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    Mouthsticks S.A.L.T., Replacement Heads

    Replacement heads are available for Caduceus and Mouthstick styluses.


    The one of a kind stylus with the flexible body. The body of the Caduceus is made from an aluminum core covered in a vinyl sleeve that allows it to be bent and reshaped many times. This allows the caduceus to be wrapped and worn around the hand, wrist, or even elbow and used without the need to grip the stylus with the fingers or hand, making it ideal for anyone that finds gripping a pen shaped device difficult. This includes individuals who need to use any kind of brace on their hands or wrists, often overcoming the issue of touch screens being unable to register contact. The Caduceus has also been found to be useful for individuals working in environments where hands are often dirty but screens still need interacted with. Worn around the wrist or elbow, the Caduceus can allow users to interact with Point-of-Sale or task tracking touch screen devices without the need for repeated glove removal and hand washing. The stylus can be ordered with either the Basic or SALT style tips. We recommend the SALT style for most users, but if all that is needed is simple on-screen button pressing, the basic tip style will suffice. Specifications: Total Length: 16.5 in. Bendable Length: 14 in. Wand Diameter: 0.25 in. Tip Diameter: 5/16 in. Total Weight: 0.7 oz. Replaceable Head?: Yes

    Sip and Puff Switch

    Sip and Puff Switch

    Adjustable Head Stylus

    The Adjustable Touch Screen Head Stylus is an essential aid for people with limited hand use. The telescoping stylus is mounted on a sturdy headpiece that works with the slightest touch on your tablet, smartphone or computer. The headpiece has a ratchet adjustment knob that allows you to dial your head size for a perfect fit. Foam inserts are situated on the front and the back of the headpiece to provide an additional level of comfort.


    The Adjustable Touch Screen Mouth Stylus is a mouthstick for a tablet computer designed for use by individuals with grasping, fine motor, neurological, severe physical or upper extremity disabilities or spinal cord injury. This telescoping stylus is lightweight with a tip that requires minimal pressure. It has an adjustable stainless steel shaft and a plastic bite plate with rubber sleeves that allows the user to firmly and comfortably hold the stylus in his or her mouth. This mouthstick comes with an extra pair of protective thermoplastic rubber sleeves for the bite plate. DIMENSIONS: 8.5 to 15 inches long. Handle is 0.375 inches in diameter. WEIGHT: 1.5 ounces.

    The Reach Stylus

    This was the first product to feature the “Shallow Angle Lightest Touch,” or SALT, style tip, allowing users to hold a stylus at as low as a 45 degree angle relative to the screen and still make consistent contact. Plus, the 7″ long barrel means that with many devices, users can rest their hand on a solid surface off the screen and still make readable contact.

    TR15 Transdermal Mic

    Best to help users with a weak voice or minor throat problem such as: diminished lung capacity, damaged or partially paralyzed vocal cords, impairment of throat or chest muscles. Absorbs vibrations directly from the wearer’s throat.

    Anti-Wandering Economy CordLess Door/Window Exit Alarm

    No Cords! Place monitor where you need it!

    Pal Pad

    Activate communication aids and other assistive devices with the slightest touch of a Pal Pad Assistive Switch. Choose from three sizes.

    E-Z Call Universal Quadriplegic Nurse Call Switch with Cord

    E-Z Call Universal Quadriplegic Nurse Call Switch with Cord enables clients with limited movement to summon help easily. It can be placed on the bed-rail with hook & loop strap or near a clients head, hand or foot. The plug on the call switch connects directly to the jack on the portable alarm or into an existing call system. Battery-powered Portable Alarm is used with the call switch for home use or where a central call system is not available.

    Assistive Technology