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    Uni-Patch Re-Ply Electrodes 2" - 4 Pk

    Reusable, solid gel electrodes with low-profile connection. Multi-use up to 15 days.

    Quell Electrodes, Single Pack (2 per pack)

    This electrode package contains two electrodes. Each electrode is designed to last for approximately two weeks of typical use. Quell Standard Electrodes were designed to deliver comfortable, effective pain relief year round. Standard Electrodes feature:

    Primera TENS/NMES with HAN Waveform, Complete Package

    Loaded with 14 preset Programs (8 TENS and 6 NMES) along with the exclusive HAN TENS waveform—a unique dense-and-disperse (DD) mode of stimulation, in which low frequency stimulation (2 Hz) sequences with high frequency stimulation (15 or 70 Hz) to accelerate the release of opiates to effectively manage pain and reduce muscle spasm.

    Personal Use Stimulator

    Personal Use Stimulator

    Mettler Tens 210 Unit

    Each unit comes with a carrying case, set of four V-Trode™ self-adhesive electrodes, a 9V battery and instructions.

    InTENSity Twin Stim IV Portable TENS & NMES Muscle Stimulator

    The InTENSity Portable Series is full line of high quality portable modality units, offering patients the latest in treatment options and waveforms in a user-friendly, ergonomic design.

    InTENSity Select Combo II Portable TENS, NMES, IF & RUSSIAN Pain Relief System

    The InTENSity Select Combo II is the newest standard in portable, multifunction electrotherapy offering patients four (4) modalities in one user-friendly, ergonomic design - Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES), Interferential Stimulation (IF), and RUSSIAN (RUSS).

    Intellinetix Universal Vibration Therapy Wrap + VIbrating hub

    Easily fits SHOULDERS, BACK, ARMS, KNEE, CALF, FOOT and Ankle! USE FOR Pain relief and recovery for various body parts Pre- and post-workout to increase flexibility, circulation, and reduce muscle soreness Joint Discomfort Arthritis Pain Muscle Pain

    Intellinetix Quad / Thigh Vibration Therapy Wrap + VIbrating hub

    USE FOR: Pain relief and recovery for quad and thigh, Pre- and post-workout to increase flexibility, circulation, and reduce muscle soreness, Joint Discomfort, Arthritis Pain, Muscle Pain.

    Intellinetix Knee / Elbow Vibration Therapy Wrap + VIbrating hub

    Knee/Elbow Therapy Wrap delivers targeted vibration therapy that aids in pain relief and recovery for your knee and elbow. Use pre- and post-workout to increase flexibility, circulation, and reduce muscle soreness.

    Intellinetix Calf / Shin Vibration Therapy Wrap + VIbrating hub

    USE FOR: Pain relief and recovery for calf and shin, Pre- and post-workout to increase circulation, and reduce muscle soreness, Joint Discomfort, Arthritis Pain, Muscle Pain.

    Intellinetix Ankle Foot Vibration Therapy Wrap + VIbrating Hub

    Foot/Ankle Therapy Wrap delivers targeted vibration therapy that aids in pain relief and recovery for your foot and ankle. Use pre- and post-workout to increase flexibility, circulation, and reduce muscle soreness.

    Intelect NMES Digital Unit

    Intelect® Portable Electrotherapy for Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation. For the prevention of disuse atrophy as well as muscle re-education, increasing range of motion and increasing circulation. Includes leadwires, 9-volt battery, DURA-STICK® Self-Adhesive Electrodes and a convenient carrying case.

    Liberty Loop Vaginal Electrode

    Use Liberty Loop with a Tenscare Pelvic Floor Exerciser to treat stress, mixed or urge incontinence. Lightweight Smooth, comfortable, shape Hollow shape helps probe to stay in place. Biofeedback pointer to aid correct voluntary pelvic floor exercises Easy to clean

    Liberty Mini: Small Anal or Vaginal Probe

    The Liberty mini probe is specifically designed to suit your body.

    Liberty Plus Vaginalsonde: (Medium)

    The Liberty Plus intra-vaginal electrode is a larger probe which can be used in conjunction with most muscle stimulators and EMG biofeedback equipment and has been designed for use with our range of pelvic floor exercisers.

    Kegel Toner

    Regain bladder control, faster postpartum recovery, Improved sexual performance Take back control of your bladder. Notable results within 1 month Easy to use, the Kegel Toner is cheaper than 1 Month of adult nappies The safe, drug-free and non-surgical solution to the massive problem of urine leaks.

    iTouch Sure - Pelvic Floor Exerciser

    Easiest solution to those annoying leaks treat yourself in the comfort of your own home. Relieve stress, embarrassment and social anxiety caused by leaks. Safest & most effective treatment for urinary incontinence. Non-surgical & drug-free solution to urinary incontinence fecal Incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

    Pack of 4 2" X 2" Square Tan Cloth Electrodes


    "Classics" Hypoallergenic Electrodes, 2" squares 4 Pk, Latex Free

    "Classics" Hypoallergenic Electrodes, LATEX FREE

    Conductive Glove-Universal

    Stretchable fabric for excellent conductivity, compression and support.

    Pain Away Pro with Heat

    Product Summary: Electrodes (available in SM and LG) provide mild electrical current for the temporary relief of pain from aching muscles Can be used for temporary pain relief in the shoulders, waist, back, neck, arms or legs 3 function options include TENS+heat, TENS only or Heat Only (2 temperature options) for customizable needs

    Chattanooga Continuum Electrotherapy Pain Relief Kit and Accessories

    Chattanooga Continuum Electrotherapy Pain Relief Device is a portable 2 channel stimulator used by therapists in clinics and patients at home to provide electrical stimulation treatments in pain management (TENS) and neuro-muscular stimulation. It is great for reducation and activation of the muscles. Available as kit or separate parts. Please select desired parts from drop down.

    Continuum NMS/TENS Unit

    Continuum Combination NMS/TENS Unit. Continuum is a multi-functional electrotherapy device offering proven adjunctive rehabilitation therapies, including muscle re-education (NMES), pain control (TENS), and stimulation of local blood circulation (Edema).

    InTENSity Combo - TENS/IF/MIC/EMS

    The InTENSity Combo is a powerful, easy-to-use portable device. Complete with four waveforms, the unit gives you and your patients the flexibility to treat a variety of musculoskeletal issues. With a strong current of 105 mA, this innovative device combines TENS, EMS, Interferential and Microcurrent and comes complete with an AC adaptor ensuring you always have power to the device when traveling.

    PALS Platinum Electrodes

    Muscle stimulation and TENS electrodes with MultiStick® Gel.

    DURA-STICK Self-Adhesive Electrodes

    Electrodes conduct electrons from the electrotherapy device into the patient and serve as a conductor and medium between the two. What sets the Dura-Stick Self-Adhesive Electrodes apart from the rest is that the white foam backing allows for more “stretchability” and memory.

    Standard 45" TENS Lead Wire, 2 Pack

    These Standard 45" TENS Lead Wires are universal replacement lead wires, compatible with most TENS unit and EMS muscle stimulators. TENS devices are commonly used for pain management rehabilitation, migraine pain or massaging sore muscles.

    Vectra Neo Modular System

    Vectra Neo's intelligent design is clever in its features, usability and clinical technology. An exceptional patient and therapist experience. Every element of the Vectra Neo has been expertly crafted, allowing the clinician to provide unparalleled utilization of the powerful and thoughtful design, empowering them to provide patients with a comprehensive level of rehabilitation.

    Vectra Genisys

    Vectra Genisys is a modular therapy system that consolidates up to six therapeutic modalities in one system, at a fraction of what these modalities would cost alone. Unique modular design lets you choose what fits best in your clinical setting now or easily add to later without the replacement of products.

    Ultrasound Applicators for Vectra Neo & Genisys

    The Vectra Genisys Laser Applicators are accessories designed to be used for the latest high demand therapeutic modality of today's clinician's. These applicators vary in style, and are used to provide you with the exact function that you are looking for. Designed for medical professional use.

    LASER APPLICATORS for Vectra Neo & Genisys

    The Vectra Neo is the ultimate multi-tasker, allowing you to treat multiple patients at once with different therapies for maximum productivity from every session. And every staff member.

    Intelect Legend XT System

    The Intelect Legend XT is one of the most advanced therapy systems available. Beneath its award-winning, ergonomic design is a sophisticated, versatile, user-friendly system. The Intelect Legend XT lets you offer a comprehensive range of therapies in a single, state-of-the-art unit.

    Intelect Transport Battery Pack

    Intelect Transport Battery Pack for Using the unit without a power source (Charging), includes Charger, etc., Unit will hold 8-12 Hours of Continued Use.

    Intelect Transport Ultrasound Unit

    The Intelect Transport Ultrasound Unit can be used in physical therapy to administer the ultrasound beam to heat the internal tissue. This can help in rehabbing injuries and other therapies. It has multiple frequencies.

    Intelect Ultrasound Applicator

    For use with the Neo Ultrasound Module and the Intelect Legend XT 2 Channel Electrotherapy

    InTENSity CX4

    CLINICAL ELECTROTHERAPY AND ULTRASOUND The InTENSity CX4 is an advanced combination electrotherapy and ultrasound system offering the practitioner a wide range of treatment options in one userfriendly, ergonomic design at a fraction of what other systems would cost. Equipped with a color, touchscreen menu-driven interface, the InTENSity CX4 intuitively groups and displays clinical protocols, guiding clinicians step-by-step to ensure the ideal therapeutic treatment. Parameters can be easily selected and adjusted. Clinicians can choose to use preset clinical protocols or customize their own. The comprehensive library provides recommended electrode placement to ensure better treatment outcomes and improved clinic efficiency.

    InTENSity CX4 Accessories

    Available Accessories:
    • 1cm Ultrasound Applicator
    • Lead Wires, 110”, 4/pk
    • Combination Lead Wire

    Ultima Tens Units

    Shop here for Ultima 5, 20, and Neuro Units.

    sEMG Snap Cable - 40 inch

    The T8820M is 40 inches(101cm)Protected pin snap style leads, 1 positive, 1 negative and 1 ground for use with most Thought Technology products. This sensor plugs in to the Thought Technology SA9401M-60 & SA9503M sEMG sensor heads or directly into the Myotrac Infiniti sEMG systems.

    Deluxe Dual Channel TENS, Horizontal Design

    Horizontal design provides an improved ergonomic fit on belt

    InTENSity CX4 Clinical Electrotherapy and Ultrasound System

    The InTENSity CX4 is an advanced combination electrotherapy and ultrasound system offering the practitioner a wide range of treatment options in one user-friendly, ergonomic design at a fraction of what other systems would cost.

    Pisces Tyco Gel Electrode Pads

    These electrodes are made with the highest clinical standards and fit most TENS, EMS, IF, and other electro-stim applications. These highly conductive electrodes deliver more current to better distribute across entire pad. With premium white cloth and a full-coverage wire connector, they are durable and safe for any user. Size: 2"x 2" and 2"x 3.5"

    ITO ES-130 3 Channel Electro Stim Unit

    Light weight and fits in the palm of your hand.

    TENS/EMS/Massager Combo

    The BodyMed® TENS/EMS/Massager Combo unit is a 3-in-1 electrotherapy device offering high-quality relief where it’s needed most. Battery-operated, this lightweight TENS/EMS/massage unit allows for convenient, targeted therapy on the go. It features 22 programs, including nine TENS programs, eight EMS programs, and five massage programs. Each program controls the generated electric impulses, their intensity, frequency, and pulse width. Additional features include two independent channels, two outputs, and bi-phase square-wave pulse. Included with the combo stimulator are four electrode pads, two electric wires, three AAA batteries, one belt clip, and one user manual. Weights approximately 2.5 lb. Automatic shutoff after 1 minute.

    LaserTouch One Kit

    This combination of low level laser and micro-current electrical stimulation provides symptomatic relief of chronic, intractable pain, and is indicated for adjunctive treatment of post-surgical and post-traumatic acute pain and for adjunctive use in providing temporary relief of minor chronic pain of musculoskeletal origin.

    ITENS Wireless Device and Accessories

    REVOLUTIONARY APP-CONTROLLED DESIGN - The world's first FDA-cleared, OTC, wireless TENS therapy device that is controlled with an IOS or Android based app on your smartphone. Generation 2 devices have been upgraded to include compatibility with even more smart phones and tablets

    The Ideal Temperature Dry Eye Relief Mask

    Developed by dry eye professionals, this is the electric heated mask that maintains the ideal temperature to help relieve dry eyes, MGD, and blepharitis.

    TR-20 Dual Channel Unit

    Offers what you need from a biofeedback machine with the convenience of hand-held portability.

    InTENSity 10 Digital TENS

    The InTENSity 10 Digital TENS device allows patients to select from ten pre-set body icons for targeted therapy, making it the easiest and most effective TENS device available on the market today. With the press of two buttons the easy-to-use device is ready to operate effectively based on the area of the body that is being treated. Comes complete with AC adapter for effective therapy on the go.

    ValuTrode Electrodes Oval, 2" x 4" (5.1 x 10cm)- 4/pack

    TENS and muscle stimulation electrodes with MultiStick® Hydrogel.

    Soft-Touch Carbon Electrodes

    Low profile electrodes with pig-tail pin connector. Pre-wired

    Ultima Electrotherapy Accessories

    Electrotherapy garments and accessories to be used with Ultima 5, 20, and Neuro units.

    Electrical Stimulation