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    Tri-Fold Bedside Fall Mat

    Helps to reduce the possibility of injuries from bed falls. Conveniently folds in 3 sections for storage.

    Safe-Side Fall Mat

    Achieve high-impact fall protection with this mat that features a beveled perimeter. This fall mat is comprised of shock absorbing bonded foam with a heat-sealed outer vinyl cover. Bi-fold design.

    PrimeMat 2.0 Impact Reduction Fall Mat

    PrimeMat 2.0 Impact Reduction Fall Mats:

    EZ Landing II Fall Mat

    Skil-Care EZ Landing Fall Mats are designed to help reduce the impact from bed related falls. The one-piece electrometric foam surface is beveled to provide a low-profile edge to reduce tripping hazard. The anti-microbial agent protects the mat from mold, mildew and order causing bacteria. The low-profile surface allows resident to stand, walk or wheel over the mat without difficulty. The mat comes with a non-skid top and a slip resistant bottom.

    FloorPro Pad Alarm System

    Single sided pad alarm system. Weight sensitive floor pad activates alarm at bedside and/or nurses station. Eliminates false alarms associated with on the bed sensors.

    Soft-Fall Bedside Mat Alarm System

    This FloorPro Safety Alarm System comes with a 2″ fall mat, that alerts the care giver when pressure is applied.

    Roll-On Bedside Mat

    Skil-Care Roll-On Bedside Mat is a high impact foam Fall Mat, comes with tapered edges for non trip, and easy wheelchair roll-on.

    Tri-Fold Bedside Mat

    Folding to a convenient size for easy storage, this high density foam mat absorbs impact to reduce bed-fall injuries

    Beveled Tri-Fold Floor Cushion

    Secure Fall Mats have a beveled edge and serve well as a bedside safety mat. They are designed to protect at-risk patients from fall injuries. Placed beside the bed, these cushioned mats have a beveled edge that minimizes tripping hazards and allows wheelchairs to easily roll-on or roll-off. The safety bedside mat is slip-resistant on both sides. Bedside floor mats are designed with a one-inch thick Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) foam for maximum fall impact absorption. This bedside safety device helps to prevent injuries to patients from accidentally rolling and falling out of bed. Select between the standard or the waterproof mat with glow in the dark edges.

    Soft-Fall Bedside Mats

    This fall mat is comprised of shock absorbing high density polyurthane foam with a heat-sealed outer vinyl cover. Choose between 2" and 4" height.

    High Density Foam Floor Mat

    The High Density Foam floor mats help prevent injury to the patient in the event of accidental roll-off from the bed. Constructed from high-compression foam, the mats provide a firm support surface to be placed beside the bed to create a safer environment for the at-risk patient. =

    Beveled Floor Cushion

    Posey Floor Cushions help reduce the risk of injury due to a fall near a bed or chair. They include beveled edges to help reduce the risk of tripping hazards that can arise when using walkers and wheelchairs over an elevated surface. Made of low-profile EVA foam that absorbs up to 85% of a fall’s impact* and is tested according to ASTM test protocols for shock absorbency.

    Floor Mat Fall Alarm Monitor, 24"X70"X1", with On/Off Monitor

    The Fall Alarm Floor Mat Monitor dimensions: 24" x 70"x 1" Bed Alarm Sensor Pads are placed under the resident on the bed. When resident gets up and pressure is released from the pad the bed alarm monitor will sound (Monitor Required)

    CordLess Floor Mats

    The CordLess Floor Mat can be place by the bedside or in a doorway. When the resident gets out of bed or tries to leave the room and pressure is applied to the mat it will send a signal to a monitor to alert the caregiver.

    Roll-On Bedside Mat, 26", 68"L x 26"W x 1-1/2"H

    This high impact foam Fall Mat, comes with tapered edges for non trip, and easy wheelchair roll-on.

    Fall Mats