dermadry Total is the solution you’ve been looking for to treat your excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). Get dry hands, feet, and underarms with our all-in-one device. Prescription needed when order is placed.

    Baseline 9 Hole Pegboard

    Improve fine motor coordination and observe quality of movement and speed. 14 pegs stored in two compartments with board. Square board 4-7/8" pegs are 1 - 1/2" L x1/4" dia.

    Why You Hurt: Pain Neuroscience Education System

    Teach your patients about pain; research shows they will feel less pain, have less fear, move better and show more interest in therapy. This all-inclusive system delivers immediate clinical application of pain neuroscience education.

    Functional Cognitive Activity Treatment Modules

    Choose from 3 different Modules: Use relevant everyday materials (menus, schedules, business cards) in treatment to address functional cognitive skills including the ability to search and locate information, compare information and identify discrepancies, follow a list and hold items in mind, keep track and update information, shift responses with changing directions, create lists, enter information into schedules, plan, organize, manage complex directions with multiple criteria.

    NexStride Laser and Auditory Cueing Device

    NexStride helps to re-establish the connection between the brain and body. It uses green light and sound signals to achieve this. Portable and versatile, the NexStride can attach to any walker, rollator, or cane! Helps users increase walking speed, stride length, and mobility.

    Sensory Stimulation Activities Kit

    Comprehensive kit provides a sensory stimulation and basic cognitive rehabilitation program. • A sensory and cognitive therapy tool for the caregiver • Age-appropriate functional materials

    Activity Apron- Small-Medium

    Activity Apron - Multiple textures and surfaces for tactile stimulation. There are multiple hand activities for improved finger dexterity and improved eye-hand coordination. Variety of activities reduces boredom and increases attention span. Helps in improving dressing skills (Zipper and Buttons). Excellent for Alzheimer's Patients.

    Sensorimotor LED Laser Headlamp

    Rechargeable LED Laser Headlamp with an Adjustable Waist Belt, for Sensorimotor Control Testing.

    Neuro Re-Ed