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    Dual Ramp Wheelchair Scale - 1000lb capacity

    The sleek design of the Dual Ramp Wheelchair Scale with Handrail makes this scale easy to move and store. Dual access ramps increase traffic flow in smaller spaces and sturdy handrail supports patients and reduces risk. The handrail also provides a platform for the indicator for clearer and convenient readability.

    Electronic Floor Scale - 397 lb Capacity

    Health o meter® easy to read super bright display shows weight in kilograms and pounds. All-metal base.

    Electronic Floor Scale - 440 lb Capacity

    Health o meter® easy to read super bright display shows weight in kilograms and pounds. All-metal base.

    Health O Meter Professional 445KL Mechanical Chair Scale

    Health-O-Meter 445KL mechanical balance beam chair scale features easy-to-read graphics for simplified viewing. This chair scale can weigh patients up to 440 pounds in 1/4 pound graduations. The beam also displays weight in kilograms. The base of the scale has two wheels that provide easy mobility and allows for convenient placement.

    Health o meter Professional 594KL Digital Chair Scale

    The flip-arm and foot rest allows for easier patient access and patient comfort. Scale is powered by a 6V rechargeable battery and battery charger include with scale. LCD display allows for easy-to read weight measurements. Adjustable flip-arm and foot rest with two wheels for easy movement. Weight capacity 600 lbs.

    Mechanical Dial Scale - 330 lbs Capacity

    Displays weight in pounds. Its steel base features a large non-slip platform and a nearly 8-inch diameter dial. The rounded form can be positioned in a corner taking up less space while providing easy access. Bright markers can be used for record and goal keeping.

    Oversized Digital Wheel Chair Dual Ramp Scale

    The Health O Meter 2610KL Wheelchair Scale folds up for easy storage, calculates BMI, has EMR connectivity and a user friendly menu.

    Digital Floor Scale, 440 lbs.

    Scales are an essential tool for achieving and maintaining weight loss. Studies have shown that weighing yourself regularly can help you maintain a steady weight. Making a habit of weighing yourself each morning puts you the mindset to make healthier choices during the rest of your day. Weighing yourself daily prioritizes weight loss and can make you more determined.

    Health o meter® Professional 160 KL Large Dial Floor Scale

    400 lb / 180 kg Capacity Floor scale, Weighs in LB/KG, 8" Raised Dial Display.

    Lifesource Deluxe Connected Bluetooth Scale- 450lb Weight Cap

    Easy to use Step-On Start makes it simple to use with no buttons to press.

    Detecto Portable Folding Wheelchair Scale

    DETECTO’s 6550 portable wheelchair scales offer time-saving and patient comfort benefits. The 6550 features 1,000 lb / 450 kg capacity, optional Wi-Fi for EMR/EHR, vertical fold-up storage, two-way built-in ramps for accessibility from both sides, large 32 in x 36 in / 81 cm x 91 cm platform, clinical-grade accuracy to 0.2 lb / 0.1 kg, battery or AC power, and up to 99 tares (optional) to store wheelchair weights for efficient patient weighing. The ramps rest on the floor for easier patient access. With only one hand you can quickly slide the release lever and fold down the 6550’s column down for easy transport or vertical storage. The platform is only 2.2 inches/56 mm high for easy patient accessibility and comfort while weighing either standing or in a wheelchair. Enjoy the time-saving benefits of this scale, by using the convenient pushbutton or keypad tare to remove the wheelchair weight. OIML EC Class III model available.

    ECHO 400LB Electronic Floor Scale

    Description: Echo 400- 400lb capacity tempered glass talking bathroom scale is equipped with a voice box that speaks the users weight in English and Spanish, the talking feature can also be turned off. Auto on/off feature, simply step on scale to turn on. Sleek, easy use, precision personal weighing scale. Tempered glass construction, extra wide platform with large LCD display, anti skid silicon feet add up to its beauty and value add for our clients.

    Invacare Reliant Patient Lift Scale

    Digital display accurately and easily weighs users when installed on Reliant 450 or Reliant 600 Lifts. The scale features an easy-to-operate 4-button display and automatic shut-off that prolongs the life of the battery.

    Robust Large Bathroom Scale, 440 lbs

    Robust Large Bathroom Scale, 440 lbs

    Taylor 7410-Capacity 550 lb

    If you're on the hunt for a great looking, high capacity bathroom scale for your home, look no further. The Taylor 7410 is an affordable scale with the looks and features of a high dollar instrument. The 7410 has a stainless steel weighing surface that is great looking and easy to clean. This bathroom scale's sleek platform is complemented with its bright blue, backlit weight display and huge digits. The result, a gorgeous bathroom scale that will be a great addition to any home.

    Health o meter Professional Digital Platform Scales #1100KL

    Scale has the ability to interface with a computer, EMR software or other electronic device via various Health O Meter Professioanl Connectivity Solutions. "Live" Handrails advanced technology allows the patient to hold onto handrails for stability while scale accurately calculates weight. Low platform height requires only minimal step up, offering patient a more comfortable and stable weighing experience. The display head has the ability to rotate/pivot, for the convenience of the administrator, allowing line-of-sight viewing and information privacy. Value-Added Features include: Operating functions LB/KG Conversion, LB/KG Lock Out, BMI, Zero Out/Tare, Hold/Release, Reweigh, Recall, Auto Zero, Auto Off included at no additional cost. Scale functions include the ability to calculate the patient's Body Mass Index (BMI).

    Seca 769 Electronic Column Scale

    Includes Seca 220 height rod, turning the 769 into the ultimate measuring station 450 pound / 200 kilogram capacity

    Digital Patient Lift Scale PL400

    Detecto’s Patient Lift Scale is a completely self-contained instrument that determines the weight of a person suspended from a portable patient lift mechanism.