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    Web Ankle Brace

    A true convertible ankle brace that provides unparalleled compression and can go from an acute brace to a sports support with a simple adjustment—no need to buy two braces. Indications include chronic weak ankles, post trauma, post-op ankle recovery, prophylactic ankle protection. Universal Fit allows use on right or left ankle. Latex free.

    The Premium One Ankle Brace

    This lightweight, low-profile ankle brace offers all the benefits of taping in a more convenient adjustable soft strap brace. Neoprene and latex free. Available in sizes XS to XXXL.

    Soft Ankle Brace with Straps

    Effective support with less bulk weight than comparable braces. Helps prevent injuries; protects injured ankles. Two non-stretch straps cross, lock at top of foot, add support, stability. 1000 denier polyester does not need metal eyelets. Easy on/off, fits either foot, any shoe

    Prolite Anklle Stirrup Brace with Air Liners

    This Prolite ankle stirrup brace offers both medial and lateral support to stabilize the ankle joint, for faster recovery and healing of your tender soft tissues. This is the perfect ankle brace for mild or moderate sprains, strains, or even after cast removal.

    Lite Ankle Brace

    Mueller Lite Ankle Brace allows full vertical mobility, yet still helps prevent rollover injuries. Padded side guards and hinged lower swivel make this brace ideal for volleyball and basketball.

    Swede-O Strap Lok Ankle Brace

    Swede-O Strap Lok Ankle Brace

    ProCare Stabilizing Ankle Support

    Low profile design constructed with non-stretch nylon for comfort, performance and durability. Lace-up design and figure 8 strapping locks the calcaneus into place & controls inversion/eversion.

    Pro-Tec Gel-Force Ankle Support

    Thick gel achieves comfortable stabilization and absorption of dynamic forces to the ankle. Designed with 4-way stretch to provide supportive compression. Light, breathable fabric keeps skin dry, reducing any fabric irritation. Medial and lateral spiral stays increase stability. Black/blue. Latex free.

    Thermoskin Ankle Wrap

    The Thermoskin Ankle Wrap is designed to protect the ankle and includes thermal properties which may assist in the treatment of arthritic pain, ATFL and CFL tears. The support can be worn on either the left or right foot to provide correct support whatever your size. The wrap closure provides the ability to increase or decrease the level of compression enhancing user comfort.

    Adjustable Ankle Stabilizer

    Mueller Adjustable Ankle Support’s patented strapping system features criss-cross tension straps for adjustable ankle support. One size. Fits either ankle.

    Swede-O Easy Lok

    Exclusive offset panel provides greater leverage so the hook and loop closure straps can be pulled tighter and will stay tighter longer. Made in the USA with uncompromising quality standards.

    Aircast Airsport Ankle Brace

    Help manage and prevent ankle sprains with this easy-to-use brace. The Airsport has a clinically proven semi-rigid shell and foam-filled aircells to provide moderate support, compression and comfort. The ATF (anterior talofibular) cross strap and integral forefoot and shin wraps offer additional compression and stabilization.

    ASO Speed Lacer Ankle Stabilizer, Black

    Speed lace closure: allows easier and faster application. Stabilizing straps: form figure-eight to protect and support ankle. Elastic cuff closure: enhances support from stabilizing straps. Low profile: will fit in any type of shoe. Bilateral design: each size fits left or right foot. Breathable nylon boot: enhanced breathability for long-term wear. US manufacturing: higher quality control standards. Each ankle brace is sold separately. Machine wash gentle cycle, no bleach. Air dry.

    Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Ankle Support and S Ankle Braces

    Bauerfeind’s MalleoTrain ankle braces and supports are used to treat a sore ankle from an injury or surgery. It also relieves pain due to osteoarthritis and other health conditions.

    epX Ankle Support with Strap

    Provides warmth, compression and support for mild to moderate ankle strains and sprains. Elastic “figure 8” strap for added support. Interior coated with patented DynaDotz to reduce slippage. Low profile for a comfortable fit with any shoe. Pull tabs for easy donning. Skin friendly and breathable to improve patient compliance. Anatomical contoured fit.

    Super-Lite A.F.O., Universal

    Low profile, trim-to-fit ankle orthosis for correction of drop foot. Available in right or left, men's and women's sizes.

    Thermoskin Adjustable Figure 8 Ankle Wrap

    Easy to use pre-configured ankle wrap

    Comfort ToeWraps

    Soft, foam-lined fabric loops separate, straighten and align crooked toes. Effective as a splint for broken, stubbed or injured toes. Hook & loop fasteners for easy adjustment.

    CUB Night Splint

    Splint positions the foot with a controlled amount of dorsiflexion to give a gentle stretch across the plantar fascia, Achilles tendon and calf muscles. Open toe "slipper" is low profile and lightweight for superior comfort. The lateral side support with opening ensures no pressure on a sensitive heel.

    3D Flat Premium Ankle Support

    The 3D Flat Ankle Support is recommended for minor to moderate ankle sprains.

    SlimLine Cast Boot, Medium

    DARCO SlimLine Cast Boot can be adapted to fiberglass casts, bulky compression bandages and a variety of wound-care applications, making it one of the most versatile cast shoes on the market.

    Webly Zap Ankle Orthosis

    Limits ankle inversion/eversion while not restricting plantar and dorsiflexion.

    Aircast Sport-Stirrup- LEFT

    Provide the protection of the Air-Stirrup® Ankle Brace during sports. Designed for less bulk in a sneaker or shoe, the narrower, semi-rigid shell helps prevent inversion/eversion, while the patented Duplex™ aircell system enhances support and protection.

    Thermoskin Foot Stabilizer-Medium

    Thermoskin combines compression, support and naturally generated body heat for therapy and pain relief of sports injuries, Arthritis, RSI and more.


    Rigid thermoplastic shells with adjustable heel strap to help prevent inversion/eversion. Air and gel bladder may be used for cold therapy to treat tender or swollen ankles. Fits right or left ankle. Suitable for wear from acute to active phases of ankle recovery and rehabilitation. Available in size Small

    Darco Toe Alignment Splint

    The DARCO TAS™-Toe Alignment Splint is a cost-effective solution that provides superior postoperative toe alignment after Hallux Valgus, Hammer Toe and Tailor’s Bunion procedures.

    Hg80 Premium Soft Ankle Brace with Straps

    Improved fit and adjustability. The Mueller Hg80 Premium Ankle Brace with Straps features an extremely comfortable criss-cross elastic strapping system thats helps protect against ankle sprains. It’s simply the most comfortable ankle brace you’ll ever wear. LIGHTWEIGHT & NEOPRENE-FREE

    Healwell Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint- Black

    Comfortably positions the foot in a controlled amount of dorsiflexion. Adjustable bilateral dorsiflexion straps enable the application of prolonged stretch to the soft tissues of the Plantar Fascia and the Achilles tendon.

    SaeboStep Foot Drop Brace & Accessories

    SaeboStep foot drop brace is most comfortable and convenient “foot drop” brace or soft Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) brace on the market today. This soft ankle and foot brace is designed for those who suffer with limited movement or weakness resulting from stroke, muscular sclerosis, neurological disorders or nerve injury.

    F8X Ankle Support with Compression

    Designed to provide stability, compression, and inversion/eversion control

    Drop Foot Brace Orthosis AFO

    Ankle Brace Support With Comfortable Inflatable Airbag for Hemiplegia Stroke

    Levamed Ankle Support

    The Levamed is an anatomically tailored ankle support with integrated silicone malleolus support cushions. The clima-comfort fabric is highly elastic, breathable and moisture wicking and includes a special comfort zone knitted into the instep portion to prevent constriction and pressure areas. The clima-fresh treatment helps ensure odor-free performance.

    GTS Great Toe Splint

    The GTS – Great Toe Splint is an adjustable, postoperative splint. Indicated for relief of symptoms associated with hallux valgus and other great toe joint conditions. Manufactured with lightweight neoprene and nylon, the GTS can be worn day and night, and its form-fitting design easily accommodates suitable footwear.

    Dorsal Night Splint for Foot Drop & Plantar Fasciitis

    This dorsal night splint holds your foot upright throughout the night for a gentle, consistent dorsiflexion stretch to your plantar fascia (the tissue that connects your heel bone to your toes), Achilles tendon and calf muscle, easing pain and discomfort caused by Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and foot drop without any surgery.

    Neoprene Ankle Supports with Strap

    AliMed Neoprene Ankle Support with Strap provides gentle compression with the added benefit of a bilateral ankle strap that ensures a secure fit for maximum support.

    Flex AFO for Foot Drop

    **Also Available: Extra Anchor Kit for Flex AFO**

    FLOAM Ankle Stirrup Brace

    FLOAM Ankle Stirrup Brace is extremely light, which encourages maximum patient compliance.

    Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint

    Allows for controlled application of a prolonged stretch on the Plantar Fascia and Achilles Tendon. Lightweight, sturdy, one-piece flexible shell. Adjustable bilateral dorsi-flexion straps. Cool terry liner and padded calf and ankle straps for additional comfort. Shipped with toe wedge for additional stretch on plantar fascia. Fits right or left.

    Freedom Adjustable Footdrop Brace

    Easy to attach, apply, and adjust. Can move easily from shoe to shoe. Can be worn with any men's or women's dress, casual, or athletic shoe with lace-up or hook-and-loop closure. Finally, a footdrop brace that can be applied in seconds, can easily be moved from shoe to shoe, and is easy to adjust—it's that simple! Unlike hard, restrictive foot drop braces that lock the foot into one position, the FREEDOM Adjustable Footdrop Brace promotes a more natural foot motion than traditional AFO braces. Support is given only where it is needed—support with the FREEDOM to function.

    Achilles Wedge

    To keep foot in planter flexion while Achilles tendon heels.

    Freedom Soft Footdrop Brace

    100% self-contained and can be worn without shoes. Made entirely from the thinnest neoprene available, Freedom Soft Footdrop Brace relies on elastic strapping to maintain the position of the foot and to help prevent plantarflexion. The result is a footdrop brace that is just as effective worn barefoot as a conventional hard brace and shoe.


    Provide support and compression for ankle sprains and promote efficient edema reduction. The Air-Stirrup brace features anatomically designed semi-rigid shells lined with the patented Duplex™ aircell system for support and graduated compression during ambulation.

    Green Adjustable Ankle Support

    Mueller Green Adjustable Ankle Support is designed to help support and protect weak ankles, sprained ankles, strained ankles, and arthritic ankles. One size fits most. Fits easily inside most shoes. Fits left or right.

    Leaf Spring AFO

    Our Premium AFO Leaf Spring is made from injection-molded polypropylene so its light, strong and just the right amount of flexible. This drop foot AFO is lightweight and provides a dorsiflexion assist to correct foot drop while walking. Variable thickness throughout the AFO provides strength: thicker on the vertical component for rigidity, and thinner on the footplate for easy trimming. The anatomical design compensates for atrophy and avoids heel irritation. This foot drop splint is easily trimmed with scissors and/or heat-moldable for a customized fit, accommodating most shoes.

    Mercurio Ankle Brace

    Mercurio Ankle Brace

    FormFit Ankle Brace with Figure 8 Strap

    The Formfit® Ankle provides stability and protection for the ankle – whether used prophylactically, for chronic instability or following an injury. The low profile design fits easily into shoes and the quick lace up feature makes is easy to don and doff. Breathable material ensures it can be comfortably worn all day.

    Actimove Ankle Stabilizer: Universal

    Simulating sports taping, increased stability for ankle and arch of foot

    ProCare Lace Up Ankle Brace

    Sturdy canvas stirrup design with removable, plastic medial/lateral stays provide support for acute ankle ligament sprains and chronic instabilities. Fits easily into any athletic shoe.

    Bauerfeind AchilloTrain Pro Brace

    Bauerfeind’s AchilloTrain® Pro braces and supports stabilize your muscles and tendons and deliver a soothing massage effect to reduce chronic pain, irritation and inflammation in the Achilles heel. Size 3: 8-1/4"–9"

    Swedish AFO, Black

    FREEDOM Swedish AFO is an injection-molded polypropylene splint that provides static dorsiflexion assistance and lateral stability for the entire foot-ankle area. Injection molding allows for thicker polypropylene on the vertical aspect for rigidity and a thinner footplate that may be trimmed with a pair of ordinary scissors. A heat gun may be used to further form the splint if desired. The low arch and open heel give this splint a streamlined profile that fits easily into any shoe.

    Spring Ankle Foot Brace

    Patented Spring Goniometer at the heel joint helps provide a gentle push to extension and prevents plantar flexion.

    Plantar BFST Wrap

    Plantar Wraps are Federally Regulated Class II Medical Devices designed to heal injuries of the bottom of the foot and back of the heel quickly and completely. Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs, Metatarsalgia, Foot Tendonitis, Foot Bursitis and Sore or Tired Feet can all be treated with your BFST® Plantar Wrap.

    Pro-Tec Night Splint

    Helps alleviate symptoms of plantar fasciitis while sleeping.

    Posterior Leaf Splint

    Posterior Leaf Splint designed to promote dorsiflexion specifically in flaccid extremities. Created to fit most patients with its semi-rigid support and can be worn in most shoes. Light-weight, multi-purpose.

    R-Soft Plantar Fasciitis Stretch Splint

    Designed to provide relief from pain and discomfort for plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis. Allows patient to apply consistent stretch by holding foot in gentle dorsiflexion.

    Freedom Dorsal PF Night Splint

    Patients prefer less bulky, cooler, lower profile dorsal models. The Dorsal PF Night Splint features a wide neoprene calf and toe straps along with gel padding on the top of the foot help to reduce pressure points. A larger forefoot accommodates wider feet. The flexible shell and plastic-free bottom offers safer nighttime ambulation without compromising the ability to hold the foot at 90 degrees during rest.

    OrthoPro Passive Night Splint

    A new flexible and economical method to control plantar flexion contractures, address hip rotation and to protect the heel. This version has a permanent walking pad.

    PF Night Splint Soft

    Soft PF Night Splint This soft night splint comfortably holds the foot in dorsiflexion to limit the morning pain and stiffness associated with plantar fasciitis. Low-profile, soft design makes it more comfortable to sleep in, and even allows for safe nighttime ambulation. Lightweight, compact, and foldable, this night splint is ideal for traveling.

    Dorsal Night Splint

    The Dorsal Night Splint is a low profile and reduced weight splint designed to be worn to bed. This splint reduces heat retention and helps to increase patient comfort during sleep. Better comfort means better compliance, and this splint is designed to be used pre or post-injury. Excellent for personal and professional care.

    Canvas ankle splint

    The lightweight canvas ankle splint can be used for either therapeutic or preventative support for the ankle. It is effective in stabilizing the ankle joint following severe sprains, tendonitis or after cast removal. The rigid pre-bent metal stays provide excellent side-to-side support. The stays also help the splint control rotational strains on the ankle, and they provide resistance to inversion and eversion. The lace front facilitates application and post-swelling adjustment.

    WalkOn Trimable AFO

    Drop foot with no more than mild spasticity, e.g. after stroke, traumatic brain injury, in multiple sclerosis, neural muscle atrophy, peroneal palsy etc.

    Thermoskin Plantar FXT ULTRA, Black, Small

    Ultra comfortable.Can be customized to the ideal comfort level. Made of a hook & loop response material, allowing the foam wedge and straps to be secured anywhere on the slipper. FXT ULTRA holds your foot at approximately 90 degrees so the plantar fascia is in a stretched position where it may heal.

    Nice Stretch Plantar Fasciitis 90 Large/X-Large

    Nice Stretch 90 is a patented fixed angle night splint for plantar fasciitis. Coupling passive stretch capability with cold therapy to reduce inflammation, Nice Stretch 90 provides an improved treatment protocol for patients.

    Elite AFO Rehabilitator

    • Anterior shin cuff for maximum enhanced ground reaction force – dorsi-assist • Lateral strut best choice for ankle pronation/eversion • Mild to moderate ankle instability needs • Mild to moderate dorsi-assist, spasticity • Varus/valgus T strap available for moderate ankle instability

    Ankle/ Foot Braces