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    Transmet Crew Socks for Partial Foot Amputation

    Shape To Fit™ Transmet Socks are specifically designed for people with a partial foot amputation. The pair of socks includes one partial sock and one full crew diabetic sock. Dr. Comfort designed its diabetic socks to keep feet healthy. The socks have moisture wicking nano bamboo fibers to maintain dry feet and prevent infection. Charcoal adds odor control and is interwoven into the soft micro-nylon with Lycra material for ultra-softness. Dr. Comfort's proprietary soft-seam construction features a smooth seam to reduce friction on sensitive feet. The forefoot and heel also has extra padding for an all-around comfortable experience.

    Partial Foot Stump Sock, Regular

    The Partial Foot Sock is designed with a completely smooth surface on the inside of the sock and is lined with Silipos gel at its distal end. The gel releases a medical grade mineral oil to moisturize, soften, cushion, and protect transmetatarsal amputations from pressure and shearing, while providing maximum comfort and protection.

    Juzo Dynamic 20-30 mmHg AK Shrinker- Silicone Border- Size IV- Length XL

    Juzo Varin AK Stump Shrinker w/Silicone Band is soft and smooth against the skin allowing all day wear. The silicone band keeps the shrinker in place and from rolling. Prosthetic shrinkers provide graduated compression to help maintain the shape of the stump. The soft-in compression stump shrinker can be used as a substitute for bandaging and is designed to control swelling post amputation. They also offer extreme softness inside, making them ideal for areas of sensitive skin. Soft and smooth against the skin, these garments were developed to stay comfortable, even when worn every day.


    The Knit-Rite 4-Way Stretch Shrinker is a truly incredible shrinker for above knee amputees. The 4-Way Stretch AK Shrinker features stretchy polyester/Lycra core-spun yarns providing multidirectional stretch for a shrinker that creates less discomfort when applying. Silicone beads along the inside top will keep your shrinker in place, especially at while you're sleeping. Knit-Rite has been manufacturing prosthetic textiles since the 1920s and they know how to engineer a quality shrinker.

    DermaSaver Amputee Stump Cover

    DermaSaver Products A unique new line of products for head to toe skin protection. Revolutionary MicroSpring Textile™offers pressure relief, shear reduction, breathability, moisture transfer and antimicrobial protection - all in one package! Stretchy knit fabric reduces surface friction. Durable and launderable for repeated long-term and non-patient specific use. Polyester/spandex blend. Not made with natural rubber latex. Meets CAL 117 flame retardant standard.

    Knit-Rite Compressogrip AK Shrinker, Antimicrobial, Hip Band, 25-30mmHg Compression

    The Knit-Rite Compressogrip A/K is a prosthetic shrinker specifically designed for above-the-knee amputees. Knit-Rite borrows the same patented advancements of the B/K Compressogrip shrinker and adds improvements such as circular knit construction, universal waist belt and multidirectional stretch. This Knit-Rite shrinker is constructed using X-Static fiber for odor management and antimicrobial. The Compressogrip fabric offers 25-30mmHg compression at 50% stretch, which is within limits for therapeutic benefits. The Knit-Rite A/K Compressogrip fits either left or right above knee (transfemoral) amputees.

    BKA Rigid Dressing

    Below-Knee Rigid Protector for Hospitals and Clinics ONE SIZE FITS EVERYONE!!!


    Knit-Rite Compressogrip BK Prosthetic Shrinker with X-STATIC is a prosthetic shrinker designed with below-knee wearer acceptance and ease of application in mind. Its tubular shape allows BK amputees to control or vary compression for post amputation surgery edema management. Easily double the layers of the Compressogrip BK shrinker to better manage volume control. Doubling the shrinker layers will create double the compression regardless of how taut you pull the Compressogrip prosthetic shrinker. Please consult with your Prosthetist before applying more than two layers, which may exceed the desired therapeutic pressure. Controlled compression is a treatment for hypertrophic scarring along your residual limb. The Compressogrip B/K Elastic Shrinker contains X-Static fibers to inhibit odor causing bacteria in the garment and wick moisture away from your residual limb. X-STATIC - The Silver Fiber reacts with human body chemistry and is used for its therapeutic qualities in many medical products. More than 12 years of published clinical research supports X-STATIC's safety and claims

    Amputee Compression

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