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    Adult Posture Mirror

    Posture mirrors are applicable in several different medical fields, from physical therapy and speech therapy, to occupational therapy and sports medicine. These mirrors can be used in exercise and weight rooms, with parallel bars and straining stairs, assist with visual imagery of amputated limbs, help stroke victims, patients with regional pain and many other ways. These Posture Mirrors are generously sized, distortion-free made of 1/4" plate glass mirrors are mounted in natural finish hardwood frames. Mobile units furnished with 2" casters

    Speech Mirror - Adjustable, Clamp-On

    Clamp-On Adjustable Mirror A multi-use mirror that clamps onto bedrail, wheelchair, tabletop, and other surfaces. Offers immediate visual feedback for viewing the oral cavity during oral-motor and motor-speech exercises. Holds child’s attention while focusing on oral or speech activities. Allows a child to move the mirror to a comfortable height for practicing oral movements and speech sounds during therapy or in individual practice. Shatterproof mirror is mounted on a flexible 12" metal “gooseneck” attached to a strong plastic spring clamp. Clamp grips surfaces up to 1" thick.

    Clinic/Self-Cath Mirror

    Adjust and lock angle in place for easy viewing.

    Folding Mirror Therapy Box, Hand/Wrist

    Suitable for hand, wrist and small foot rehab. These unique Folding Mirror Boxes are lightweight and fold in seconds to just 25 x 35 x 1cm (10" x 14" x 3/8"), making them truly portable. Used for many pain related conditions including phantom limb pain and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) also known as RSD or Sudeks Atrophy as well as for rehabilitation after a stroke, injury or surgery.

    SMART-Mirror™Neuro re-education panel

    SMART-Mirror™Neuro re-education panel

    Ultra-Safe™ Glassless Mirror with Mobile Caster Base, Vertical, 24"W x 72"H

    Ultra-Safe™ glassless mirror provides distortion-free image. Shatterproof "glassless" mirror cannot crack, shatter or chip but can be punctured. The lightweight mirror is on a frame and features metal stabilization legs with 2" carpet casters.

    Mobile Rolling Mirror- qty 4

    High quality, full view, distortion-free glass mirror with ANSI safety backing. Oak laminate frame and base. FInished Oak laminate back. Mounted on easy rolling 2" diameter swiveling casters. Mirror height provides full body image.

    NeuType Frame Free Standing , Floor and Wall Oversize Full Length Mirror

    This full-length wall mirror makes a sleek, eye-catching addition to any modern bedroom or entryway. Mount it to your wall with the included screw kit to keep it in place, or lean your mirror up against the wall for a more casual look. It’s crafted with an aluminum frame, and finished in a neutral hue to blend in with the rest of your ensemble. Inside, shatterproof glass helps you rest easy.