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    Prevalon 2.0 Turn and Position Systems

    The Prevalon Turn and Position System 2.0 moves as one with the patient, preventing the Glide Sheet and M2 Microclimate Body Pad from riding up.This allows the system to stay under the patient at all times, providing continuous tailbone, or sacral offloading and minimizing the need for boosting. 36" x 55"


    • Prevalon Turn & Position systems provide a safe way to reposition patients

    • Systems stay under patients throughout their hospital stay

    • Helps safely achieve compliance to turning protocols while reducing strain on your hands, wrists, shoulders, and back

    • Anchor Wedge System offloads the sacrum, minimizes patient migration down the bed, and reduces the need for boosting

    • Low-Friction Glide Sheet uses dermasuede material to grip the microclimate body pad and keep it in place

    • Orange Boost Straps promote proper body mechanics and reduce reliance on grip strength

    • Black Positioning Handles assist with quick, gentle microturns to position the patient at the appropriate angle
    • System Includes: (2) 30° Body Wedges, (1) Low-Friction Glide Sheet, (6) M2 Microclimate Body Pads.

    • Kit Includes: (2) 30° Body Wedges, (1)Low-Friction Glide Sheet, (1) M2 Microclimate Body Pad

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