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    Stainless Steel Shoehorns

    Durable stainless-steel shoehorn Available in 18", 24", and 30".

    Soft Handle Shoehorns

    Soft built-up handles make this metal shoehorn easier to grasp for persons suffering from arthritis or having difficulty holding a smaller handle. Available in 18", 24", and 30"

    Foot Funnel

    Hands-free shoe donning is safer and easier. This functional alternative to the long handled shoe horn loads into the shoe. Its straight, smooth surface makes it easy to get foot in and FootFunnel out. Great for those who can’t reach down with their hands. Works with most shoe types and sizes.

    Big Grip Shoehorns

    Big Grip Shoehorns available in 18" and 24" Offers an extended reach and a secure, cushioned grip.

    Adjustable Telescopic Shoehorn

    The Telescopic Shoehorn can adjust from 12” to 30” in length. Ideal for packing in your suitcase or overnite bag.

    24" Plastic Shoehorn

    The Shoe Horn helps with bending over and guiding feet into footwear and is 24 inches long.

    24" Long Handle Shoe Horn with Flexible Head

    Helps slip into shoes without bending, bruising heels or crushing the backs of shoes. Great alternative to a long handled shoe horn.

    20" Metallic Colored Plastic Shoehorn

    Kinsman Enterprises economical shoehorn with a curved hand grip for easier grasping.

    18" Plastic Shoehorn

    18" Plastic Shoehorn in brown

    16.25" Plastic Shoehorn with Hook

    The Norco Plastic Shoehorn with Hook, is a long-handled shoe horn with a curved handle for an easier grip. The shoehorn includes a nylon loop for hanging.

    E-Z Slide Shoehorn

    Make getting ready in the morning easier and quicker for those who have a difficult time bending at the waist with a E-Z Slide Shoehorn.

    Deluxe Dressing & Hip Kit 206

    An ideal kit that includes the essentials for those having difficulty dressing and bathing. The Custom Hip Kit #206 is ideal for anyone who has difficulty dressing and bathing. Excellent for those who have had a hip replacement or laminectomy.

    30" Shoehorn with Foam Handle

    Foam Handle Shoehorn, 30"

    30" Textured, Soft Handled Shoehorn

    Textured Soft Handles Shoehorn, 30"