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    Posey Finger Control - Pair

    RECOMMENDED USE: Patients who disrupt medical treatment by pulling at their IV line/catheter or are prone to self-injury.

    IV Pole- 4 Hook

    Product Summary 4 rubber wheels provide for a smooth transport and maneuverability Removable hooks make this economy IV pole versatile Easily converted to 2-hook or 4-hook with easy-to-release pushpin Chrome plated steel with weighted base provides strength, durability and reduces risk of tipping Height range of 40"–82" Locking collar allows for easy height adjustment

    ADA Height Vaccine Refrigerator, 6 Cu.Ft.

    32.5" H x 23.38" W x 24.38" D (83cm H x 59cm W x 62cm D)

    Mobile Stand for Connex Vital Signs Monitor

    Welch Allyn Accessory Cable Management Mobile Stand for Connex Vital Signs Monitor 6000 Series; Storage Bin, Extended Housing

    Medegen Plastic Emesis Basin

    Medegen Plastic Emesis Basin, Dusty Rose, 8-1/2 Inch 500 cc Capacity

    Lotion Warmer - Model TM-1, Table Mounted

    *FSS CONTRACT V797D-30191 Easily attaches to any treatment table or wall to keep massage lotion or ultrasound gel at a comfortable temperature and within reach. Bottles are not included.

    Welch Allyn SureTemp Disposable Probe Covers

    Case of 7500 Case contains 30 sleeves of 250 covers. Each Sleeve contains 10 boxes of 25 covers.

    Universal Telescoping I.V. Pole

    Universal spacing sleeve can be added or removed to accommodate most leading manufacturers’ wheelchairs.

    23 Cu.Ft. Upright Pharmacy Refrigerator

    Accucold's Pharma-Lab Performance Series features reach-in refrigerators and matching freezers designed and purpose-built to meet the demanding needs for pharmacy, medication, vaccine, laboratory, and life science applications.

    VenaFlow® Elite System

    Designed as a prophylaxis for Deep Vein Thrombosis, the VenaFlow Elite System combines two technologies, rapid inflation and graduated sequential compression that work to mimic ambulation and accelerate venous velocity. The breathable and comfortable calf, foot and thigh cuffs help to enhance the patient experience and are compatible with one universal pump.

    Armedica AM-368 Treatment Table

    ***CALL OR EMAIL FOR QUOTE*** The Bariatric Plus Hi-Lo Table with Motorized Back is a treatment table that adjusts to make the patient and clinician more comfortable during examinations. The adjustability makes mobilizations easier and more pleasant, while two powerful motors allow clinicians to position patients weighing up to 800 lbs. Durable construction features top sections with welded steel support frames and radiused, seamless corners on upholstered components. Pivoting joints house hardened steel shoulder bolts with locking nuts to ensure years of trouble-free operation. CALL FOR FREIGHT QUOTE!

    Drydoc Tubing, 70'

    PureWick is a female external catheter. Hospitals, nursing homes and home-bound patients now have a solution for bed- and wheelchair-bound women. The soft, flexible, external disposable “wick” is attached to a continuous low-pressure pump. The “wick” is tucked snugly between the labia and gluteus muscles—but external to the body. Keeping the patient dry minimizes bedsores and UTIs, reduces diaper and bedding changes and improves the lives of exhausted caregivers and families.

    NelMed G-Tube Holder

    The NelMed G-Tube Holder was designed by the wife of a gastrostomy patient who disliked the side effects of G-Tubes being taped to her husband's skin. This holder comfortably secures G or PEG tubes in place without the need for tape, minimizing skin irritation and discomfort. The easy-access panel with grip tab combined with the belt's adjustable closure help increase patient's ability for self-care, keeping the G-Tube secure during restroom visits, sleeping, and everyday living.

    Follett Medical Grade Refrigerator with Stainless Steel Door

    Quick Features: custom-designed microprocessor temperature controller, environmentally friendly, non-CFC R134a refrigerant, cabinet-wide temperature remains within plus or minus 1 C (1.8 F), even with frequent door openings.

    CMF OL1000™

    CMF OL1000 Bone Growth Stimulators are portable, battery-powered medical devices indicated for use in the noninvasive treatment of an established nonunion fracture acquired secondary to trauma, excluding all vertebrae and flat bones. The device was designed with following features:

    Prime Care Plus Bed Model P750

    This is the bed ONLY Please see related products for Headboard options, and available Accessories

    Mabis All-In-One EMT and Paramedic Kit w/5 Cuffs

    Fully stocked. This MABIS All-in-One EMT and Paramedic Kit comes equipped with the necessary tools you need to meet the demands of EMTs and paramedics. Ideal for training new doctors, nurses and EMTs. Stylish and durable. Comes with a bright sleek orange carrying case featuring handy pockets for the matching accessories. You can easily organize all of the supplies in this kit. Eliminate the hassle. Always come prepared. This kit features 5 matching calibrated blood pressure cuffs with quick release connector: adult, infant, child, large adult and thigh. An ambidextrous chrome-plated palm aneroid gauge is also included in this kit for easy operation Also includes: dual head stethoscope with I.D. tag, Taylor percussion hammer, shears, penlight, 6 tourniquets and tape measure. Contains latex.

    Evaluation Stand

    The Evaluation Stand allows a patient to use any Mobile Arm Support without attaching it to a wheelchair or table top.

    RADNOR® Medical D/E Cylinder Cart Light Weight With Durable, 6" Non-Marring, Semi-Pneumatic Wheels And Chrome Finish

    Strong yet light-weight with a durable chrome finish. Compact dimensions allow for easy storage yet remain stable while being pulled due to the durable 6" non-marring, semi-pneumatic wheels. The handle extends from 39" to 44" and has a mask hook and non-slip handle. A front-mounted carry handle is also included for added convenience and comfort. Able to handle a D or E size oxygen cylinder.

    Acupressure Point Chart – Laminated

    Plus: Comes with 16-page reference booklet containing point recipes for common ailments.

    Autoject® 2

    Autoject®2 is an advanced auto-injector device that encourages patient self-reliance and helps improve medicine adherence by making the injection experience simple, convenient and more manageable. It can be used to deliver a range of different syringe-based medications.

    SciFit Step One Recumbent Stepper

    StepOne provides a smooth, total body functional movement. It features low starting resistance, direct wheelchair access, adjustable arm length and handle angle, customizable programs and documentation to help users reach their goals.

    Green Series™ 460 Portable Diagnostic Headlight

    Portable Diagnostic Headlight is a high-quality and well-built medical lighting device designed to provide hospitals, clinics or medical facilities with shadow-free, bright and white illumination during examination or procedures. Comfortable and Convenient. Built with a coaxial luminaire illumination, the Green Series™ 460 Portable Diagnostic Headlight produces 40 lumens of brightness and 5,500-deg Kelvin White Light for viewing true tissue color. The headband style exam light is lightweight and compact making it comfortable to use and fits into a shirt pocket. It has a no wires which ensures doctors have an unobstructed view.

    Hydraulic Digital In-Bed Scales

    Mobile in-bed scales offer a convenient means of weighing bed-ridden patients. Highly recommended for ICU, surgical recovery and geriatric areas

    Economy Foam Limb holder w/Single Straps, Universal 36/Case

    The economy limb holder, manufactured from either low-pile synthetic sheepskin or velcro-foam, safely limits the motion of the residents arms or legs in a bed.

    Alligator-Pin Conversion Wire 5" long, pk/2

    Converts any TENS lead wire with standard 2 mm push pin jacks into alligator clip connectors, 5" long, includes red and black colored connectors. Note: Self-adhesive TENS electrodes use this same type of 2 mm plug connector.

    Portable Wheelchair Stairlift

    Portable Stair Climber For Wheelchairs What's Included: - 1 Atlas Wheelchair Stairlift - 1 Battery - 1 Charger - 1 Instruction Manual

    H-250 Barton Convertible Chair

    The H-250 Convertible Chair is a unique device that easily converts from a stretcher to an upright mobile chair in seconds. Its Tilt-in-Space capability allows for increased blood circulation helping to prevent skin breakdown and other complications of immobility.

    Walkmed Infusion Infusion Pump, Ambulatory Walkmed 350Vl V2.0 Ce1275

    The WalkMed 350VL infusion pump is trusted for a reason. Its quality and dependability have been proven by years of consistent performance. Primarily designed for ambulatory therapy, the 350VL is lightweight, easy to program, and able to last days on a single 9V battery.

    RMS Medical Freedom60 Syringe Infusion Pump 14 oz. 1/2 mL/Hours to 1200 mL/Hours

    The FREEDOM60 is also intended to provide continuous infusion of a local anesthetic directly into the intraoperative site for postoperative pain management It is not intended for the delivery of blood, critical* or life-sustaining medications or for the infusion of insulin

    Ritter 253 LED Exam Lights

    The Ritter 253 is the versatile choice for having the right size of light in the right place during exams. It can be mounted directly to the Ritter exam tables, Ritter and Midmark power exam chairs and to the full line of Ritter and Midmark procedure tables. The 253 may also be ordered on a mobile stand and wall mounted.

    B-STRONG, Pro Package, 8 Blood Flow Restriction Bands, Sizes 1 - 4 (2 Each)

    B-STRONG is the leader in Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training - the groundbreaking exercise technique that manipulates the body's circulatory system. When combined with light to moderate exercise, BFR Training improves strength and fitness in a very short amount of time. BFR bands are placed and inflated around the upper portion of the arms and/or legs to safely slow the flow of blood in the limb.

    Small Training Stairs

    The training stairs are made out of 14 gauge, type 304 stainless steel with exposed exterior surfaces polished to a satin finish. This is the smaller of the two-sided stairs Whitehall offers. 1.5" (38 mm) diameter hand rails are provided. Weight capacity of these stairs is 800 lbs (362.87 kg).

    Drive Economy IV Pole - 2 Hook

    Four-leg design with removable top adjusts in height 40" - 82". Two hooks can be removed and re-inserted easily with push-pin release. Chrome-plated steel with weighted base. Four ballbearing wheels. Locking collar allows for easy height adjustment.

    Drive Economy IV Pole, 2 Hook, Silver Vein

    Dimensions: 8"(L) x 8"(W) x 40"(H)

    Airlife Respiratory Therapy Sterile Water Inhalation Solutions-2000 mL Flexible Bag

    Vyaire Medical AirLife Sterile Water is available in a variety of containers and sizes to replenish empty nebulizers, flush feeding sets and clear secretions for tracheostomy care. It is important to use Sterile Water to prevent contamination by introducing bacteria which can lead to infection. The flexible sterile water bag is 2000 mL in a closed system to maintain sterility. The bag is attached to a feeding set to flush or clean feeding set or provide additional hydration. The bag of sterile water is an option to refill the nebulizer for inhalation respiratory therapy. Sterile water can also be added to refilling chambers such as humidifiers. The AirLife Modudose unit dose of sterile water in 3 mL has graduations along the vial to dispense by the drop or as a stream to facilitate tracheal suction systems when clearing mucus in the tracheostomy. The prefilled bottles in 500 or 1000 mL are designed to refill a nebulizer for inhalation. The orange and grey cap offers easy connection and works with AirLife Nebulizer Heater with external slip-on heater to further reduce the risk of contamination by heating aerosol. Heater is sold separately.

    Acapella Flutter Valve, Low Flow Blue

    There are two color-coded options when using the Acapella mucus clearance apparatus: blue and green. The blue model is low-flow, working less than 15 liters per minute (LPM) for three seconds, and the green model is high flow, working more than 15 LPM for three seconds.

    Single bottle and 20 Gram Packette Gel Warmer

    Single bottle and 20 gram packette gel warmers rapidly heat ultrasound gel and consistently monitor temperature. Durable construction, suitable for wall mounting or countertop use.

    Hospital Equipment