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ColPac Cold Therapy ***FSS CONTRACT V797D-30191***

Effective cold therapy for any body area or shape.

Wrist Cooler with Soft Gel Inserts

Cooling Wrist Bands complete with soft gel ice.

MABIS® Ice Bag, Large

Helps speed healing by reducing pain and swelling Flocked latex contours to body surfaces and efficiently transfers cold Contains Latex

Medical Cold Pacs, Single-Oversize 11''x21''

Cold pacs, single-oversize 11''x21''  Soft, pliable cold pacs are refreezable and available in a variety of sizes. Pacs will remain cold for up to thirty minutes. Latex free

Rubber Water Bottle

Rubber Water Bottle FeaturesSamples, PDFs & DownloadsAdditional Info Large, 2 quart capacity Ribbed surface helps retain warm or cold temperatures Made from durable, natural rubber latex

Game Ready Below the Knee Amputee Replacement Sleeve

Game Ready Below the Knee Amputee Replacement Sleeve The Below-the-Knee Wrap features: Ergonomic design for best lower limb fit. Low-profile, circumferential coverage for better surface contact and more effective treatment. Easy adjustability for enhanced comfort. Can be used with prosthetic shrinker sleeves.

Thera-Med Cold Packs, Back Pad

Thera-Med Cold Packs, Back Pad These packs eliminate the need for insulating covers. The Dual Temp® design allows for direct contact with the body to provide penetrating cold therapy. The soft blue side is for gentle cold therapy and the smooth white side is for maximum strength cold therapy. The packs remain flexible even at freezing temperatures.

Thermalsoft Hot/Cold Gel Pack

THERMALSOFT HOT/COLD GEL PACK Gel packs are can be microwaved for heat therapy or frozen for cold therapy. Large gel pieces mold comfortably to the body during treatment. Double insulated vinyl covers increase pack durability. For home or clinic use.

Pro-Kold- Shoulder Ice Wrap with Rotator Cuff Coverage

The Pro-Kold Shoulder Wrap covers the shoulder girdle and extends down toward the elbow. The wrap also includes an extention for the Rotator Cuff. Several studies have shown that Pro-Kold products get the appropriate cold (just above freezing) to the treatment site, with no fear of frostbite or cold shock.

KEWLFLOW System - Vest & Portable Backpack

This complete set gives you all you need to keep cool even in the hottest conditions. Help cool your core for up to 3 hours by having cold water from the 4 Liter backpack circulated around the vest. It’s easy to use and easy to refill. This system is ideal for anyone who needs cooling without the hindrance of being connected to a cooler.

Glacier Tek Cooling Flex Vest - Black

This innovative, new cooling vest is ideal for casual wear and covers more surface area with a soft, high quality fabric that stretches to comfortably fit the body.  Available in sizes: Small: (Chest Size 29-35) Medium: (Chest Size 36-42) Large: (Chest Size 40-46) Xlarge: (Chest Size 46-52)

Dual Comfort Hot and Cold Pack

Dual Comfort Hot and Cold Pack Frost-Free Hot and Cold Pack for Dual Release Flexibility Dual Comfort CorPaks are a versatile solution to help treat strains, sprains, headaches and other soft tissue injuries.

Large Cold-Hot Therapy Wrap

The slip-in pouch and removable extension strap make this wrap the easiest and most versatile cold-hot therapy solution. Ideal for larger body parts like the knee, shoulder, back or thigh. The wrap pouch holds one 6" x 9" cold-hot pack and provides a safe protective barrier for your skin while applying cold or hot therapy. Recommended to help with the treatment of common sports or work injuries, and to help reduce swelling, relieve pain, and enhance rehabilitation of larger body parts.

**TheraMed Pro Dual-Moist Heat Pad

TheraMed Pro Dual-Moist Heat Pad

Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Therapy Mitten

Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Therapy Mitten

Hydrocollator Moist Heat Hot Pack

Hydrocollator Moist Heat Hot Pack

FlexiPAC Hot and Cold Compresses 5” x 6” (13 cm x 15 cm), 48 packs/case**FSS CONTRACT V797D-30191

Freezable to provide penetrating cold therapy Microwavable for soothing heat Flexible gel conforms to any body contour at any temperature

Relief Pak Donut, Medium, Compression Sleeve

Relief Pak Donut, Medium, Compression Sleeve

Polar Ice Cold Therapy Support **FSS CONTRACT V797D-30191*

Polar Ice delivers the benefits of cryotherapy with compression for soft tissue trauma.**$5.00 Service Fee if FSS order less than $50.00**

ColPaC Gel Ice Pack - Flexible Reusable Cold Pack - Black Polyurethane

The Black Polyurethane ColPaC. This flexible resusable cold pack easily sizes and shapes to fit any body area for comfort and ease of use. Simply chill in freezer and apply.

ColPac Freezer- Includes 12 Standard Size ColPacs ***FSS CONTRACT V797D-30191***

The ColPaC Freezer comes with 12 standard ColPacs that can be recycled every 2 hours. It has 5 spacious cubic feet of capacity with 4 convenient quick freeze shelves with trays and cup holders. It also facilitates the use of cold therapy.

Sunbeam Renue Tension Relieving Heat Therapy Wrap

Details: Soothes away tension and eases away pain With four personalized heat settings Soft and ultra-luxurious microplush

MediBeads Moist Heat Pack, Standard

Designed to deliver a moist heat treatment when lying in bed or sitting in a chair. * Washable and reusable * 9" X 12" * MediBeads are washable, odor-free, dust free, and will not support bacteria or fungal growth. * Unlike other grain and pellet products, MediBeads need no special covers, they will not dry out, dissolve or disintegrate. * When microwaved, MediBeads draw moisture from the air and release it as clean, deeply-penetrating moist heat - no need to add water.

Cooling Paks for Signature Vest, size 3

One of the perks of being a dedicated cooling brand is that everything we design, prototype, and test is based on your need to prevent heat exhaustion, matched by your desire to improve performance.

Model Ss-2

Includes: (2) Standard Hotpacs, (2) Cervical and (2) Oversize Hotpacs

Cryocup (pack of 6)

Take it anywhere for immediate pre or post activity ice massage.

CryoStim™ Prober Ice Massager

A simple method for application of ice massage therapy. It can be used over broad areas of the body or over a small spot to stimulate local “trigger" points for fast, effective pain relief. Apply CryoStim™ gel over treatment areas to enhance conductivity of probe and prevent skin irritation. Includes two probes and two ounces of gel.

Elbow Strap, Hot/Cold Pack : Universal

Actimove® Elbow Strap, Hot/Cold Pack - Sports Edition

Hydrocollator Terry Covers, Standard

The Terry Covers are designed to cover the Chattanooga Hydrocollator hot packs to insulate heat and protect the patient from excessive heat exposure.

Thera-Med Ice + Gel Cryo Pack

The Cryo medium ice pack wraps are an ideal therapy tool used to comfortably treat mid-sized injuries. They are commonly used as knee and shoulder ice pack wraps, but also treat neck, hamstring, elbow, and back injuries.

** Polar Care Kodiak

The Polar Care Kodiak Cold Therapy System is the most convenient and versatile offering in Breg’s Polar Care line. Its easy to use, compact design makes it great for clinic, hospital, and home use. With the addition of a little ice and water, your patients will enjoy 6-8 hours of effortless cold therapy. Offering the only battery powered option on the market, Breg ensures your patients can enjoy the benefits of cold therapy from anywhere: on the sidelines or in the backyard. Each battery pack comes with four replaceable AA batteries ready to power 10-14 hours of motorized cold therapy. Proper use requires an insulation barrier between the Intelli-Flo® pad and the patient’s skin.

Game Ready Replacement Sleeves for GRPro 2.1 ONLY

Game Ready ATX (Active Temperature Exchange) Wraps are the magic behind the GRPro 2.1 therapy system. Game Ready Sleeves provide the barrier between the wrap and the patient's skin. These sleeves are in addition to or in replacement of to a sleeve previously purchased. Extra sleeves are vital for a busy facility to follow basic hygiene, allowing the sleeve to be switched between users without needing to wait while the sleeve is cleaned. This helps to keep patients engaged with less waiting and allows practices to continually turn over their waiting room. Extra sleeves are also used as replacement parts if-and-when the original sleeve becomes worn or damaged. It is not uncommon for the sleeves to eventually wear out or to have multiple patients waiting to use the same sleeve. Extra sleeves resolve these issues.

Cooling Lite Vest

Scoop neck with zipper closure!

ThermaZone Reusable Pads

For use with ThermaZone Continuous Thermal Therapy Device Ideal for migraines affecting the forehead and temple areas Great for relief from post-surgery swelling, bruising and pain on the forehead and face from procedures including forehead lift and eyelid lift Latex-free

Norco™ Soft Cold Packs, Neck Contour, 22" x 7" (55 x 18cm)

Long-lasting cold packs, with reinforced seams conform to body contours.

Cryo Pneumatic Knee Orthosis w/ROM Hinge w/ 2 Gels

Features ROM Hinges with malleable aluminum uprights offering full flexion and extension control with settings at 0º, 15º, 30º and 90º