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    MaxTrax ROM Walker

    The MaxTrax™ Walkers are intended to increase stability following trauma or post operative procedures including: acute ankle sprains, stress fractures of the lower leg, soft tissue injuries (grade II and III sprains), stable fractures and injuries of the foot and ankle, bunionectomies, metatarsal fractures, and Achilles tendon repair.

    Air Traveler Walker- Medium

    Air Traveler™ Walker- Medium Soft tissue injuries (grade 2 and 3 sprains) Stable fractures Postoperative use Trauma and Rehab Other conditions recommended by a physician


    The semi-rigid shell offers support and protection to the foot. The front panel is pre-inflated with two adjustable distal aircells to provides compression and supports the malleoli. Without getting rid of comfort, the walker has plenty of room for dressings. The sole is a low rocker that helps the user move better with their injury.

    Aircast AirSelect

    Choose variant and size.

    Anklizer II Low Profile Cam Walker, Adjustable Ankle

    Durable boot frame with metal uprights for a lightweight low-profile walker that is designed to stabilize and protect the ankle and foot.

    Orthopedic Air Walker Boot Cast for Ankle Sprains, Fractures and Achilles Tendonitis

    Searching for a highly-rated medical walking boot at an affordable price? Look no further. This air cast boot offers mobility, protection, and support for daily activities while recovering from a variety of foot and ankle injuries, including: Bunionectomy, Ankle sprains, Stress fractures, General pain or postoperative use, Metatarsal foot fractures, Lisfranc injuries, Toe, foot, or ankle breaks and Achilles tendonitis.

    Comfy Boot- Fleece Cover W/Amb. Pad

    For treatment of plantar flexion contractures, foot drop, and internal/external hip rotation. Resilient plantar surface resists plantar flexion. Heel is elevated by shape of orthotic as well as the soft fleece cover in order to prevent/aid in the treatment of pressure areas. Universal sizing. Includes washable one-piece fleece cover and anti-rotation bar. Now available with a transfer sole.


    The MaxTrax Air Walkers have all the features of the standard walkers plus the benefit of a pneumatic liner, providing support and compression to help promote fracture healing. Designed to increase stability and help reduce pain and edema following trauma or post-operative procedures, the MaxTrax Air Walkers also provide cost-effective option to serial casting.

    Short Broken Toe Walking Boot for Fractures & Foot Injury Recovery-Small

    Short Broken Toe Walking Boot for Fractures & Foot Injury Recovery-Small

    Pneumatic Walker Boot

    Designed to increase stability and decrease edema, our walker features a built-in pump to achieve desired level of compression. Ideal for stable foot/ankle fractures, severe sprains, soft tissue injuries, post cast removal and post-surgical application. Cushion sole with low profile non-skid bottom promotes a natural gait.

    Pneumatic Walker Boot - Small (Women's 5"-7" / Men's 4"-6")

    Soft lining contains a medial and lateral aircell system.

    Xceltrax Air Ankle

    Designed for ideal support and comfort following trauma or post-operative procedure.

    Metatarsal Stress Fracture Foot Brace Walking Boot

    Foot Stress Fracture Boot This walking boot for a stress fracture in the foot bones (metatarsals) has metal reinforced uprights that provide ultimate protection and support to the ankle and foot. When these areas are injured, they are vulnerable to additional damage. This stress fracture foot boot keeps this from occurring.

    Aircast XP Walker (Extra Pneumatic)

    Provide customizable pneumatic limb support with full-shell protection. The XP Walker has a lightweight, trimmable, semi-rigid shell lined with overlapping Duplex™ aircells providing intermittent pneumatic compression for edema reduction and callus formation. Aircells can be custom inflated for a "total contact" fit; includes two socks and a hand bulb. Can be used with Brace-Lok system.

    Pin Cam Walker Boot

    Designed to stabilize and protect the ankle and foot.

    Walker Boots