Tuffcare Bariatric Commode Chair w/ 24” Rear Wheels**OVERSIZED**

The Bariatric Commode Shower Chair 2S990TC provides great mobility with a heavy duty aluminum alloy frame specially coated with rust inhibitors. Has 24" rear wheels for better mobility.
Manufacturer: Tuffcare/healthcare2000
Product #: 2S990TC
Can also double as a commode seat.  Seat width size is 22" with a weight limit of 450lbs.
  • Folding frame for easy storage.
  • Attractive ivory white with gray cross brace.
  • Standard swing-back arms for easy transfer in and out of chair.
  • Padded toilet seat for extra comfort.
  • Comes standard with splash guard or bucket with cover.
  • Weight limit: 450 lbs. 

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