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    Built-Up Handle, Bendable Utensils

    Build-up handle stainless steel utensils have comfort handle that is easy to hold, utensil can bend to either side at any angle. Hole at one end can be used to attach a wrist strap. Available options: Tablespoon or Fork

    Quad Kitchen Knife

    Kitchen Knife has a 6 inch Santoku blade suitable around the kitchen for general purpose chopping and cutting.


    Counter weights and rotation axes keep the spoon bowl level regardless of how your hand or arm twists, bends, or moves, preventing food spillage.

    Neater Arm Support ZERO

    We have introduced the Neater Arm Support ZERO to provide an interim or complementary solution to muscle weakness. ** 6-8 WEEK DELIVERY TIME** Additional bases can be purchased to allow for neater arm support zero to be placed around the home or workplace. Please choose left or right side for your desired base positioning. To transfer your neater arm support, simply remove the arm support and attach it to another base. 4-6 WEEK DELIVERY TIME FOR BASES ONLY**

    S’up Spoon

    .The S’up Spoon reduces spillage, promotes social interaction and allows a wider diet for those with shaky hands or tremors. The spoon has a cavity in the handle that acts as a holding point for food. This design reduces spillage even with vigorous or shaky movements. This enables those with shaky hands to eat a wider variety of food, including loose and liquid based food such as soup, rice or even ice-cream.

    4 Piece Adaptive Utensils Set

    Wide, Non-slip grip for hand tremors, Arthritis, ALS, etc.

    Tremor Utensils