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    Spinner Steering Wheel Aids with Base

    Provides a secure way for users to turn a steering wheel with one arm!

    Metro Car Handle Plus

    Promotes safety and mobility, protects against falls and makes standing or sitting easy. Universal design works on most cars. Fits securely into passenger or driver side of door latch—no vehicle modification required. No-slip ergonomic grip fits parallel into car door latch for comfortable grasp and optimal leverage. Spare key prevents you from getting locked out of your house.

    Car Caddie

    The Car Caddie makes it easier to get in-and-out of the car. Simply roll down your window and attach the CarCaddie to add an extra support handle on any door of the car.

    EZ Swivel Seat

    The Swivel Seat Cushion provides assistance making it easier to swing legs and hips around when getting in and out of the car. The comfortable soft padded cushion is great for long trips.

    Plastic Flexible Swivel Seat Cushion

    This 1-3/4" thick foam swivel cushion rotates 360°, enabling the user to turn in any direction with ease.

    Deluxe Swivel Seat Cushion

    Convert stationary chairs into swiveling chairs to reduce the strain on your back and hips. Great for getting in and out of vehicles.

    Padded Swivel Seat Cushion

    Makes getting on or off a seat or chair easy and comfortable.


    PREVENT FALLS: Protects against falls and makes standing or sitting easy UNIVERSAL: Secure fit into passenger or driver side of door latch NO-SLIP GRIP: Fits perpendicular to car for comfortable grip and optimal leverage WINDOW BREAKER: Safely and easily breaks glass in an emergency SEAT BELT CUTTER: Protected blade to cut seat belt in emergencies

    Grab n' Pull Seat Belt Reacher

    REDUCE STRAIN: When twisting or reaching for the seat belt EASILY ATTACH: To any seat belt in any vehicle GREAT FOR: Anyone with limited mobility in shoulders or wrists INJURY REHAB: Limit motion on back, shoulder, elbow, & wrist

    UnbuckleMe Car Seat Buckle Release Tool

    UnbuckleMe has a soft, grippy top surface designed for comfort and stability. It can be used with one hand and even squeezed with fingers and the palm of the hand (using no thumbs at all!)

    SafetySure CarEase

    SafetySure Car Ease Tube of fabric with a slippery inner surface that makes moving in or out of a car seat very easy. Great for people with leg and/or trunk weakness.

    Automotive Aids