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    SafetySure SlidEase

    The SafetySure® SlidEase'™ that the strain out of boosting a patient in bed. The slick, low friction, bottom surface glides on the bed sheet. Multiple, sewn-in, hand grips on along the top and both slide of the SlidEase provides the caregivers with a variety of leverage positions. 72"L x 36"W. 300 pound weight capacity.

    ErgoSlide 2100 Bed Repositioning Aid

    ErgoSafe's™ bed repositioning aid, the ErgoSlide®, can be used to move and reposition a patient or loved one in the bed without requiring the caregiver to lift the individual or pull on the individual's arms, legs, or body.

    MaxiSlide Sheet - 29"W x 68"L

    MaxiSlide™ patient transfer solutions help nurses to overcome daily patient transfer challenges in an efficient way. They come in a variety of shapes and dimensions completely covering the established working techniques for slides. A wide range of flat sheets with handles and tubular slides have been designed to meet the needs and challenges of both acute and long term care environments.

    No-Lift Turner with Handygrips

    No patient or resident lifting and less back strain! Provides valuable assistance in turning a resident

    No-Lift Booster with Handles

    AliMed® “No-Lift” BOOSTER™ Help ease caregiver back strain by making it easier to boost the resident toward the headboard. Position the resident on top of the “No-Lift” BOOSTER as you would with a draw sheet. Grab the reinforced edges of the top tube layer, or by the handles, and slide it upward. Remove from beneath resident after each use. Optional hanging Mesh Storage Bags (sold separately). Black. Disposable Single-Patient-Use option for infection control.

    SystemRoMedic – TopSheet Patient Turning Device

    TopSheet is used together with a stationary or mobile lift to avoid heavy manual handling when turning a user.

    Skil-Care® Wedge with Slider Sheet- Bed Wedge with Nylon Slider Sheet and hook

    Safely turn and reposition patients with this wedge and slider sheet system. Nylon sheet reduces friction while sliding a patient.

    Transfer Board, Superslide, 24"x 9" w/ Standard Hand Hole & Non-Skid

    Therafin SuperSlide Transfer Boards are constructed from strong 3/8 inch thick, seven-ply premium birch with a clear and smooth plastic laminate finish. An optional non-skid pad on bottom increases stability. The splinter-free surface has no lacquer to wear off.

    Beasy Seat Cushion

    Beasy Seat Cushions make transfers with Beasy Transfer Boards more comfortable and easy. Choose from a Standard Seat Cushion or a Deluxe Seat Cushion, each available with or without a Velcro kit that holds the cushion securely to the transfer board pivot seat. When not in use, the comfortable transfer assist cushion can be compactly folded away. Beasy Seat Cushions are ideal for those who may be prone to pressure ulcers and may need a softer seating surface when transferring.

    Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat-Premium

    Premium Padded Bath and Shower Chair with Pivoting Arms- PowerSlide Model with Push-Button Electric Travel

    Bariatric Transfer Board, Heavy Duty w/ 2 Big Grip Hand Holes, Natural

    Transfer Board, Theraslide, Heavy Duty 32"x10" w/ 2 Big Grip Hand Holes

    Solid Hardwood Transfer Board 8 x 30

    Deluxe Hardwood Transfer Boards 8"x30"

    Swivel Sliding Ergo Transfer Bench (Regular)

    Our latest design features a large contoured seat and warmer-to-the-touch side frames. Adapt the bathroom to fit your safety needs without the cost of a renovation. Comfortably swivel and slide in and out of the bathtub with ease, lowering the risk of slips, falls, and skin tears. No more need to scoot! Regain your sense of independence, dignity, and comfort with the new Swivel Sliding Ergo Transfer Bench (Regular) by Eagle Health Supplies. This bench is also ideal for assisting caregivers.

    Transfer Sliding Aids