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    Drive Bellavita Auto Bath Lift

    Weighing only 20.5 lbs., Bellavita is the lightest bathlift on the market. At 2.3", it’s also the lowest bath lift available. The seat height reaches a record 18.8"—excellent for deeper model tubs. The backrest reclines to 50 degrees. Completely tool-free set-up makes it easy to install and operate. Max load capacity: 300 lbs

    Splash Bath Lift

    An ultra-lightweight, budget-friendly bath lift. A simple, practical bathing solution

    Bathing Cushion with Airflow Compressor

    Relying on your back or inadequate equipment when someone falls often results in an embarrassing situation for staff and patient. Worse yet, it could result in injuries. The ELK and CAMEL enhance independent living by providing an easy- to-use, affordable solution for assisting people when they fall and can’t get themselves up. Both are specifically designed to minimize the risk of injury to patient and caregiver alike.

    Aquatec RSB Wide White Battery Powered Bathlift with Adjustable Side Laterals, for Larger Tubs

    Enjoy a safe bath without fear of slipping. Battery powered bath lift for Jacuzzi sized tub. Fit a tub opening up to 32" measured across top of tub. Reclining back support has adjustable side laterals for upper body support. Lift and move the side flaps for best position. Swing them back out of the way for side transfers. The lift will raise and lower in a tub to 2 3/4" from bottom of tub. At top of tub, the side seat flaps will lay out on top edge for easy transfer off seat. 35.5" wide seat platform with seat flaps open, 300 lb capacity.

    Archimedes Bath Lift

    If you need more back support, the Archimedes is the perfect solution. Lower and raise yourself in and out of the bath on the reassuring and comfortable fixed position seat using the battery powered hand control.

    Tranquilo Premium Electric Bath Lift with Padded Safeswivel Rotating Seat and Electric and Recline

    INDUSTRY-LEADING LIFTING RANGE. Only Tranquilo reaches a max. lifting height of 21.5". Compare that to 18" on old-style lifts. The extra-high lift means that it will safely work with all standard tubs as well as tubs with higher sides. Measure your tub height carefully when purchasing any lift (many lifts will not work tub walls higher than 18") The extra height of the Tranquilo also makes getting into and out of the bath lift MUCH EASIER when used with any tub, regardless of wall height.

    Bath Lifts