Grooming Accessories

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Suction Brush

Scrub with just one hand.

Weighted Universal Holder

The Universal Holder has 3 set screws that tighten in a triangular pattern to secure most objects up to a maximum of 1/2” in diameter.

Built Up Handle Toothbrush

Soft Built-Up oversized handle for persons with limited grasp. Lightweight. Diameter is approximately 1 3/8”.

Press-On™ One-Handed Nail Clipper

Strong and durable nail clipper can be used with only one hand. Gentle pressure on the lever easily clips nails. Non-skid bumpers prevent it from sliding.

Etac Hair Washer with Ergo Grip

Ergonomically designed to reach the entire scalp, its nodules massage hair clean. The handle is lightweight polypropylene. 14-1/2" long. Weighs 4 oz. Latex free.

Weighted Universal Holder, Large

The plastic vinyl contoured handles improve grasp and control. They securely hold most toothbrushes and razors. Accommodates items up to 1/2" in diameter. 7-1/4 oz.

Nail Nipper

Ideal for trimming cuticles and nails. Sharp 1/2" jaw ensures precise even trimming.

Universal Quad Cuff

A Universal Holder made of cushioned cylindrical foam.

Lady's Extension Razor Holder

Lady's Extension Razor Holder Designed to hold either an electric or a safety razor. This handy aid assists a person in shaving their legs if they have a hard time reaching down. Length 20".

Dynarex Plastic Comb, 7 Inch, Black

Dynarex Hairbrushes and Combs are ideal for places like hospitals, long term care facilities, rehab centers and nursing homes. Dynarex Hairbrushes offer a durable, white, plastic handle and nylon bristles for a high quality hairbrush. Dynarex Hairbrushes measure 7" in length and are individually wrapped.

Drive Long Handle Comb

Drive Medical Extra Long Handled Comb feature an anti-slip grip which fits comfortably in your hand to stay in place when in use. Therefore, It is a perfect solution for people who have trouble gripping with their hands or extending their arms, this long-handled comb provides maximum reach with minimum effort, is easy to clean and can be fully immersed in water. It is also latex free. Drive Medical Extended Brush sold separately

Long-Handle Toenail Clippers, Pistol Grip

Extend your reach to your feet Clip toenails with ease Right or left hand use Long handle and pistol grip with trigger action

ETAC Hair Washer with Ergo Grip

Beauty hair washer substitutes the fingers to apply shampoo and massage the scalp. The shaft and handle are of the same design as the body washer, making it easier to reach the head without strain on the hands, shoulders or arms. The handles are oval and have a non-slip surface which enables a secure grip.

Weighted Cuff for Disposable Razor

This cuff secures a disposable razor and has a strap that easily and comfortably attaches over the user’s hand, with hidden weights that steady a shaky hand. Weighs about 1-1/2 lbs. and measures 1/2" x 4" x 6".