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    Big-Grip Button Hook with Zipper Pull

    These button hooks meet most buttoning needs. Ideal for those who lack fine motor coordination or have use of only one hand. Button hooks are easy to use; simply slip wire hook through button hole, grab button with wire and pull button back through hole. Several styles available. Latex free.

    Button Hook, Rubber Handle

    Button Aid with Vinyl Grip has a plastic vinyl grip contoured to fit the fingers.

    Clear Zipper Pull

    Assists in closure of zippers for persons with limited finger grasp. Monofilament loop can be tucked out of sight. Metal clip attaches to zipper tab. Package of 3.

    Complete Kit - Black Bungees, Black Laces, Skinny

    Complete Kit - Black Bungees, Black Laces, Skinny

    Elastic Shoelaces - 2 Pr/Pkg

    Heavy-duty elastic shoelaces for those who require or prefer better support. No special lacing or tying required. 2 pair per package, except 3/16" are 3 pair per pkg. Latex free except where indicated.

    iBungee Laces, Pair

    iBungee is the best stretch lace in the world and provides a supremely comfortable, plush feel for the foot. iBungee converts any shoe into a slip-on and the comfort and flexibility is addictive. Our high-quality cord-locks will never slip and you'll never tie laces again! Rated "Best in Test" by Triathlete Magazine and recommended by Runner's World.

    Kinsman Wooden Button Hook

    Button Hook has a specially formed stainless steel wire loop which goes through the clothing eyelet and secures the button to allow it to be pulled back through the eyelet.

    Lock Laces

    Lock Laces® firm-but-flexible elastic laces stretch, so you can easily slide your shoes on without damaging the heel of the shoe.

    Ring Zipper Pull

    Ring Zipper Pull. This 1" ring with a snap hook can be attached to a regular tab, making zipping/unzipping easier. Three per package. Latex free.

    Weighted Button Aid

    Features a textured grip vinyl handle and specially formed stainless steel wire loop. Simply push the loop through the clothing eyelet, "grab" the button, and bring the loop back through the eyelet. Diameter is 1", overall length 7-1/4". Weighs 7 oz.

    Wooden Combo Button Loop/Zipper Pull

    Button loop/hook combo has a specially formed stainless steel wire loop on one end which goes through the clothing eyelet and secures the button to allow it to be pulled back through the eyelet while a small 5/8” brass plated hook on other end helps to pull zipper.

    Adjustable Two Piece Belt with Side Release Buckle- Black

    Side Release Buckles are one of Strapworks' most popular items. When combined with strapworks' Flat Nylon, Heavyweight, Lightweight Polypropylene, Polyester, or Patterned Polyester webbing, you get a versatile Side Release Buckle Belt that is suitable for a wide range of applications. They are available in the following buckle styles: Plastic Black single Adjust 2 inch, Plastic White Single Adjust 2 inch, Metal Flat 2 inch and Aluminum 2 inch. These can also double as a quick tie-down strap or lashing in a pinch. These belts are also Airport / Metal Detector Safe depending on the type of buckle you choose.

    DressEZ 2 in 1 Shoehorn/Dressing Aid

    The long handle shoehorn and helpful dressing aid - all in one! The DressEZ shoehorn offers you a longer reach than virtually every other shoehorn in the world. With the DressEZ there is no need to bend over when slipping on your shoes. Plus the DressEZ aid is more than just a shoehorn. Click on alternative views to see just a few uses. 24"

    Leg Lifter, Rigid - 41"

    Leg Lifter, Rigid - 41"

    Cord Type Zipper Pull

    Gives you the extra reach sometime needed to zip up.

    Button Hook -Large, Acrylic Grip

    Enables the one handed or those with poor dexterity to do up buttons. Made of easy to clean acrylic with a bright red end to assist vision. Designed to easily fit in a purse or pocket.

    Tylastic Shoelaces

    Tylastic Shoelaces eliminate the hassle of tying your shoes every day in the morning. This daily task can be difficult when you have limited mobility or hand function. Tylastic Shoelaces are the ideal accessory for elderly, handicapped, or disabled users. This independent dressing aid is excellent for individuals with limited hand motion, difficulty grasping small objects, poor finger dexterity, or limited fine motor skills. These shoes are sold by the pair, and are available in a variety of length, width, color, latex and non-latex options, and packaging combinations.

    Buckingham Bra-Angel

    The Buckingham Bra Angel Dressing Aid is an innovative and simple to use dressing aid designed by an Occupational Therapist. People with arthritis who have difficulty putting on a bra will find this dressing aid can be used with most bra types and is easily adjusted to size.

    Combination Button Aid / Zipper Pull

    Maintain independence and enhance dressing skills with the help of a Combination Button Aid/Zipper Pull. This small, but handy double-duty dressing device is designed to aid users with limited hand and finger function.

    Elastic Shoelaces

    Elastic shoe lace can be tied in a usual manner. Elastic Shoelaces can be useful for those with limited dexterity or have difficulty tying shoelaces. Allows enough stretch so that shoes can be slipped on or off without untying. Offer cord-lock feature.

    Original AFO Assist

    The Original AFO Assist® is an innovative lower body dressing aid that makes putting on an ankle foot orthosis (AFO) and shoe easier. This unique dressing assistive device was created by an occupational therapist to increase dressing independence for AFO users. Rehabilitation therapists and people with physical disabilities who wear an AFO to safely walk are finding The Original AFO Assist® is a practical, helpful device.

    Button Aid, One Handed

    Aids the user in getting dressed with only one hand

    Vasyli McPoil Tissue Stress Relief Orthotic

    The Vasyli McPoil is designed behind the dual density approach to contraction. It utilizes a cushioned top cover that allows for a few degrees of individual-specific ”normal” foot pronation while the firmer base shell acts to prevent “excessive” foot pronation. If further “control” or dampening of excessive foot pronation is required, then posting in the rear foot and/or forefoot can be added to the foot orthotic.

    Arion Easy-Slide Arm Application Aid

    Easy-Slide Arm makes donning compression arm sleeves quick and easy. A straightforward donning method in combination with the application aid requires very little physical effort on the part of the compression wearer or his caregiver. Simply put the aid over your arm, and slide your medical compression sleeve up the limb over the application aid. Easy-Slide Arm helps compression wearers enjoy the convenience of donning compression arm sleeves independently and regularly.

    Button Helper- set of 10

    Button Helper attaches to existing shirt buttons and empowers wearers to dress themselves with dignity, independence, and ease. A box includes 10 magnetic adapters, which is enough for 1 standard dress shirt or 3-5 polo shirts. This patented product stays on in the wash and installs without sewing.

    Travel Model: Pants Up Easy

    Product Benefits Pants Up Easy is for people who desire increased mobility with the activities of daily living and is much more than a dressing aid.

    Adult Black All Leather Myself Belts- 38/40

    Patented, easy to secure closure for arthritic hands

    Sure Hand Button Hook

    Sure Hand Button Hook

    Zubits Magnetic Shoe Closures Size 1

    Easy to use magnetic shoe fasteners for users who have difficulty tying their shoes.

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