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    Bariatric Shower Commode Transferchair- 600lb Weight Cap**OVERSIZED**

    Healthcare Grade, Deluxe Elongated Open Front Soft Seat Enhances Resident Comfort, Anti-Slip Handgrips, Fast Drying Removable Mesh Back/Sling, Reinforced At All Stress Related Areas, Rust Free Frame, Personal Pocket Pouch, 10 Quart Commode (Slide-Out).

    Economy Transport Shower/Commode Chair**OVERSIZED**

    The Economy Transport Shower/Commode Chair fits over most toilets, making this task easier for users and caretakers. It features waterfall plastic armrests and four-inch swivel caster wheels with rear wheel locks. The commode pail can be removed from the top.

    EZee Life Aluminum Shower Commode Chair- with TILT option available

    EZee Life Aluminum Shower Commode chair- with TILT option available

    Nova Deluxe Shower Chair/Commode with Wheels**OVERSIZED**

    Nova Deluxe Shower Chair/Commode w/Wheels & Footrests Bucket can be removed without lifting user or raising seatWaterfall armrest & padded seat4" swivel wheels with 4 locking casters (forks)Bucket, lid, & splash guard includedRemovable swing away footrests

    Rio Deluxe Adjustable Shower & Commode Chair

    User friendly for caregiver and patient. Healthcare grade PVC pipe and components, open-front soft seat and ergonomic push/pull handle.

    Self-Propelled Combi Chair with Footrests

    Self-Propelled Combi Chair with Footrests

    Aluminum Rehab Shower Commode Chair with Four Rear-locking Casters**OVERSIZED**

    Can be positioned over a standard toilet or used as a portable self-contained commode. Weight capacity 275 lbs.

    Rolling Shower Padded Transport Chair

    This high quality shower transport chair will make it easier to move someone in and out of the shower.

    Adjustable Height Rolling Shower Chair, 22" Width, 3" Threaded Casters *OVERSIZE

    Healthcare Grade, Deluxe Elongated Open Front Seat Enhances Resident Comfort, Anti-Slip Handgrips, Push/Pull Handle And Fast Drying Removable Mesh Back/Sling, Reinforced At All Stress Related Areas, Personal Pocket Pouch, Wide Deluxe Shower Chair.

    Commode Shower Chair with 24"Rear Wheels**OVERSIZED**

    The 2S970TC commode shower chair is same as the 2S900TC, except with 24" rear wheels for greater maneuverability.

    Invacare Mariner Rehab Shower Chair (With 5" Casters), 18" Seat

    The Invacare Mariner Rehab Shower Commode Chair offers a lightweight aluminum frame and stainless steel hardware making it ideal for shower use. Flip-back padded arms, swing-away front riggings and a four-position padded seat aid in providing user comfort. Weight cap 300lb.

    LAGUNA Professional Reclining Shower Chair

    The Laguna Reclining Shower Chair is the perfect solution for home care and long term care residential showering.

    Lightweight Portable Shower Chair Commode with Casters**OVERSIZED**

    Easy-to-assemble frame Padded, open front, vinyl toilet seat Aluminum construction is lightweight and durable 3" non-skid, rust resistant, swivel casters (2 rear locking) Brass push button allows for easy assembly Removable, tool-free back Plastic arms for added comfort Comes with removable 12 qt commode bucket and cover

    PVC Shower Chair - 22" Internal Width, 26" External Width, 3' Rustproof Casters, 375 lb Capacity

    The 22 Inch Wide Shower Chair is constructed from durable healthcare-grade PVC pipe, which is easy to clean. Some assembly may be required; a cordless drill or manual screwdriver is recommended

    Roll-In Buddy + Tilt Shower Chair

    The revolutionary tilt option of the Roll-In Buddy allows for pressure release as well as a more thorough bathing experience for the patient and easier reach for the caregiver.

    Shower Chair with Removable Cutout, Royal Blue ***Oversized***

    Shower Chair with Swingaway Arms ***OVERSIZED***

    Shower Chair with Swingaway Arms ***OVERSIZED FREIGHT ITEM*** Both arms having safety grips, the chair has an open front for easy access to the seat. The chair also has dual reinforcement for all stress-related areas for added comfort. For mobility, the chair has a push/pull handle. With six wheels, the chair has heavy-duty threaded 5" stem casters with four locking and two non-locking.

    Tuffcare Commode Shower Chair**OVERSIZED**

    The Tuffcare commode shower chair provides great mobility.

    Wheeled Shower Chair with Footrest

    Shower Chair With Folding Footrest

    Soft Seat Rolling Shower Chair

    Use this easy-rolling shower chair/commode combo to provide secure and accessible bathing and toileting for patients and residents, and for loved ones at home.

    Shower Chair with Blue Soft Seat Deluxe Elongated

    **Available with Square Pail**

    Combi Chair, Self-Propelled (Footrests and Headrests Sold Separately)

    The self-propelling Combi commode/shower chair is an assistive device allowing the user to sit down safely and comfortably during toileting or showering. It is supplied complete with toilet rails and can be used freestanding, with a bucket, which is available as an accessory, or standing over a toilet. (Not Incl. Footrests, Bucket, Hip Belt)

    285 Rehab Shower/Commode Chair - Tilt **Custom**

    ActiveAid Rehab Shower/Commode Chair Model 1024

    Bariatric Aluminum Rehab Shower Commode Chair w/ Four Locking Casters

    Can be positioned over a standard toilet or used as a portable self-contained commode. Weight capacity 500 lbs.

    Deluxe Shower Access Chair - Midsize

    NO RUST. Deluxe soft seat in navy. Sturdy, easy to clean. No rust, all plastic rear wheels, stainless steel front wheels. Left swing-arm is standard. Anti-tip design. Dual level slideout footrest. Seat belt included. Weight capacity 350 lbs.

    Etac Clean Shower/Commode Chair with four Lockable 5" Casters **OVERSIZE**

    Etac Clean shower commode chair is extremely easy to operate, thanks to the width of the push handle. The clever design can be seen throughout the entire chair. The upright handle ensures that Clean is a perfect fit, even over wall-mounted toilets, and the chair is open at the back to facilitate access.

    Echo Line Reclining Shower/Commode Chair with Pail**OVERSIZED**

    Features deluxe elongated open front seat, folding footrest and push/pull safety bar.

    Etac® Swift Mobile Tilt Shower/Commode Chair**OVERSIZED**

    Etac® Swift Mobile Tilt Shower/Commode Chair Easy height-adjustable shower and toilet chairs feature maximum comfort. The soft textile, adjustable backrest molds to fit the user's back while the footrests are gently arched to provide stable, comfortable support for the feet. The armrests and foots are moveable to ensure easy transfer DISCONTINUED USE 2314625SS

    Tuffcare Bariatric Commode Shower Chair w/ 24” Rear Wheels**OVERSIZED**

    The Bariatric Commode Shower Chair 2S990TC provides great mobility with a heavy duty aluminum alloy frame specially coated with rust inhibitors. Has 24" rear wheels for better mobility.

    MJM Tilt-N-Space Slider

    This all-purpose dual shower/transfer chair features a one-step function locking system to simplify caregiver's routine. 5" casters.

    Etac Swift Mobile 24

    Swift Mobile 24" is equipped with 24" rear wheels. Etac Swift Mobile is also available with tilt in space. Back support with maximum comfort The soft back support is adjustable using velcro straps. The material is carefully chosen not to stick to the body. It dries quickly and can easily be removed for cleaning. To prevent the back support from sliding, it has a top fixation on the bow handle. Ergonomic foot supports The foot supports are gently curved to ensure a perfect fit for the feet arches. The side covers protect the heels from the castors. To facilitate transfers, both foot and arm supports are easy to swing away.

    Combi Chair Extra Wide with Footrests, Caregiver Operated

    The Combi Caregiver-Operated is stable, fully adjustable and designed for patients with limited leg function, low stamina or reduced balance who require caregiver assistance during transfers. Every design detail of the Caregiver-Operated Combi is considerate of both the patient and the caregiver, providing a safe and accommodating experience during routine daily activities. Combi Caregiver-Operated is available in standard, low and wide models:

    Rehab Shower/Commode Chair 600 (custom made)

    Shower Chair For Uni-Lateral Or Bi-Lateral Below Knee Amputee

    Shower Chair

    SHOWER CHAIR WITH TOTAL LOCK CASTERS, SOFT SEAT DELUXE ELONGATED, CUSHION BACK, DUAL SWING AWAY ARMRESTS, SLIDING FOOTREST, SQUARE PAIL AND ANTI-TIPPERS MJM’s Soft Seat Is Designed With A Combination Durable Marine, Health Care Grade Material Cover, Resilient Foam For The Ultimate Durability And Patient Comfort.

    Raz-ART standard 18"W (46cm) base and seat frame [will fit over most toilets] – Attendant Rotational Tilt Mobile Shower Commode Chair with 40° tilt range, head support fixture with small pad, tool-less height-adjustable aluminum frame, flip-up padded arm supports, foot supports, four dual-locking 5” (125mm) casters and commode pan. User weight capacity 350 lbs.

    22" Wide Shower Chair w/ 3" Twin Casters

    The seamless infection control patent pending design exclusively by Mor Medical Deluxe on the New Era PVC Shower Commode Chairs is designed for efficient infection control. The structural frame is held in place with high tensile strength stainless steel bolts and the flared leg base provides extra stability. The resting back section comes with vinyl straps to facilitate cleaning and disinfecting between patient use. All components are easily removable to maximize cleaning and disinfecting. Ingenious knock down capacity and user friendly assembly

    Rolling Shower Chairs