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    635 Mac Back Brace

    Mechanical advantage corset offers 3:1 compression and control from L1 to S1

    Bauerfeind SacroLoc Back Support

    Bauerfeind’s SacroLoc back braces and supports stabilize the pelvis and lower back and delivers pain relief to the sacroiliac (SI Joint) and pelvis.

    Contour Freedom Cushion

    Innovation at its best! This Contour Freedom Seat cushion offers a convenient, comfortable way to reduce back pain.

    Cybertech SI Belt

    Cybertech SI Belt Provides immediate pain relief, prevents further inflammation and speeds recovery. Patented powerful compression makes it the most effective SI Belt of its kind. Lightweight, compact, breathable. Sleek, small size allows it to be hidden under clothing. Easy to adjust: customize the pressure with one hand in seconds. Adjustable or removable pads. Latex free.

    DMI® 3-Panel Abdominal Binders, 9"

    Conforms to body contours for support and proper compression.

    DMI® Lumbar Sacral Belt, Rigid

    Removable stays for added support. Durable elastic construction provides consistent compression. Hook and loop adjustment for a custom fit. Fits waist sizes 36 to 42 inches; 10 inch back tapers to a 6 inch front; hand washable


    The DonJoy® SI Belt provides stabilization of the sacroiliac (SI) joint through direct compression. The silicone grip strips prevent the brace from migrating and "locks" the hips.

    FormFit Air Back Support

    The Form Fit Back Support with Air provides compression and support for those suffering from lower back pain. The integrated pneumatic system is intuitive and conveniently located so that adjustments can be made as the demands on the body change throughout the day. The double wrap design improves compression, while the durable finger loops make applying the brace easy.

    MAC Plus Back Brace

    Mesh fabric design for breathability. Removable panel in the rear for rigidity. Perfectly suited for low back pain, strains and sprains. Flexible mesh material corset and panel contour to your build

    M-Brace M-SPINE LSO

    The M-Brace M-Spine LSO is indicated for support from the sacrum to the T-9 level, and post-op following stabilizing surgery, and lumbar disk surgery. It can also be used for degenerative pathologies such as osteopororsis, lumbo-sarcal vertebrae complaint, protrusions, and arthosis, as well as muscular pathologies such as muscular contractures. It includes a covered thermoplastic lumbar panel, abdominal thermoplastic panel, and 2 lateral panels. The M-Spine supports the patient at all stages of recovery. Moldable panels are to be applied pot-op without delay, and kept in place throughout the entire rehabilitation phase.The addition of lateral panels makes the brace indicated for the treatment of burst fractures. The corset acts as a corrective measure, and as a support to postural defects. Front panel is 8" high and back panel is 13" high.

    Mueller Lumbar Back Brace w/ Removable Pad

    Choose: Extended fits waist sizes 42" to 72" One Size Fits Most

    ObusForme Back Belts- Male, Black

    Designed to promote proper posture and good body mechanics to help maintain a healthy back, reduce back pain and prevent back pain injuries due to lifting, pushing, pulling, walking, exercising and repetitive bending or twisting. The ObusForme Back Belt comes in four sizes specifically tailored to the shape of the female physique.

    ObusForme Back Belts- Unisex ,Black L-XL

    Designed to promote proper posture and good body mechanics to help maintain a healthy back, reduce back pain and prevent back pain injuries due to lifting, pushing, pulling, walking, exercising and repetitive bending or twisting. The ObusForme Back Belt Unisex design accomodates most physiques.

    Pro-Tec Back Wrap

    Provides therapeutic warmth and support to lower back. Contoured design provides comfortable fit to maximize support. Promotes flexibility and reduces strain on lower back connective tissue and muscles. Made from UBL neoprene and Velcro. 7" in the back tapers to 5-1/2" in the front. One size fits most. Latex free.

    QuickDraw RAP Complete Back Brace

    Powerful compression for immediate relief SlickTrack tightening system for customized compression Lightweight, non-elastic, comfortable enough to wear against the skin

    SI-LOC Sacroiliac Belt

    Ideal for individuals who are experiencing pain or discomfort in the lower back, hip, and SI joint region. Offers great comfort to allow for use and wear for longer periods of time. It provides gentle to mild levels of compression and relief while still being breathable. The belt has a low-profile appearance that is easily concealable.

    Support Plus Obesity Support, Medium

    Support Plus Obesity Support, Medium Provides lumbar and abdominal support to reduce low back pain, leg pain and general fatigue. Abdominal support pad contains and lifts the abdomen. Thermoplastic insert supports the spine and transfers the load to it evenly and comfortably. Hook & loop closures. Hand wash, air-dry.

    Contoured Foam Oval Cushion 14"

    Provides comfort and support when sitting for an extended period of time.

    Aspen Vista 637 Lumbosacral Brace

    The Aspen Vista® 637 LSO Back Brace is designed for post-operative patients in need of additional support. The Aspen Vista® 637 LSO Back Brace provides support and relief for secondary back pain. Multiple back panel options and integrated anterior support provide a comfortable environment for healing. The Vista® 637 LSO is One Size Adjustable meaning the Sure Slot sizing system easily accommodates waist sizes from 26" to 60". The Aspen Vista® 637 LSO can also be stepped down to the Vista® 631 LSO LoPro and the Vista® 627 Lumbar.

    Back Support with Suspenders-One Size- Waist 26"-44"

    Back Support with Suspenders Back Support with Suspenders is designed to help prevent back injuries during lifting and strenuous activity. Suspenders allow comfortable all-day wear with easy access to support when needed. Lightweight, comfortable and adjustable. One-size-fits-most. Breathable mesh fabric with elastic tension bands provides abdominal and lower back support. Quick and easy-to-use Velcro closures encourage proper lifting techniques. Four flexible stays for additional support to lower back. Adjustable suspenders with Velcro safety release. Lightweight and comfortable. Easy on and off. Indications The Mueller Back Support with Suspenders is indicated for the relief of lower back pain and back strain. Goals Lightweight compression. Reinforce lumbar region. Decrease anti-inflammatory medications. Decrease back pain symptoms. Low profile back support.

    Back-N-Black LSO Back Brace

    The MedSpec Back-n-Black is a great choice for low back strains and sprains. The brace includes a plastic abdominal panel and a removable lumbar-sacral pad in the rear to resist forward trunk bending and provide support for the lumbar spine. The non-elastic circumferential nylon straps work in conjunction with the plastic abdominal panel and sacro pad to provide true intra-abdominal compression helping to relieve pressure on the lumbar spine. The Back-n-Black is 9 3/4" in width. The product can be used to treat low back pain, strains/sprains, herniated disc injuries, and more.

    Elastic & Neoprene Back Pain Relief Compression Brace*Discontinued

    BraceAbility offers the elastic & neoprene back pain relief brace for maximum compression to the lower lumbar region. This 9" tall back brace is made of a neoprene material making it comfortable for all day and night wear.

    ObusForme Highback Backrest Support, Black

    30"x17"x 3" Extra long to support the shoulders and neck * Designed to increase comfort by aligning your spine and supporting correct posture * Unlike traditional "L" shaped chairs, the "S" shaped frame of the Obusforme molds your spine into proper anatomical alignment * Muscles relax, leaving you more comfortable and energized.

    Bariatric Back Brace

    Specifically designed to provide superior lower back and abdominal support, treating and easing mild to chronic back pain.

    EXOS FORM II 627 Back Support

    The Exos FORM™ II 627 (with anterior panel) provides relief from a wide range of indications from mild to acute lower back pain, as well as post-operative support. The Exos FORM™ II 627 provides sagittal control and support from L-1 to L-5.

    Serola Sacroiliac Belt

    Serola Sacroiliac Belt

    EXOS FORM II 626

    The BOA® Fit System is a dial-based performance fit system that is engineered with high quality, durable materials that enable a microadjustable connection that’s built to perform. Each unique configuration is engineered for power without compromising precision in order to deliver a seamless connection between equipment and body.

    IMAK Back Cushion

    The IMAK Back Cushion offers superior comfort and lumbar support for your car or office chair. The unique design hugs your lower back to help improve your posture and reduce stress to the back, thereby reducing low back pain.

    Actimove Back Support 4 Stays

    The Actimove Neoprene Lumbar Support provides proper support and pain relief for those who suffer from chronic back pain, lumbar strain, and muscular insufficiency. The brace is catered to sports activity because it is made from neoprene-free quick drying perforated performance material. It is adjustable and double layered for advanced support and comfort even while sitting.

    Torso - Thoracic Lumbar Sacral Orthosis

    The new LSO and TLSO by RCAI provide circumferential pressure to stabilize the spine, due to lumbar fusion laminectomy, compression fracture, degenerative disc disease, spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis, and osteoporosis. The LSO and TLSO use modular systems featuring thermoplastic Kydex® anterior and posterior panels, with polymer stays in lateral pockets. The back panels have a surgical opening to relieve pressure at the incision site.

    Varilite BackRest

    Anyone who sits for periods of times knows what it is like to have back discomfort. Over time, lack of support can lead to muscle aches or worse, deformity. Clients who suffer from moderate to with chronic back pain, as well as anyone who requires additional lumbar support, use the BackRest™ in the car, at work, or during recreational activities.

    M-Brace 584 M-Spine Low Profile

    The M-Spine consists of 3 separate pieces: A corset fitted with eight (8) flexible steel stays, a covered lumbar thermoplastic panel and an abdominal thermoplastic panel.

    M-Brace® #572 Lumblock

    This LumbLock Lumbar-Sacral Brace acts as an immobilizing device for the lumbar-sacral region and itsʼ primary function is to reduce pain caused by lumbago, sciatica and ischialgia. Made with semi-rigid cotton fabric, it enjoys a structure made with eight selfmodeling and flexible steel stays on which a number of rigid straps slide. When the locking system is pulled and secured at the front, the inside straps stiffen the entire structure, thus effectively immobilizing the lumbar-sacral region. Practical and easy to wear, this LumbLock brace perfectly adapts to whatever size and body type, thus ensuring maximum support and comfort at the desired tension.

    Corfit Industrial LS Support, Black

    Ideal for lifting and industrial activities, the CorFit System® Industrial LS Back Support provides compression to help stabilize the spine and ease lower back pain by creating intra-abdominal pressure. An internal suspender holds this support in position and does not present a hazard around machinery or equipment like over the shoulder suspenders. It also helps improve posture and serves as a reminder to use proper lifting techniques by limiting the motion of muscles and ligaments.

    Aspen Horizon™ 627 Lumbar

    With a lowest profile design within the line, the Horizon™ 627 Lumbar provides essential trunk stability and targeted compression by utilizing the widely-praised SlickTrack™ tightening system. One size adjustable, the Horizon 627 Lumbar comfortably fits waist sizes ranging from 24-50 inches, and up to 70 inches with the extension panels. To further support patient recovery, the Horizon braces can be stepped down to the Horizon PRO for treatment of recurring ailments.

    Horizon 627 Lumbar Brace

    Common Examples of Use Low back pain/strain Lumbar disc injury Post operative discectomy/fusion Disc herniation and degeneration IDET procedures Code L0627 Approved

    Corflex Disc Unloader Spinal Orthosis

    Designed by a leading physiatrist, the Disc Unloader provides relief from chronic or acute back pain by unloading pressure off the lumbar disc and shifting the load to the abdominal region. This brace is designed with patient comfort in mind.

    Bauerfeind LordoLoc Back Support

    The LordoLoc is for back support and stabilization of the lumbar spine and also in the event of chronic lumbar vertebral syndrome. The support is extremely low-profile and lightweight, but not at the cost of stability. The muscle activating effect it has on the lumbar relieves the spine and diminishes back pain. The degree of stabilization can be adjusted to provide optimal support for each individual.

    Sierra LSO 637- One Size Adjustable

    The Aspen Sierra™ 637 LSO is an adjustable brace that offers Aspen quality and motion restriction for pre-, post- and non-operative patients. This brace is easy to apply on supine or ambulatory patients. All structural components are accessible and can be removed, molded, bent or trimmed, providing individualized customization options to meet various anatomical and medical needs.

    Stealth Belt Pro, Flange, Horizontal, Black

    Stealth Belt Pro, Flange, Horizontal, Black

    Posture Shirt 2.0 Zipper Men

    The choice for enhanced performance, increased range of motion, injury prevention, pain reduction, and faster recovery. Anatomically constructed with tension panel Neurobands® that activate and stimulate specific muscle groups and joints to keep you in perfect form. Controlled resistance causes your muscles to contract to increase strength and keep you performing at your best. Recommended for those recovering from injury or surgery.

    Cushion Slider Belt, Universal

    This wheelchair restraint comfortably provides slide control and waist support. Comfortable, 6" wide foam waist belt. Soft padded crotch piece prevents sliding. Can be laundered. Includes removable urine-proof crotch pad cover for incontinent residents. Universally sized.

    Clavicle Posture Support- Universal

    Foam/nylon construction with contact closure for easy adjustment. Movable D-rings allow for proper adjustment.

    DDS Easy Wrap

    The DDS Easy Wrap, when worn under the DDS OA Kneetrac, is designed to support the position of the OA Kneetrac by distributing compression evenly to the leg.

    EvoSling Medium Back- Padded

    Choose Size: Medium and Large Available!

    CorFit System LS Back Support, White

    The CorFit System Back Support provides compression to help stabilize the spine and ease lower back pain by creating intra-abdominal pressure. It also helps improve posture and serves as a reminder to use proper lifting techniques by limiting the motion of muscles and ligaments.

    DDS 500 Lumbar Decompression Brace with Panels

    Spinal decompression is created as the DDS 500 inflates with air. Our patented VAP Technology decreases axial loading while increasing intervertebral disc space by anchoring underneath the rib cage pushing upwards and against the pelvic girdle pushing downwards. This action gently stretches the torso vertically and displaces stress away from the affected disc and nerve. Pressure and pain levels, within the lumbar spine region, is significantly reduced which can assist active-rehabilitation.

    Corfit Heavy Duty Industrial Back Support Belt - Medium/Large 8"

    Ideal for lifting and industrial activities, the CorFit System® Industrial LS Back Support provides compression to help stabilize the spine and ease lower back pain by creating intra-abdominal pressure. An internal suspender holds this support in position and does not present a hazard around machinery or equipment like over the shoulder suspenders. It also helps improve posture and serves as a reminder to use proper lifting techniques by limiting the motion of muscles and ligaments.

    Hyper-X TLSO Jewett Hyperextension Back Brace Orthosis

    Comfortable Hyperextension Brace Features This Jewett back brace applies pressure to three areas of the body—the sternum, the midback and the front of the hips, supporting the thoracic and lumbar spine and limiting forward flexion of the back. The corrective back brace encourages proper posture and spinal alignment, which helps to reduce pain. The extended to hyperextended position that the thoracolumbosacral orthotic (TLSO) promotes makes it a great product for treating many conditions, including compression fractures, kyphosis, degenerative disc disease, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, thoracolumbar injury, thoracic mechanical back pain and other spinal anomalies. The frame of the TLSO brace for compression fracture care has numerous features geared toward user comfort and compliance. The pelvic band of the back brace for bulging discs is spring loaded and it rotates along with the patient, making it easy for one to move from a seated to a standing position or vice versa without the TSLO brace shifting out of position. The pad in the sternum area is also articulating so it can move with one’s body. This improves both the comfort level and the function of the back brace for broken vertebrae. Soft padding along the areas that come in contact with the body also improves the comfort factor of the back brace for lumbar or thoracic compression fractures. The frame of the hyperextension orthosis can easily be adjusted both in terms of height and width to suit each patient. This can be done without removing any screws from the back brace for degenerative disc disease. This material also makes the back brace for compression fractures quite lightweight. The Jewett extension brace is quite similar to a cruciform anterior spinal hyperextension (CASH) brace, which also features pads in the sternal, pubic and back area and limits forward flexion. A CASH back brace differs in that it also includes a cross-shaped bar running up one’s midsection, whereas a Jewett brace is open across much of one’s midsection.


    Surgical binders provide support and compression to abdominal muscles weakened by strain without restricting breathing or muscle redevelopment.

    SLEEQ AP LSO Brace

    The SLEEQ AP is an advanced, low-profile Lumbar Sacral Orthosis (LSO) brace that provides compression and support for effective relief of episodic low back pain or as part of a therapeutic regimen for chronic low back conditions. It covers L1 to L5 of the spine and fits waists between 26" to 54" to accommodate a wide range of patients with a single model.

    Abdominal Binder

    Solid elastic construction, two flexible anti-roll stays. Available in small (up to 45"), medium (46" - 62"), large (55" - 72") and extra large (72" - 96").

    Triple Action Sacroiliac Back Support with Pads, Medium

    The Triple Action Sacroiliac Back Support with Pads eases pain and helps reduce stress on the pelvis by providing targeted compression to help stabilize the sacroiliac joint. This support works by drawing the sacroiliac joints together. The overlapping pulls offer maximum support to the pelvic and lower back regions. The firm posterior pads, located on each side of the spinal column, offer extra compression. The pads can be removed if additional compression is not needed. The low profile design and durable elastic construction allows the support to move with you, making it ideal for active lifestyles. 6" (15cm) high elastic material is cool and comfortable against the skin. Flexible stays provide support and stability as well as help prevent the sides from rolling. The anatomical form contours to the natural curves of the waist and hips for comfort.

    Postural Extension Back Brace Vest for Kyphosis, Lordosis & Mild Scoliosis

    Finding a medical back brace that fully and completely supports your entire spine can be a daunting and frustrating task. This back straightener for men and women can be used for many different conditions of the spine and for common injuries that occur in your back.

    EXO Back Stabilizer, One Size

    Thermoskin EXO™ Adjustable Stabilizing Back Support is designed to help relieve muscular pain and stabilize the lower-mid back. Integrated stabilizers contour to the natural curve of the spine and help to provide firm stability while the dual strapping system allows for enhanced stabilization through variable compression.

    Abdominal Binder, Universal Size, 10" H for 27"-48" Rib Measurement

    Universal abdominal binders are made with a high quality elastic for longer wear Contact closure for easy adjustment Universally sized to accommodate many sizes Measurement based upon circumference at the hips Not made with natural rubber latex

    Bionic Back Support

    Our DonJoy Performance Bionic Back Wrap features four robust upright stays that help to protect against strains and pulls. The contoured top and bottom lines on the back brace comfortably fits all body types, and provide the level of support the user needs. Ventilated material set helps breathability and stretch webbing allows for controllable, graduated compression around the torso.

    The VertaLoc Pro Plus Back Brace X-Large

    The VertaLoc® PRO PLUS is a Lumbar Sacral Orthosis (LSO) that provides direct support to the lower back and targets a wide variety of diagnoses. It produces intracavitary pressure to reduce load on interverterbral discs. The VertaLoc® PRO PLUS LSO extends support from sacrococcygeal junction to T-9 vertebra.

    Lumbar Back Brace, Chronic Pain Relief from Sciatica and Pinched Nerve

    Compression is a key component for those trying to reduce their sciatica pain and discomfort. Although many individuals have symptoms occurring in the legs and buttock region, the underlying cause of the pain originates in your lumbar back region. This is why wearing a brace that applies such pressure and compression is vital. This brace also allows easy hot/cold therapy as it has a pocket designed for hot and cold packets. Read below for more great features of the brace and to learn more about sciatica!

    Spinal Q® - RX for Men and Women

    Designed to improve posture, reduce pain, and increase range of motion in the shoulder and spine. Built-in shoulder and lumbar Neurobands® straps allow for various degrees of tension for maximum comfort and stability. This pre-habilitation, rehabilitation, retraining device optimizes core activation, lumbar stability, scapular function, and increases rotator cuff strength. Covered by most insurance plans.

    Back Flex Back Brace Boxed Set with 2 Hot/Cold Gel Pad

    Fast and easy pain relief with targeted, vectored compression and a large flexible lumbar panel.

    Sierra Adjustable TLSO 464 - 28–54in (71-137cm)

    The Aspen Sierra TLSO 464 is an adjustable brace that features clinically effective motion restriction for pre-, post- and non-operative patients. This brace can be applied in the over the shoulder or underarm configuration to optimize rotational control. All structural components are accessible and can be removed, molded, bent or trimmed, providing individualized customization options to meet various anatomical and medical needs.

    DR-HO's 2-In-1 Back Relief Belt

    DR-HO'S 2-in-1 Back Decompression Belt is a clinical grade traction and decompression therapy belt. Developed by back pain specialist Dr. Michael Ho, the 2-in-1 Back Decompression Belt is unlike any other back support or back pain belt because it provides both traction and decompression therapy.