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    Government Contract Vehicles

    DUNS# 968247739

    Unique Entity Identifier (UEI)# U4M9XGZW8K11

    Current SAM Registration 10/23/2023 - 10/24/2024

    CAGE 6FUP1

    FSS Contracts 

    36F79123D0004 10/1/2022-9/30/2027 65IIA

    36F79723D0003 10/1/2022-9/30/2027 65IIF

    DALC Contracts

    36C79122D0006: Nebulizers and Accessories – 5/4/22 to 5/3/27

    36C79120D0010: Compression Stockings Below the Knee – 7/15/20 to 7/14/25

    SAC Contracts

    36C10G23D0020: Standard Wheelchair and Accessories – 12/14/22 to 12/13/27


    Current BPA Number 36C24C20A0303

    Other DAPA reference numbers VA119-17-A-006 and VA119-17-A-0142

    MASTER BPA DAPA 366C24122A0067

    DoD DAPA 


    Ebuy Participant 

    Prime Vendor Participant  

    MSPV-Bridge Participant