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    IV Pole- 4 Hook

    IV Pole with 4-Hooks and 4 rubber wheels provide for a smooth transport and maneuverability .

    Medegen Plastic Emesis Basin

    Medegen Plastic Emesis Basin, Dusty Rose, 8-1/2 Inch 500 cc Capacity

    Universal Telescoping I.V. Pole

    Universal spacing sleeve can be added or removed to accommodate most leading manufacturers’ wheelchairs.

    VenaFlow Elite System

    Designed as a prophylaxis for Deep Vein Thrombosis, the VenaFlow Elite System combines two technologies, rapid inflation and graduated sequential compression that work to mimic ambulation and accelerate venous velocity. The breathable and comfortable calf, foot and thigh cuffs help to enhance the patient experience and are compatible with one universal pump.

    Armedica AM-368 Treatment Table

    ***CALL OR EMAIL FOR QUOTE*** The Bariatric Plus Hi-Lo Table with Motorized Back is a treatment table that adjusts to make the patient and clinician more comfortable during examinations. The adjustability makes mobilizations easier and more pleasant, while two powerful motors allow clinicians to position patients weighing up to 800 lbs. Durable construction features top sections with welded steel support frames and radiused, seamless corners on upholstered components. Pivoting joints house hardened steel shoulder bolts with locking nuts to ensure years of trouble-free operation. CALL FOR FREIGHT QUOTE!

    NelMed G-Tube Holder

    The NelMed G-Tube Holder was designed by the wife of a gastrostomy patient who disliked the side effects of G-Tubes being taped to her husband's skin. This holder comfortably secures G or PEG tubes in place without the need for tape, minimizing skin irritation and discomfort. The easy-access panel with grip tab combined with the belt's adjustable closure help increase patient's ability for self-care, keeping the G-Tube secure during restroom visits, sleeping, and everyday living.

    Prime Care Plus Bed Model P750

    This is the bed ONLY Please see related products for Headboard options, and available Accessories

    H-250 Barton Convertible Chair

    The H-250 Convertible Chair is a unique device that easily converts from a stretcher to an upright mobile chair in seconds. Its Tilt-in-Space capability allows for increased blood circulation helping to prevent skin breakdown and other complications of immobility.

    Drive Economy IV Pole - 2 Hook

    Four-leg design with removable top adjusts in height 40" - 82". Two hooks can be removed and re-inserted easily with push-pin release. Chrome-plated steel with weighted base. Four ballbearing wheels. Locking collar allows for easy height adjustment.

    Acapella Mucus Clearance Apparatus

    There are three color-coded options when using the Acapella mucus clearance apparatus: blue and green. The blue model is low-flow, working less than 15 liters per minute (LPM) for three seconds, and the green model is high flow, working more than 15 LPM for three seconds. Teal is mid flow working more than 10 LPM for three seceonds.

    Tilt Table Strap

    Tilt Table Strap supports a patient during diagnostic or surgical procedures using a tilt table. Tilt Table Strap Strong, durable hook-and-loop closure for secure positioning with a padded, soft surface that is gentle on the skin and on equipment. Universal extra-long size fits most tilt tables.

    Universal Clamp for Clinton Oxygen Holder/IV Pole

    Aluminum clamp used to mount most accessories without disassembling pole Easy position adjustments Set-screw locks accessories in place Not included with accessories

    MIC-KEY Feeding Tube Extension Set with SECUR LOK and Clamp Feeding Set - CASE OF 5

    12 Inch Length, Bolus Feed, Catheter Tip, SECUR-LOK Straight Connector

    Focus Shockwave Cart

    *Shockwave cart shown with device as example. Item 24650DJO Chattanooga F-SW Cart does not include pictured device

    Curlin 4000 CMS

    The Curlin 4000 CMSTM ambulatory IV pump is a multi-therapy ambulatory electronic infusion pump capable of providing PCA, PCEA, subcutaneous, and TPN therapies, in both intermittent and variable modes.

    LINE2design 2-Wheel Deluxe Evacuation Folding Stair Chair

    LINE2design 2-Wheel Deluxe Evacuation Folding Stair Chair


    The MIC-KEY Low Profile Gastrostomy Feeding Tubes with SECUR-LOK enable caretakers and in-home patients to deliver Enteral Nutrition to the stomach. The MIC-KEY Low Profile Feeding Tube features medical grade silicone construction and delivers optimal performance and value to users. They also include a conventional and low-profile design. The low-profile design makes it unobtrusive and easier to conceal. Its ventilated SECURE-LOK external retention ring provides optimal stoma health through enhanced air circulation around the stoma and also helps prevent migration of the tube itself. For a well-respected and widely used gastrostomy tube, the Avanos MIC-Key Gastrostomy Feeding Tube is a great choice. Kimberly Clark Ballard is a leader in the enteral feeding tube market. They offer a wide variety of high-quality and unique enteral feeding tubes. As the pioneer in the development of the first balloon retained tube designed for gastrostomy feeding, the MIC-KEY brand of enteral feeding tubes has become well recognized and accepted among health care professionals. All Mickey enteral feeding tubes are constructed of high clarity medical grade silicone and most feature the patented SECUR-LOK ring, the external retention mechanism designed to allow air to circulate around the stoma site for optimal stoma health. Kimberly Clark also manufactures a Mickey Bolus Gastrostomy Feed Tube for scheduled feedings, a Mickey Low Profile Tube for even less obtrusiveness, and Mic Key Tube Extension Sets.

    Hospital Bed Hydration System

    The Mealtime Partner Hospital Bed Hydration System is an assistive drinking aid that provides hands free drinking for those confined to a hospital bed. It was designed to allow a hydration backpack to be mounted to the bed rails of some of the many intelligent hospital beds that are used in hospital intensive care units, cardiac care, surgical centers, and rehabilitation facilities. These state-of-the-art hospital beds are manufactured with plastic bed rails that contain components to make them operate. However, the rails are relatively soft and, therefore, limit the ability to clamp equipment to them because the plastic flexes over time and the items being clamped with standard clamps slip out of position. The Hospital Bed Hydration System is attached to the bed rail using a two point mounting clamp that, once in place, holds its position indefinitely, even if the rails can flex. The Clamp has an Attachment Holder into which is inserted the end of a 22 inch length of flex tube. A Hydration Backpack Unbottle is integrated into this configuration by slotting the drinking tube through the flex tube and hooking the handle of the Unbottle over the clamp. Thus the system is fully integrated and attached securely to the bed. The flex tube allows the drinking tube to be positioned close to the patient’s mouth so that they are free to take a drink at will by simply moving their head.

    Ezy-Dose Syringe Magnifier

    Clip this handy magnifier to the syringe barrel to clearly see the calibration markings and ensure that you are getting the proper dosage of your medication.

    Splint-Form 1000 Heating Pan

    The Splint Form 1000 is designed to maintain water bath temperatures for heating thermoplastic materials in clinics and hospitals.

    Sterile Bulb Tip Yankauers, Case of 50

    Sterile Bulb Tip Yankauers, Case of 50

    Hospital Equipment