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    Baffle Spill-Proof Male Urinal

    Increases patient comfort, improves hygiene, helps caregivers and decreases laundry. Capacity: 32 oz. Attached lid with space for patient info. Ergonomic.

    Economy Male Urinal

    Molded from clear plastic, this Homecraft Economy Male Urnial has a snap-on lid and handle. The long neck ensures the product is easy to use. Capacity is 33 ounces.

    Maddaguard Splash Guard

    Directs urine flow towards the toilet. Fits most toilets — standard and elongated — and elevated toilet seats. Extra-large splash guard sits on the toilet seat opening and prevents urine from missing the toilet. Dimensions overall height 10", Width 4",Depth 3", and Height above seat 5.5".

    McGuire, Urocare Urologic Urinal System Small-26"-38"

    Urocare - McGuire-Style Male Urinal System is a versatile system that is ideal for use during the day to replace underpads and diapers. This system can be used for partial incontinence, dribbling and surge/overflow incontinence. This male urinal system kit is a comfortable incontinence product.

    Cunningham Clamp

    The Cunningham Incontinence Clamp is for men who suffer from stress incontinence or urinary dribbling.

    Female Urinal

    Available as Singles, or a CASE OF 6

    Carex Clear Bed Urinal

    These Carex Bed Urinals are intended for those who are bedridden and have an angle for use in several positions designed for less spills. They are lightweight with an easy-to-grip, sturdy handle. Ounces and centimeters are clearly labeled on the side for easy reading and for measuring without pouring. These urinals are made of durable polyethylene and are easy to clean. Available in men and women's designs with a plastic cap to conceal odors.

    Close Fit Male Urinal

    The Close Fit Male was designed for men with contracted anatomy. The urinal provides a better seal and fit with protection from infection with the non-absorbent, germ resistant comfort ring. This system needs to be held tight to the body to create a seal. The optimal position for use is sitting up with feet on the floor. Not designed for incontinence. Nothing attaches to the body. The urinal provides a better seal and fit with protection from infection with the non-absorbent, germ resistant comfort ring.

    Comfort Urinal System Male

    This urinal features a bag that hangs from the bed frame. The large capacity bag won't need emptying until morning - even if used many times through the night. The newly redesigned bag is thicker, more durable, double sealed, multi-use, fast draining and replaceable via an easy-twist connector. The bag also features improved kink-resistant tubing and a new bed hanger clip design.

    3-Pack Replacement Bags

    3 two liter, Multi-use replaceable collection bag with flexible, kink resistant tubing. Easy twist connector allows for quick bag replacement. Must be combined with Advantage Urinal Systems Handheld Urinals. Bag has been redesigned thicker, more durable, double sealed with new bed hanger clip and a full anti-reflux valve. Average life-span of bag is approx. 3 months.

    PureWick Female External Catheter

    Assists with noninvasive urine output management in female patients Drains urine to designated storage canister

    Urine Bottle Holder

    Discreetly hides urine bottles and keeps them within reach of patient or staff.

    The KX2 Stand-Up Portable Urinal Holder

    This patented device is intended to hold a standard, portable urinal by attaching to a standard walker and allows a person to stand and urinate with or without assistance. This is the only device available on the market that independently assists a standing patient while urinating and then holds the urinal until ready to be emptied.

    Plastic Urinal: Male, with Lid, each

    The Premium Plastic Urinal is a transparent male urine collection container. Made of Polyethylene, the plastic material is known to be safe as mentioned on California Prop 65. The BPA free plastic also helps by not contaminating the contents it holds. If your purpose of urine collection is to sample, that is to test, then the chemical integrity is a benefit for you. As chemically altered samples will be contaminated.

    SPIL-PRUF Urinal-Male

    Unique design helps prevent leaks.

    Medline Urinal w/ Glow in the Dark Lid (MALE)

    Our urinals have a splash-proof lid and store on their side, preventing accidental tipping and spilling

    Spill Proof Urinal by URSEC

    The URSEC Urinal incorporates the best features of traditional urinals and solves the problem of accidental spills. Made from sturdy plastic, the URSEC Female Urinal has a wide, stable base making it easy to position for use. The large ergonomic handle hangs conveniently on bed rails and is easy to hold and manipulate. All edges and openings are smooth to ensure patient comfort and ease of cleaning. The urinal is designed so that Women can use it while seated on the edge of a bed or in a reclined position. It easy to use and to clean and ... it will not spill its content whatever its position!

    Vinyl Urinary Drain Bag Holder

    mprove patient dignity with discreet opaque bag holders Vinyl design for easy cleaning with soap and water Simple to secure under wheelchairs and bedrails with durable straps

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