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    10 Funnels Portable Female Urination Device

    Discreet funnel-shaped urination device that enables women to go anywhere - concerts, road trips, camping and more; no more crouching or wiping. Urinate while standing up without taking off your clothing. Contains 10 individual single use funnels.
    Product #: 2B01N2WQKNUA
    • ERGONOMIC DESIGN/EASY TO USE - Peebuddy is anatomically shaped to fit you! No Leak - No Spill - No Backsplash - No Overflow - No Mess. The funnel is shaped for easy aiming - no wet clothes or shoes! Compatible with pants and outdoor clothing and gear as well.
    • COMPACT & EASY TO CARRY: Fits easily in your purse, pocket, or glove compartment. Convenient & Practical to carry everywhere. More than 2 million+ women have bought and used peebuddy globally.
    • RECYCLABLE WATER PROOF FUNNELS: 100% Recyclable, Nature Friendly. High quality paperboard with waterproof coating.
    • DISCREET & HYGIENIC: New - Fresh - Clean funnel ready for use each time. Ideal for public toilets, road trips, camping, hiking, airport or flight toilet, hospital and medical needs, railway and metro, HIGHWAYS and outdoor, women with Joint pain or pregnant women.