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    Drive Electric Patient Lift with Six Point Cradle

    Fast, easy charge from AC outlet. Heavy gauge construction. Lifting capacity 450 lbs.

    Drive Full Body Patient Sling

    Supports patients during lift and transfer procedures.

    Hoyer 6-Point Quick Fit/Universal Sling

    The additional material on the Hoyer Quick Fit Universal Sling provides a superior, and comfortable lift without the need for side suspenders. It is ideal for individuals who are unable to independently assist themselves, for use with bed to chair, and chair to commode transfers as well as floor pick-ups. The sling works best for bed-to-wheelchair and floor transfers.

    Hoyer Advance Portable Folding Patient Lift: Electric

    Great transfer range and a tools-free, folding design for easy transport and compact storage. Safe working load 340 lb. Tested to EN ISO 10535, the global standard for patient lifts

    Hoyer Loop Style Sling, Mesh

    Hoyer Professional Slings are designed to be used exclusively with Hoyer Lifts. Hoyer Professional Slings are designed to work with the 6 point spreader bar. Choosing the right sling for the task promotes both caregiver and patient safety.

    Hoyer Padded Quickfit

    This Padded Quickfit by Hoyer is a comfortable transfer aid that is designed to be used in combination with transfer lifts. This product is an easy to fit, general purpose sling that designed to suit 85% of residents. All slings are designed to support up to 850 lbs., and feature a slim, lightweight design that always for easy transportation and storage purposes when not in use. This universal style is excellent to be used for bed to chair transfers, chair to commode transfers and floor pick-ups. These lifts are excellent for personal and professional transfer assistants, and sizing is determined by weight.

    Invacare Premier Series Dress Toileting High Sling LARGE

    The Invacare Premier Series Dress Toileting High sling is a secure, easy-to-fit toileting sling for users who are totally or partially dependent, non-weight bearing, very heavy or have limited head control. This versatile sling provides full head and neck support. WEIGHT CAPACITY 400LBS.

    Invacare Premier Series Transfer Stand-Assist Sling, Small for Reliant 350 Lift

    The Premier Series Transfer Stand-Assist Sling is for transferring cooperative users with minimal weight-bearing ability, who have head/neck control, can sit up on the edge of the bed (with or without assistance), and are able to bend at the hips, knees and ankles.

    Invacare Reliant 350 Stand-Up Lift

    Innovative adjustment features adapt to a wide variety of body sizes and shapes. Adjustable leg support features a soft pad with lateral contour that secures legs in three positions for comfort at any height. Wide nonslip footplate provides stable base for transfer. Under-bed clearance of 4.5" allows accessibility to most nursing home, hospital and home-care bed styles. Weight capacity 350 lbs.

    Quick Fit Mesh Sling, Divided Legs, Medium

    Size: Medium- Yellow Weight Cap: 125 lbs- 200 lbs

    SafetySure MovEase Underpad

    The MovEase Underpad can also be placed on a wheelchair, armchair or sofa. Four nylon handles, two on each side of the underpad, assist the caregiver in turning, boosting and repositioning. The handles are recessed to reduce the possibility of entrapment.

    Super Sling

    Used to transfer, turn, and position patients, Super-Slings provide clinicians and caretakers with an easier and safer way to handle patients. The design of the sling reduces exposure to back injury by permitting multiple caregivers to assist in transportation. Super Slings may also be used for emergency evacuations when wheelchairs or gurneys are not available or practical.

    Toileting Sling

    Fully-padded to support the back, offer under-thigh comfort and allow for easy clothing removal. Note: this sling requires the patient to have FULL head and neck control. Weight capacity 450 lbs.


    Whether from a bed or wheelchair, to either a commode or toilet, the HygieneHBSling gets you where you need to go. The HygieneHBSling features a divided leg support design that affords full support for the head, back and legs in an upright, seated posture—without the user sitting directly in the sling. This not only allows access for the user’s personal bathroom use, but also for caregivers to provide assistance with undressing and dressing.

    Molift RgoSling HighBack

    Choose type and size.

    Molift RgoSling MediumBack, Padded

    Support for the body - RgoSling MediumBack provides support for the body and is suitable for a patient with headcontrol.

    Molift RgoSling Toilet

    Choose between highback/lowback and size.

    Bariatric Battery-Powered Lift

    Weight Capacity 600 lbs

    Invacare Full Body Sling

    Choose a type and size.

    Hoyer® Loop Style Sling, QuickFit Deluxe Mesh

    Easy to Use the Joerns Mesh Sling provides for needs of basic transfer including amputee, bathing, and hygiene needs. Hoyer slings are designed to be effective, yet comfortable without compromise to resident safety. Hoyer slings are tested to the highest global standards, EN ISO 10535, and are CE marked.

    Standing Transfer Aid

    It carries a maximum weight of 400 lb. while allowing the user to actively participate in the transfer. Caregivers will find that this will give patients a degree of freedom while maintaining their safety. Swivel seats supports the patient and allows for a a quick and comfortable change from sitting to standing and vice versa. Additional attachment hooks for a support strap are also included.

    Etac Turner Transfer Aid Pro

    Etac Turner Pro is a turn aid with a functional design that offers safe patient turning with standing support.

    SARA PLUS Standing and Raising Aid. Complete with 2 Batteries and 1 Charger

    Sara Plus powered standing and raising aid is an ergonomic standing and raising aid which mobilizes residents/clients during everyday activities, such as transfers and toileting. It extends the mobility-activating benefits of the standing and raising aid to more residents/clients than ever before.

    Universal Deluxe Sling-Medium

    • Unique polyweave fabric offers unsurpassed durability and patient comfort • Designed to last, be comfortable and cost less • Designed to be bleach tolerant for enhanced laundering • Radio translucent so compatible with X-ray and CT • Safe working loads of 660 lbs. to 1100 lbs. • All slings available with loop or clip attachments • Universal design is compatible with all manufacturers’ lifts

    Hoyer Journey Sit to Stand Lift

    Versatile active lift with a small footprint allowing navigation in tight places like bathrooms, and a unique feature set to include a long lifting range. The unique Journey lift is an ultra compact, portable folding stand aid with best-in-class functionality. It is compact and lightweight allowing caregivers to maneuver in tight spaces while folding for easy storage or transportation. The first on the market adjustable sling attachment cradle mechanism supports a range of patient heights and sizes, allowing your facility to have one lift that meets the needs of many. Our careful attention to product design with the Journey ensures that both the caregiver’s and the resident’s needs have been met. No-tools folding design allows for compact storage and transport Smart Monitor technology drives user compliance and lift longevity Adjustable cradle accommodates residents in a wide variety of heights Intuitive Push Pad assists with initiating movement Adjustable kneepad with infinite settings

    Guldmann Basic High Sling

    The Guldmann Basic High Sling supports the whole body, including the head. Suitable for lifting people with little control over their head and body, lifting to and from a lying position (bed and floor etc.), lifting to and from a seated position, lifting and transfers from all patient furniture surfaces and the floor.


    HighBackSling is designed for use in most common lifting situations, e.g. for sitting transfers between bed and wheelchair, and when the user needs extra head support. HighBackSling can also be used for lifting from a recumbent position on the floor.

    Basic Comfort High Sling, Large

    Extra support around hips and thighs Lifting capacity up to 255 kg/560 lbs Ideal for amputees

    Sit To Stand Lift

    An elegant, contemporary design with soft lines. The new Drive STS lifts are packed full of smart and safety features typically only seen on premium Sit-to-Stand lifts, BUT at an entry-level price point. Available with Power Base STSP450 and Manual Base STSM450.

    Bestlift PL350CT Full Body Patient Lift*OVERSIZED ITEM*

    The BestLift PL350CT is the perfect solution for car transfers and your everyday transfer needs.

    2-Point Stand Assist Slings and Support Straps (Buttock Support Strap, Standard)

    Consistent of polyester fabrication, the Stand Assist Slings and Support Straps are designed to assist patients and caregivers with lifting the patient from a sit to stand or lowering the patient from standing into a seated position.

    Cradle Clip Slings for 2PL350CT

    Choose Sling Size 600 lbs. weight capacity

    U Sling Mesh Medium Yellow

    The Hoyer® Nylon Mesh Bath Sling is fast draining and drying for use while bathing

    Custom Amputee Sling

    Supports the entire body and pelvis. Lifting capacity up to 255 kg/560 lbs. For single- or double-leg amputees.

    GRAVIS Floor Lift

    Available in Manual and Power Lift Base

    Turner Sling

    Turning sling – for turning to lateral position The Guldmann Turner Sling is used in conjunction with the ceiling lift system, to turn the user and position them on to their side avoiding unnecessary strain to the care provider.

    Tranquilo Premium Electric Bath Lift with Padded Safeswivel Rotating Seat and Electric and Recline

    INDUSTRY-LEADING LIFTING RANGE. Only Tranquilo reaches a max. lifting height of 21.5". Compare that to 18" on old-style lifts. The extra-high lift means that it will safely work with all standard tubs as well as tubs with higher sides. Measure your tub height carefully when purchasing any lift (many lifts will not work tub walls higher than 18") The extra height of the Tranquilo also makes getting into and out of the bath lift MUCH EASIER when used with any tub, regardless of wall height.

    Arjo Wipeable Standing Clip Sling-Large

    With no laundering requirement our Wipeable Standing Clip Sling is designed to be able to be wiped clean between patients or residents; hence helping to reduce the cross infection risks associated with shared patient handling devices¹²

    Invacare Divided Leg Sling

    Perfect for users who are totally or partially dependent, non-weight bearing, very heavy or have limited head control, this sling can be used with the Invacare I-Lift Series Lifts and Invacare Reliant 450, 600 Lifts.

    Invacare Full Body, Mesh Sling with Commode Opening, Large

    Easy-to-use sling aids in transferring users from a bed to a wheelchair, toilet or shower chair or from the floor to a bed. Use with the Invacare I-Lift Series Lifts and Invacare Reliant 450, 600 Lifts.

    Reliant 450 Battery-Powered Lift with Low Base, 24'' - 74"

    Reliant 450 Battery-Powered Lift with Low Base, 24'' - 74"

    Invacare Reliant 450 Battery-Powered Lift with Power-Opening Low Base

    The Invacare Reliant 450 Battery-Powered Lift with Power-Opening Low Base supports up to 450 lb. and its 4.5" under the bed clearance allows easy access for transfers, making them smoother for user and caregiver. Includes two 24V batteries and charging station to reduce downtime.


    The heaviest duty ProCare patient lift. Ergonomically designed to reduce and eliminate back injuries among professional caregivers. Providing comfort and dignity for users.

    Universal Sling Padded - 600LB

    The Universal Sling is made for easy application and minimized discomfort. Universal slings or “U” shaped slings mold around the body easily. Features six to eight hook-up straps for an array of attachment options and adjustments. More attachment straps allow adjustments for better weight distribution and more comfortable positions. Padded legs help to reduce skin injury or discomfort during sling application. Select mesh models for wet applications and quicker drying times. Mesh models come without padded legs. Universal slings are available with or without head support.

    Lumex Bariatric Easy Lift STS - 600 lbs.

    Replacement Cable for Charger Available

    Molift Smart 150

    Light, foldable and transportable without tools. Molift Smart 150 is designed to be easily wheeled and transported to where it is required. It is designed for home care, for travelling and easy storage.

    Sara Stedy

    Sara Stedy- Designed for patients 149-193 cm (4’11”-6’6”) tall and weighing up to 182 kg (400 lb). Sara Stedy Compact- Designed for smaller patients, 4’6”-5’8” (138-172 cm) tall and weighing up to 400 lb (182 kg).

    Molift Raiser Pro *OVERSIZED

    The ergonomic platform for a safe and active sit-to-stand transfer

    Molift Raiser Pro Soft Handles

    If the user has difficulty reaching the handle, the Soft Handles can be used to help the user reach all the way.

    Molift Safety strap with sliding function – Raiser Strap

    When users need help to be assisted, this can be done by one or two caregivers using the Raiser Strap.

    ErgoBelt Plus 3100

    The ErgoBelt Plus 3100 by Prism Medical is a simple, economic and safe way to assist in transferring, standing or walking in a home care setting. This belt features a durable, padded construction, ensuring that the user stays supported and safe, while also remaining comfortable and unhindered. The ErgoBelt Plus 3100 has four padded vertical straps around it, allowing the caregiver to hold and support the user, no matter which side they are on. The ErgoBelt Plus 3100 is ideal when assisting in transferring the user out of a chair or bed, during a toileting situation, or if they need assistance on a walk around the house or outside.

    Hoyer Hydraulic Lifter of 400 lbs. capacity

    Hoyer’s most popular lift for homecare Our most popular homecare lift, the HML400 has an ergonomically placed hydraulic pump for ease of use. The pump handle can be rotated from side to side allowing for operation from either side of the lifter. The “U” shaped base can be adjusted for easier access to wheelchairs and other furniture. The HML400 can be disassembled for easy storage.

    Invacare Premier Dress Toileting High Sling

    Polyester toileting sling for use with Invacare Jasmine, Invacare Reliant 450/600 Lifts and Invacare I-Lift Series Lifts.

    EvoSling Medium Back- Padded

    Choose Size: Medium and Large Available!

    Granstand III Modular Standing Frame, RED

    The GS3 is the latest version of our original standing system. It can be used by anyone between 3 feet and 6 feet 5 inches tall. Because we designed it in a modular fashion, it can be configured for children and adults. CHOOSE PUMP HANDLE SIDE and WEIGHT CAP (300lbs weight cap with 3" wider bar")

    Granstand III : Base Option 3"Wider Frame

    The GS3 is the latest version of our original standing system. It can be used by anyone between 3 feet and 6 feet 5 inches tall. Because we designed it in a modular fashion, it can be configured for children and adults.

    Invacare Reliant Patient Lift Scale

    Digital display accurately and easily weighs users when installed on Reliant 450 or Reliant 600 Lifts. The scale features an easy-to-operate 4-button display and automatic shut-off that prolongs the life of the battery.

    Invacare Transport Sling Standard size, for Reliant 350, 440 and Get-U-Up Lifts

    Easily transport user from bed to chair, chair to car, or general in-room transport.

    LEVANTAR Floor Lift

    Available in Manual and Power Lift Base

    Lumex Stand Assist Patient Transport ** OVERSIZED **

    The Graham Field LF1600 Lumex Stand Assist Patient Transport Lift is a patient transport unit that is designed for individuals who require help with standing. You may select this product to assist with patient transport, while actively keeping the person who is being transported engaged in the process. The Lumex patient lift is incredibly easy to use, and works by having the person being transported clasp onto the middle bar and use their own strength to pull themselves up into a full-standing position. In addition to being easy-to-use for both patient and caregiver, the unit features a padded split-wing seat that swings out to help with loading and unloading patients. This stand assist also features knee pads to make the whole experience comfortable for the patient.

    Mobile Stairlift - Battery Powered & Portable

    Included: - Chair - Battery - Charger - Instruction Manual - 2 Keys - Dust Cover

    Molift RgoSling Amputee

    Molift RgoSling Amputee padded mediumback offers extra safety with the built-in waist belt. RgoSling Amputee padded mediumback includes anatomical cut and padding that offers exceptional support through the entire hoist and transfer situation. Molift RgoSling amputee mediumback provides the additional support necessary for hoisting and transferring users with impaired muscle tone or amputated limbs. Molift amputee padded mediumback sling comes with leg parts which are divided and have extra length for application under both legs. RgoSling amputee also features additional straps to avoid the legs from sliding out of position. RgoSling amputee mediumback can be used for hoisting to and from horizontal and sitting positions. Molift RgoSling Amputee padded highback provides additional support for users with reduced trunk tone and head stability. RgoSling amputee highback can be used for hoisting to and from horizontal and sitting positions. Molift amputee sling offers extra safety with the built-in waist belt. Molift amputee padded highback sling includes anatomical cut and padding that offers exceptional support through the entire hoist and transfer situation. RgoSling amputee highback comes with leg parts which are divided and have extra length for application under both legs. RgoSling amputee also features additional straps to avoid the legs from sliding out of position. Molift RgoSling amputee highback provides the additional support necessary for hoisting and transferring users with impaired muscle tone or amputated limbs.

    Sara 3000

    Sara 3000 is a standing and raising aid designed specifically to provide additional support and assistance to patients or residents who have some capacity to stand on their own. DISCONTINUED USE Sara® Flex with Handles

    Stand Assist Sling Delux Padded Large (36"-59")

    Used in conjunction with Stand Assist Lifts, this class of sling provides support at the lumbar and beneath the arms with its padded design maximizing patient comfort. It’s stress tested design has been tweaked to guarantee patient safety while reducing pressure at stress points. In addition, the Stand Assist Sling can be used with optional buttock support and calf straps to provided extra security and support for a patient. Available in polyester or disposable format with various sizes.

    Standing Sling for RELIANT 350 Stand-Up Power Lift, XL

    Aids in standing assistance, quick toileting, weight bearing practice and transfers.

    Standing Sling Standard size, for Reliant 350, 440 and Get-U-Up Lifts

    For users who have at least 60% weight bearing capacity, have head and neck control, are able to bend at the hip, knees and ankles and can sit up on the edge of the bed. Use with the Invacare Reliant 350, 440 Lifts or Invacare Get-U-Up Lift.

    Universal High Sling

    Spacer fabric high sling.

    Sara® Flex

    Sara Flex enables a single caregiver to assist a patient or resident from a seated to a standing position, in one natural movement.

    Medcare Car Extractor

    You pull into a fancy place, hand off the keys and the valet takes care of your car…Instead, how about you pull in, and the valet takes care of you and then the car? With the Medcare Car Extractor Lift, that’s exactly how it can go. Whether a tiny two-seater roadstar, an SUV stretch limo or an emergency vehicle, the Medcare Car Extractor Lift can easily and safely move patients in and out of nearly any vehicle.

    U-Sling With Head Support Padded

    With four sling points and a padded head support, this Medium Patient Lift U-Sling with Head Support is a valuable accessory to a floor lift. The solid-design, polyester product does not require an optional chain or strap.

    Legacy Charger

    Charger for Legacy control system for all Legacy Patient lifts and Sit-to-Stand lifts.

    Legacy Hand Control

    Legacy hand control for all Legacy Patient lifts and Sit-to-Stand lifts.

    SafetySure Mary's Aide Patient Transfer Sling

    The latex free SafetySure Mary's Aide Transfer Sling provides caregivers with extremely secure hold and control during patient transfers. Shaped like an undergarment, it is work over the patient's clothing and supports both mid-section and buttocks. Made of tough, woven nylon with hook and loop (Velcro-like) closures. During transfer, the SafetySure Mary's Aide Transfer Sling stays securely in place without binding or riding up. The patient transfer aid doesn't interfere with G-tubes, chest tubes, or urinary catheters. The additional handle on the back provides grip for gait training as an alternative to a gait belt. Machine wash and dry or wipe the SafetySure Mary's Aide Transfer Sling clean. One size fits most adults. The sling has a 250 lb, weight capacity.

    Molift RgoSling Active

    The ideal sling solution for active transfers with Molift QuickRaiser 205

    Molift Quick Raiser 205

    A sit to stand hoist with outstanding lifting capacity

    Patient Lifter Rhino P350

    The Patient Lifter P350 allows you to easily move loved ones and patients from surface to surface. Its frame is made out of durable carbon steel and the high stress points have been reinforced to ensure its safety and longevity. Furthermore, the heavy duty, double sealed hydraulic cylinder is built to last. The P350 has an adjustable base to allow wheelchairs to fit between the legs for safe transfers. Lockable rear casters keep the lift in place during transfer and while it is not in use. Has a weight capacity of up to 450 pounds.

    Sit Sling

    The Sit sling is designed to give the patient extra back support and can be used in most lifting situations and fits most patients. The reinforced back and low friction Polyester fabric makes sling application fast and simple. The Sit Sling is a shoulder height model with divided and reinforced leg parts as well as a reinforced back. It is designed to give the patient extra support and is a good solution for those users with poor trunk stability.

    Hoyer® Presence

    Lightweight with a best-in-class feature set that helps drive compliance

    Long Seat Sling, with commode opening, mesh material, Size large

    The Long Seat sling is designed for amputees, but it is also suitable for other patients who have to remain in the sling for an extended period, i.e. during bed making when bathing.

    Patient Lifts & Slings