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    Aspen Vista 637 Lumbosacral Brace

    The Aspen Vista® 637 LSO Back Brace is designed for post-operative patients in need of additional support. The Aspen Vista® 637 LSO Back Brace provides support and relief for secondary back pain. Multiple back panel options and integrated anterior support provide a comfortable environment for healing. The Vista® 637 LSO is One Size Adjustable meaning the Sure Slot sizing system easily accommodates waist sizes from 26" to 60". The Aspen Vista® 637 LSO can also be stepped down to the Vista® 631 LSO LoPro and the Vista® 627 Lumbar.


    • Side Panels:
      - Provides increased lateral control for patients in need of additional support
    • Multiple Back Panel Options:
      - Comfortably meets each patient's level of support required to meet clinical needs
    • Wound Window:
      - An opening at the lumbar spine provides visibility to the site of incision while applying no pressure to the wound
    • Sure Slot System:
      - Allows one product to comfortably fit waists ranging from 26" – 60', without compromising effectiveness and without the need for tools
    • Easily Stepped Down:
      - As the patient improves, the product is easily downgraded to the Vista 631 LSO Lo Pro and the Vista 627 Lumbar
    • SlickTrack Rotating Wheel Tightening System:
      - Provides effective compression for superior patient outcomes, regardless of patient strength
    • Size: 26in (66cm) – 60in (152cm)

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