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    Medi BK Stump Shrinker with Clima Comfort and Clima Fresh, Silicone Top Band

      • Medi Shrinker is designed for below-knee amputees
      • Silicone beaded top band for exceptional suspension & prevents falling off when sleeping
      • Soft and smooth fabric offers easier application and improved finish
      • Medi Clima Comfort keeps your limb dry and allows extraordinary breathability
      • Medi Clima Fresh prevents bacterial colonization within the fabric
      • 20-30 mmHg gradual compression shrinker
      • Sold each
      • Made in USA
    • Medi BK Stump Shrinker is a very thoughtfully constructed prosthetic shrinker intended to control edema and secondarily help with phantom pain. Medi USA added Clima Comfort that employs two unique qualities. First, its special yarn fibers quickly move moisture away from the surface of our skin, avoiding the unpleasant feeling of dampness created by normal perspiration. And second, clima comfort allows extraordinary breathability, which ensures the best possible supply of oxygen to the skin, minimizing the possibility of dry, rough skin. Let’s not forget about Clima Fresh which prevents bacteria and micro-organisms from colonizing within the fabric, which minimizes or eliminates the potential for unpleasant odors. This technology is built into the shrinker during the manufacturing process and not a chemical treatment. The end result is a shrinker that maintains its unique qualities wash after wash.


      70% Polyamide, 30% Elasthane


      Apply your Medi BK shrinker by placing the bottom of the shrinker on the end of your limb. Slowly pull and work the material up onto your limb. Last, adjust final placement and smooth out any creases that formed during application. Do Not pull your shrinker onto your limb by grasping the top edge only. It is highly recommended that you review usage guidelines with your Prosthetist and report any changes in fit or condition of your residual limb. Changes in the size of your limb may occur, in which case a new limb measurement should be taken and a new shrinker fitted if necessary. Do not wear the shrinker while your prosthesis is in use.


      To keep your stump shrinker functioning properly, Medi USA recommends hand wash daily with warm water or machine wash daily using the lowest permanent press setting. Use a mild compression detergent and do not launder with fabric softeners, chlorine, or other additives.


      Discontinue use and consult with your Prosthetist if any issues or changes in your limb and/or skin develop. Shrinkers are contraindicated for open wounds or weeping areas on your limb, stasis dermatitis and non-reduced edema.

      SIZETOP (in)MID-KNEE CAP (in)BOTTOM (in)
      BK Size 5, short20 3/41716 1/4
      BK Size 4, med19 3/415 3/415