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Microfine Toe Caps, Sand Color

Microfine Toe Caps, Sand Color Intended to provide Class I compression and to be used instead of toe bandaging. They are made out of thin, breathable material and have fine seams. The toe lengths can be customized by trimming and material will not fray or roll when cut. Microfine ensures a comfortable fit that does not restrict the range of motion. Ambidextrous; four off-the-shelf sizes.

Rosidal® Lymphset Deluxe Double Arm Kit

Convenient, prepackaged kit saves time and simplifies the ordering process, as well as inventory management.

Comprilan® Compression Bandage 1.6" x 16.4" (4 cm x 5 m) Single Roll

Designed for management of edema, lymphedema and venous insufficiency, short-stretch bandage provides strong compression and resistance to stretch. 100% cotton absorbs perspiration and is air permeable. Machine washable and reusable by the same client. Latex free.

Artiflex Non-Woven Bandage

The Artiflex® Padding Bandages supports lymphedema therapy. It's recommended to wrap the limb prior to applying the Comprilan Stretch Compression Bandage to properly manage edema in the limb.

CompriFoam: 10cm x 2.5m x 0.4cm

CompriFoam® is an open cell foam bandage that creates padding prior to compression bandage application. Compression therapy is used for individuals with lymphedema, venous insufficiency and edema. It's also used to pad the limb before a plaster or synthetic cast is applied to the limb to repair a broken bone.

Circuflow 8 Chamber Garment-Full Leg

The garment features a smooth uninterrupted, unilateral gradient pressure and flow, distally from the foot, to proximally near the waist/torso.

Rosidal® Lymphset Complete Kit- Deluxe Double Leg

Everything need for managing arm or leg lymphedema in a pre-packaged kit ready for use at anytime Contains all of the necessary components required for a professional lymphological compression dressing Two complete sets per kit: one to wear and one to wash, allowing uninterrupted usage Kit makes ordering and inventory management easier

Tricofix Tubular Retention and Fixation Bandages: 4.7" x 22yds

Tricofix® is a lightweight, absorbent and breathable tubular compression bandage/stockinette.

ReadyWrap Foot SL

The power of an effective, low stretch velcro wrap with the convenience of a low-profile design. The Ready Wrap Foot SL is the perfect addition to your compression wrap system because you won't have to give up your favorite shoes! This wrap will apply therapeutic compression to your foot and ankle to promote healthy circulation and decrease mild to moderate lymphedema. The new foot wrap from Solaris easily slides over the foot and then can be adjusted at the ankle with the color-coded velcro band. This product is extremely easy to use to ensure independence and compliance.

3M Durapore Cloth Tape: 2"x10, BOX of 6

3M Durapore Cloth Tape: 2"x10, BOX of 6


TributeWrap Adjustable variable compression foam garments for lymphedema and edema

Sigvaris 504C Natural Rubber Knee High 40-50mmHg

The Sigvaris 500 Natural Rubber series is the gold standard in compression therapy. This is ideal for patients with more serious indications or long-term therapy needs. Fabric has a very low fatigue rate of 1-2%. Some fabrics can relax up to 15% during the course of a day. Recommendations include chronic venous insufficiency, swelling, venous stasis ulcers, lymphedema and post-thrombotic syndrome. Manufactured from double-covered natural rubber to offer the greatest degree of elasticity and durability. Made in Switzerland from 70% nylon, 30% natural latex rubber.

Circaid, Reduction Kit, Lower Leg, Wide, Long, 40cm

Indications Early phase decongestion treatment of lymphedema. Features: Inelastic compression. Breathable fabric that improves comfort and compliance. Juxtaposed band system for a perfect fit. Easily customized on a per-patient basis. Easy handling when donning and doffing. Built-In-Tension System supports a repeatable level of tension. Adjustable to your specific patient’s needs

Elastomull - 2" x 4.1yds - 12 rolls per bag

Elastomull is a non-adhesive open weave gauze which can be used to wrap edematous fingers or toes, or used to secure padding and dressings

Truform Compression Gauntlet 20-30 mmHg, Small, Black

Truform Gloves and Gauntlets are read to wear, and are designed to help manage swelling following trauma, surgery, or radiation therapy. The Lightweight microfiber knit construction allows for easy application, while the soft air-permeable fabric provides extended wearing comfort.


The ExoAnklet provides the user with the perfect amount of support and 18-26 mmHg compression. Made for the management of mild to moderate lymphedema or non-blood related Edema. This anklet provides optimal comfort by having softer material around the toes and heel so your feet do not feel cramped when wearing the compression anklet. Also, it is made without any natural latex so people who have sensitivities to latex do not need to worry about having a reaction.

It Stays Roll-On, 2oz Bottle

It Stays Roll-On, 2oz Bottle Body adhesive is ideal for thighlength stockings when garter belts are not used. Also great for regular socks, wigs, toupees, shoulder straps, or anything else that needs to stay in place. To remove it, simply lift off and wipe area with a damp cloth! Leaves no stain. 2 oz. bottles. Latex free.

Rosidal Soft

Rosidal Soft is the "ideal" padding - protective, soft and comfortable, used under short stretch compression bandages it provides light padding and helps distribute the compressive pressure of the bandages

ReadyWrap Calf

ReadyWrap low-stretch medical binders can be used as an alternative or supplement to elastic compression garments.  Can be worn with compression hosiery for additional support and protection.  Blocked spine reduces stretch and improves structural support.  Overlaps Foot and Knee units to help prevent gapping.

ReadyWrap Thigh

Solaris Ready Wrap Thigh is indicated for those with lymphedema, venous issues, such as varicose veins and venous insufficiency, and other forms of edema.

ReadyWrap Foot

The simple two-strap design fits into most shoes and allows for easier donning. Left and right specific designs help provide contouring. Standard sizing accommodates ankle girths up to 38cm.

Comprilan, 6cm x 5m

Comprilan is a short stretch compression bandage made from 100% cotton and is specifically designed for the management of venous leg ulcers, lymphedema and edema.

Comprilan Short Stretch, Single Roll

Comprilan® compression bandages are an ideal choice for treating and managing Lymphedema and other chronic swellings. Unlike "ACE" bandages, the short-stretch Comprilan® bandage provides both compression and resistance to stretch. The woven "textile-elastic" structure of Comprilan® provides a high working and low resting pressure, thereby helping to move lymphatic fluid out of an affected limb. When used as part of a multi-layered compression bandage the textured structure of the Comprilan® bandage’s fabric helps each layer firmly adhere to one another, making it less likely they will slip.

Tetra Lymph-Wrap Short Stretch Bandage, 10 rolls

Our IMPROVED softness uses premium 100% cotton yarn (weft) and improved consistent short stretch for ease of applying, excellent in treating various medical applications such as: Lymphedema management, primary and secondary varicosis, edema, post thrombotic syndrome, thrombophlebitis and phlebothrombosis. Extensible merely because of their weave (weft: 100% cotton yarn, warp: 99.6% cotton, .05% spandex) the fibers reduce the risk of constriction yet provide strong compression in a non-irritating bandage which is also permeable to air. They are most commonly used to apply the final compression for lymphedemic therapy.

Game Ready Replacement Sleeves (Sleeve Only)

Game Ready ATX (Active Temperature Exchange) Wraps are the magic behind the GRPro 2.1 and Med4 Elite therapy systems. Game Ready Sleeves provide the barrier between the wrap and the patient's skin.