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    MediBeads® Microwave Activate Moist Heat

    Microwave Activate Moist Heat
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    Medibeads - Joint Wrap 6" x 8"

    Medibeads Joint Wrap Knees, Ankles, Elbows 6"x 8" Pull on sleeve surrounds the larger joints. Durable stretch fabric permits easy application. Can be worn during strengthening and range of motion exercises.

    MediBeads Moist Heat Pack, Standard

    Designed to deliver a moist heat treatment when lying in bed or sitting in a chair. * Washable and reusable * 9" X 12" * MediBeads are washable, odor-free, dust free, and will not support bacteria or fungal growth. * Unlike other grain and pellet products, MediBeads need no special covers, they will not dry out, dissolve or disintegrate. * When microwaved, MediBeads draw moisture from the air and release it as clean, deeply-penetrating moist heat - no need to add water.

    MediBeads® Microwave Activate Moist Heat